No fud, legitimate concern

I think this might be a scam. A awful one that will make people lose a lot of money.

The fomo has been out of this world. Why? Perpetuated by a bunch of individuals who spammed this coin on reddit based on 4 things

a) The shady exchange. This is, by far, my biggest concern. The ability to artificially inflate its price was the main reason why i think this is a scam. There is no correction because its impossible to cashout from that shitty exchange. A bunch of guys started playing the market, fomo'd baseless technical bullshit and people joined the exchange and started to see the price going up and up and up. Yet, nobody has made money out of it. Some could say that will happen when it corrects, but the correction will be nasty.

b) It's free. Yeah, but is it sustainable?

c) It's quick. Ok, but it transfers absolutely nothing. I find hard to believe a coin released on 2019 does not have smart contracts attributes. This makes xrb a bunch of nothing. The currency aspect is invalidated by the volatility of the crypto. Without a smart contract, a coin holds no value.

d) Its scalability. There's zero information about how its going to be handled.

My advice. Wait for it to get to a real exchange. If you buy this thinking this will go to 1k, i think this will go to 1 dollar.

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I think you're right and the pink wojaks are going to be out of this xorlb

a) Its harder to implement it for exchanges than some random ERC20 shitcoin, so it will take time.

b) Yes. Read the whitepaper

c) "Without a smart contract, a coin holds no value." ... meanwhile, BTC is still at 13k. Are you retarded?

d) Read the whitepaper.

BitGrail is fucked.

I received deposits on 2 different BitGrail accounts that weren't mine. About $300 USD worth.

Believe me... Or don't, I don't give a shit.

This exchange is shady as fuck and is forcing price manipulation with EXTREME withdraw fees and high buy minimums.

"read the whitepaper" is the best u got? ;lol this coin will be dead in a few months. cap it.

Just an example BTW:

0.05000000 ETH

That's Bitgrails withdraw fee.

Seriously. Go check if you don't believe me.

Pro tip: This coins value has been artificially inflated.

I heard this when it was $5. Now its $35. Go FUD somewhere else.

So why don't you read the whitepaper, retard?

this coin isnt going anywhere. we will pretty much see it moon like when bitcoin went from 1k -> 10k. this is btc 2.0. your just a sore loser who doesnt own any hahahaha

The coin might be decent, but you have to be a complete potato to not see that the volume and market cap are fake

the whitepaper literally explains everything and addesses all flaws and concerns. read it. the devs have a bounty right now too. they're actively looking for issues so they can address them.

>muh smart contracts

point invalidated by the fact btc is still the de-facto trade standard for crypto.

i suppose all this FUD was inevitable as theres a lot of salty people here right now, angry they missed out on the

Please dont be true

i have you fkn idiot lol. and it doesn't cover any of those q's. go kys bagholders

a) you are basically asking to pray
b) baloney
c) have you actually read the criticisms around bitcoin and its future irrelevancy? are you telling me the future is based on the same mistake?
d) more baloney

So what? If you have a big XRB position the 0.5 wont matter. This shit has already gained 5000%.

And if you have a small position: trade XRB to LTC for 0,2% fee, send LTC for minmal transfer fees to Coinbase, cash out, done.


Move your Raiblocks to Raiwallet instantly and for free, faggot

i would encourage anyone with profits n their xrb to get out while they can. there are tons of reports sayin g xrb deposits are taking hours to arrive. when they arrive huge dump incoming

you know the cashout meme?

cause you really can't cashout xrb.

try it.

> It's going to 1 dollar guise!!!
>No FUD, legitimate concern

OP is a fucking idiot. It was voted #1 by a LANDSLIDE for the coin that will perform the best in 2018. don't listen to his FUD. he just wants you to sell so he can try to buy some cuz he holds NONE hahahaha


this is due to bitgrail not being able to handle the amount of traffic

kraken was down for 80% of the time last month before their hardware upgrade yet i don't see XMR, ETH, XRP, and every currency traded on kraken down 80% (except BTC ayy)

literally eat a turd.

I've got 20BTC worth of XRB in my Bitgrail acc. Even if I was Tier 3 verified, it would still take 4 days because of the 5BTC maximum withdraw.

I have to agree, I can't believe there are billions in this coin and it isn't on a legit exchange yet.

I've cashed out some coins, and have the rest in raiwallet. Not sure what this is all about.

Though I was on mercatox not bitgrail.

