Anyone trading on eToro? Opinions?

Anyone trading on eToro? Opinions?

Newfag confirmed.



Buy ethereum

i bpught btc at 9000 and trade was closed when it hit 18k cus thats 100% then i had to rebuy which means fee again and double at that feelsbadman



do we tell him?

what is wrong with eToro?
How about plus500?

Yours and other answers actually told me what I needed to hear. Yes, I'm a newfag and yes, I'll stay away from eToro.

Ok I'll be the newfriend and ask
What's wrong with eToro?


You don't own the coins, etoro is CFD

So? You mean to tell me you can't make gains trading cfd's?

No, but it feels a lot less secure for any long term holds. Also, the site is often down, and there are only a few cryptos you can actually trade on there

anything that has "cfd" in it will make you poor in the long term

I might be wrong but I don't think you pay fees for trading crypto on eToro

No but the spreads can be as much as 10% for crypto

I guess it would still be a good platform for buy and hodl then. I see it shilled on social media all the time


All of them are laughing because of the nature of trading on sites like eToro and plus500. They are what is known as CFD trading sites. A CFD is a contract for difference where you invest in a position, be it a sell or buy position, and bet money on whether its going to go ip or down. HOWEVER, after september 9th all the ripple you buy on eToro is actually yours, and will be able to spend once they finish their own wallet. Nobody seems to know this though.

This. I contacted them. You own the coins.