Absolutely KILLING IT with POSW

Anyone else?

Playing it safe.

'mirin that Ark stack fellow deluded one.

No POSW but I can’t complain considering I only put in £5k back in may

Not bad. However there are some REAL gems in the low marketcap coins if you do some research

Fucking awesome. Kudos to you man!

Holy shit, what did you buy?

I'm salty about POSW, heard people praising it through the roof so I bought a tonne but then it tanked. I held on for a couple of months but got sick of watching everything else rising and I sold. Now it's soared ffs

Doing fine but still short of my end of Janitors goal of 10k. Any advice?

Put 5k into what may i ask?

January *

Thank you thank you, not gonna lie I put £100 into xvg at 5 sats and sold yday for £160k hopefully I made the right picks with XMR,nav,eng

Wow op I'm jelly af

He's gonna be a millionaire next summer, not even joking

FUCK I'm jealous!!!!

100k Posw . JESUS!

this is so fake lol

POSW is going to at least $10,000 per coin in Q1 2018.

cap this and i will buy you a lambo with my first billion

No im legit jealous of hit posw and ark what so hard to believe

He's an idiot, disregard him

If you're not making thousands in this bull market, get the fuck out. Even a retard can do this.

Sort of misleading. Total is $83,234.

Since Ardor trading is still frozen on Bittrex after the mainnet launch, it's stuck on $1.86. But it's trading for $4 on HitBTC right now. Up about 120% in less than 8 hours.

Can't fucking wait to see what happens when they open trading on Bittrex.

Couldn't have said it better, lol


You fucks keep missing out.. GET REKT

nice picks minus XRP

Which bags should I drop?

So much money is going to pump into ARDR when it reopens on bittrex, it’s ridiculous.

has that got something to do with IGNIS?

grabbed a bunch of NXT for the free IGNIS but still no word when that it will be added to my bittrex account

What should I drop and what should I buy.

fucking nice, im not far off gain wise but im a faggot who only had £500 to put in..

Numbers are green. I'm OK.

I really want to get in to the game but I'm too privacy conscious to give out my passport/driver's license to some internet company

You can turn 10k into a million in a year. Send them pics of your dick if you must.

Sort of. IGNIS is Ardors first child chain.

Think of Ardor as Ethereum, and Ignis as an ERC20.

Hold Ark, TA says its going to $12-14
>Bitcoin cash
is a solid hold
is solid
>DBC i
s definitely sold
is.. Eh, hold it anyway, it'll go up
no idea what that is, but just looked at the chart, you're good.
keep that

Just looked at the chart, I don't even want to know what it is. But w/e

Keep those coins and you'll be seeing 6 figures very soon bro. For coin recommendations. Burst, Icon, Bitshares, 0x (ZRX) for now

Oh, and Ardor used to be a childchain on NXT.

But with the launch of the mainnet yesterday, it has become its very own platform. A substantial portion of NXTs marketcap is gonna flow over into ARDR.