This is shit because its too late for me to buy: the thread

>linking to Reddit

Why can’t you “people” stay on your own website?

i'm just saying that heaps of people are freaking out and the first thing they'll do is secure their gains

So basically

>Muh smart contracts
>Muh fomo
>Muh no bittrex

Fucking retard you will be able to bud XRB in a week on Binance. For 50$ that is

i don't even hold XRB but this fud is ridiculous. Salty you didn't buy it @ 2$? I know I am

nice fud, I r8 8/8

>been this retarded
who would have guessed bag holders would claim their coin as the best pick for 2018. Really great data set you have there.

lmao so true. these idiots think that XRB will dip cuz its on Bitgrail? yeah sure itll dip to 50 when it hits binance then it'll moon to 100 in just few weeks after

bagholders with 300%+ increase.
alrighty then.

How can this be top15 and still only be on some garbage exchange ?

lol post ur buy tx then. prove u're not getting railed

im saying its a possibility.

He doesn't know how supply and demand works.

4 billion market cap in a month, parabolic unprecedented rise. Literally only on one shitty exchange that pretty much only trades this coin. This could get ugly really quick, don't let your greed blind you.

BTC rose from 1k to 10k in a few months and the technology in XRB is much more innovative. STFU, you dont know shit

check the volume and the price. it doesn't match up.

and if this is going to 1k like people preach, it sounds like its still very soon to buy.


Doesn't matter if this was done with intent or not. It's impossible to hide behind the fact that Raiblocks primarily growing in what can best be described as a lobster trap, where it's easy to get in but hard to get out, has caused an INSANE price increase.

The tech is good, and that is why it has increased. But because it grew in an isolated bubble it grew too quickly. And when it's released into the wild, by being listed on Binance, we're going to see one gigantic fucking crash.

Will it recover? Yeah, probably, because it's a legit project. But a bunch of people are going to lose a fuckton of money by selling on the way down.

>this WILL get ugly really quick

supply and demand means nothing in crypto, this went from a 30M cap to almost $5bn in a month on low volume and shitty exchanges, are you really that blind to see this isn't being manipulated? I'm not saying the product is bad but its so obvious its being pumped without any correction, no coin does that

>cant cash out

I took back my initial investment, just convert it to LTC and send it over to Binance. 0.05 ETH isn't such a big fee compared to sending bitcoin, btw

The technical questions are all addressed on the whitepaper. They're offering tons of cash for the bug bounty, feel free to try and find something.

And the coin is meant to be used as currency. It doesn't need smart contracts to compete against ETH because this is another market niche. It's trying to compete against DASH and LTC. Some people in Venezuela are already using it, since their "real" currency has gone to shit. So it already has a use case.

Get dicked fudder

XRB? What? That's a real thing? Oh shit, my bad. I thought you said XRP. Wrong thread. I'll just leave this here on my way out.

I got this by filling a bazillion CAPTCHAs never in my wildest dreams I expected to be in this position. I don't really understand what it is or why it's valuable so I don't know what's the right price to sell and have no idea how to figure it out. I've read the whitepaper I just don't think I understand it.

It just means very few people are selling, and lots of redditors of FOMOing into XRB, you don't need artificially inflated volume created by bots to get to a large marketcap, just take a look at NEM, lots of patient Jap bagholders.

the way this appeared on reddit, it very much sounds like someone had that intent.

they knew two things. it was fast and quick. that's their preaching. go look at the fomo. all exactly the same. and then they made people go to the shitty exchanged. they started playing with their own coins to inflate the price. the volume doesn't lie. there was no reason for this to go that big.

im just trying to warn people who want to get in now. Be ready cause things can get very nasty.

Even if there wasnt intent, things would be scary now.

But if there was intent and it was

we talking about a project that, right now, is hiring 1 dev to "fix" something or help. after it hits 4 billion....hikes.

i see a lot of red flags.

>most can literally sell for an impressive profit at anytime, with more buyers coming in at every second
You fudders are fucking retarded.

The DDoS attack problem bugs me A LOT. We can't fucking have a free internet without cloudshit and everyone is pouring money into a coin that intrinsically is weak agains peny attacks.

Why no one is speaking about it?

Whitepaper reader here. Read it a month ago. Haven't bought because of how uncertain the tech is. Big mistake obviously. From now on whenever I see something like XRB that can work in the short term but probably not the long I will throw some at it.

This thing has not been subject to attack like the other top 10 things. XRB is no where near as shit as IOTA but there are still massive question marks about how much resources it would take to take the network down. When it hits top 10 you'll probably see people actually analysing its weaknesses and thrashing it. If no one else does I'll do it eventually.

There was a 85 btc sell wall at bitgrail

Like I tried to point out, nobody is concerned about anything from a technical point of view. Its vulnerability, sustainability, scalability, etc. its all based on price hype on a shady exchange.

It literally has been talked about multiple times.
You all should really watch this:
It addresses your concerns and a lot more.

I started with crypto like a week ago but bitgrail is the only site where eth has gone missing for me so far. I don't like it.

Not buying into your ponzi, enriching you beyond your 100x in one month. (Only a brainlet denies certain ponzi dynamics driving crypto atm.)
My whale stacks will seek steady gains elsewhere.

Never trust white altright males

Cashed out twice. First when I bought at 4, then when I sold at 20.


...except when you sneak onto their forum to ride the wave of wealth they have created. just like in everyday life!


I don't understand the volume argument... Are people saying that there isn't enough volume to account for the price?? How can there not be enough volume??? It must be getting sold if people are buying it

by a bunch of individuals buying at higher market prices to inflate the market price. probably buying of each other.

the volume shows there is no demand for the price to spike that much.

volume argument is pure fud, check cmc. XRB is doing better than NEM for example while being in 2 shitty exchanges

does your brain hurt?

now. not when it went crazy for sure. why are you lying man?

Price will drop for sure, no one is saying the opposite. But with the coming new wallet/mobile apps, you must be dumb to think this will drop that hard

nah.. the spike is purely "binance hype" speculation and general holding mentality due to anticpated gains, not lack of demand.

But my guess is it will sink to 20k come binance time.

I've got 4k and I do plan on selling 2k the minute this gets to binance.

I might buy some back if theres any solid retention and if dump won't be so severe.

This is literally the SAFEST strategy, i challenge anyone to come up with a better alternative.

Also i'm not a hodler.

I have no reason to lie. Veeky Forums shills told me to not buy when it was 2$ because it's too hight, market manipulated blablabla. I did, fucking best decision ever !
You think no market is manipulated ? there are whales only on bitgrail ? WTF
This will drop, but it will recover fast. done.

If you think Rai has been pumped because of whales you are a moron. This will dip a little on Binance then take off to $100.

Occam's razor. Volume is low because it's on two shit exchanges. The illuminati isn't trying to trick you into buying shit coin mk II. Buy the richblocks or stay poor forever fags.

The POW argument makes no sense. So I can increase the POW for the whole network then to the point where no ones phones or embedded devices can do it. That's a successful denial of service attack. When you're not rewarded for PoW like you are in bitcoin there will be fuck all hashing power on the network. I doubt it will cost much to blow this thing up. If you're a competitor coin with millions invested and XRB is threatening you're status, it's an easy and relatively cheap investment to blow the whole thing up. Not to mention the Feds.

> Transaction rate-limiting and other techniques are currently being investigated to mitigate attacks.

Wew lad. Maybe you can do that before the thing has 10bln market cap?
I don't even see transaction rate limiting is going to help anything.

this is not a """"""""spike"""""""". Look at logarithmic chart. Look at volume.
This growth is normal and organic.

About 10% of my portfolio is currently XRB and I obviously want the coin to succeed, but it takes an idiot not to admit that it's current price is thanks to some serious manipulation and shitty exchange scenario. I expect huge changes once it hits real exchanges

Veeky Forums is not an alt right website, ya cunt

read the fucking whitepaper cucks

That's great, but what you neglected - YOU STUPID FUCK - Is that this exchange doesn't allow you to have a small position.

Minimum buy order is 10 XRB. That's over $300 USD.

It costs like $40 to withdraw ETH so no one is going to sell and withdraw their funds on an exchange that charges that much unless they've got a few thousand dollars worth.

What, you think people were gonna sell their XRB and withdraw ETH when XRB was only a few bucks? Their profit would be completely negated by the withdraw fees.

The price of this coin is completely inflated.

If you made money off this, congrats, I'm jealous, but make sure you cash the fuck out before this hits an exchange that isn't complete trash.

>it's not a spike

>+2000% in one month

Whatever u say bro

go back to sucking Arab dick, cuckold.

It doesn't even matter if it keeps up the momentum to 100 dollars. You need to remember the golden rule: Never ever FOMO into pumps.

You think people who made a shit ton of profit of XRB give a shit about 40 dollar fee?

>So I can increase the POW for the whole network then to the point where no ones phones or embedded devices can do it.

That's the case already. From the whitepaper:

Device Transactions Per Second
Nvidia Tesla V100 (AWS) 6.4
Nvidia Tesla P100 (Google,Cloud) 4.9
Nvidia Tesla K80 (Google,Cloud) 1.64
AMD RX 470 OC 1.59
Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB 1.25
Intel Core i7 4790K AVX2 0.33
Intel Core i7 4790K,WebAssembly (Firefox) 0.14
Google Cloud 4 vCores 0.14-0.16
ARM64 server 4 cores (Scaleway) 0.05-0.07

>Minimum buy order is 10 XRB. That's over $300 USD.

Back in November I got JUST'd hard at Bitfinex by minimum order size on BitcoinCash.
Bought the minimum order, but the fee got deduced, so now my stack was below minimum and I couldn't sell. By the time I got extra cash into the exchange, it crashed hard.

Never again.

>g-guys please listen to me this thing is a scam
>Please sell before you get dumped on

Has there ever been anyone at Biz that gave hoenst advices? This is board infested with absolute scum that want you to fail for a shit and gigles. Do NOT even entertain this fud and just hold.

>muh manipulation
You're all throwing that word around so easily, can you elaborate more how exactly.
Bitgrail lowered buy/withdraw to 1 XRB btw

ok but how can something be free?
how can it be transferred at no cost?
How can it be so fast?

How can private torrent be so fast and free?

Oh no, such high XRB withdraw fees from BitGrail. Such manipulation.

1 XRB min withdraw is too much for pajeet.

Its not free for the original cracker who had to buy the software. There's always a cost. The scene does it for rep, somehow I doubt the XRB devs have the same aims.

I was actually considering selling some of my xrb after reading this thread and a couple like it last few of days.


I now assume that is the point.

This market is no more manipulated than any other in crypto world.

there is no limit for XRB/BTC on bitgrail

Not really though. Not in this case. If running node on any device is so cheap, that we dont mind paying 1-2 bucks per month on it because we all use and love instant transaction without fees it can work without army of basement dwellers that are pushing Ireland level of elecricity consumption for what is still a niche market.

but what do smart contracts transfer?
i tell you what

You might actually be a retard if you can’t understand a 7 page white paper written in basic english

I also got a random deposit that wasn't mine on Bitgrail. It was 0.5 ETH. I surely it's a glitch. Sure enough I withdrew it to my binance account lol. I'll take it

I saw this kid at the station. Seemed like a bright young man. A little out of this world, no real social skills, a bit dreamy I guess.

He looked at the train I was about to board. Thought I'd strike a conversation with him, but even a simple hi made him blush like a 12-year-old girl who just discovered her love for older men.

I asked him, are you going on that train young fella? "" he said. I thought I'd at least try to convince him why he should get on the train, after all, it was going to Top3.

Being at a station where the digits were in the 100's I can understand one would never believe such a train to exist.

Didn't get much of a reply out of the conversation I tried to have, but I still handed him a ticket. "It's up to you from this point on kid" I said, and went aboard.

I kept looking at this kid, hoping he would jump on as well. Right before we were heading off I saw him set a step forward, just to stand still and back off right after.

It's been a month, I'm still on that train as I'm writing this. We're at station 16 right now, heading towards station 15. We're quite sure we'll be there in less than 24 hours. We might even speed things up and go to 14 straight away.

All kinds of people in this train. It's wonderful to see. Those who joined us at the very first station, those who joined as we neared station-100 and got that secure feeling of being on the recognized list of stations.. Some only joined recently and had to pay over 150 times the amount for the very same ticket had they bought the ticket early December. They're very optimistic about the ride either way, they say it doesn't feel like they overpaid, they actually think they still got in quite cheap.

As we're nearing Top3, I think about that kid sometimes. I just hope he didn't become one of those OP's that refused to hop on the train whilst being handed a ticket by the man himself, Veeky Forums, and started spreading FUD. That would truly make him a faggot.

Daily reminder

100 USD next month, stay poor Pajeet.

Oh look, It's another DRRRR NO SMART CONTRACTS Guy. Not every fucking coin needs smart contracts and guess what? 90% of the coins that say they have them ARENT WORTH SHIT technologically speaking. Smart contracts are just buzz words like "blockchain" and "disrupting"

I understand the letters, I just don't understand the magic thing that makes this worth so much.

XRB is a scam and I am gonna laugh so hard when it reaches a real exchange without fake volume and marketcap manipulation and it tanks hard leaving tons of bag holders