Buy this dip or stay poor forever

Buy this dip or stay poor forever.
Once this gets added to Binance/Polo it's going to 10-20x in a month's time.
>tfw you didn't buy the most undervalued coin

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stfu cuck i'm still accumulating

no one buy this. Aids project

I bought the ICO when it was shilled here in April. It honestly got me back into crypto

Comfy 8500 tokens.

damn, what was the price?


i'm trying brah. Money not coming in from my exchange fast enough.

All in on this plus iotchina. I can finally forget about crypto and then revisit my gains end of the year and float off into the sunset in my lamboat

Yep shits 50% of my portfolio. Other half is FUN but i've contemplated pulling from it...but i can't

This may be the comfiest hold I've had so far.


Shill me this

iExec is a big-time sleeper. 5 PHDs and a team of super computing rockstars, a real company that was in stealth for years.
Very much off the radar but soon to be running the majority of DAPPS and off-chain processing in the crypto space. They even do legacy processing.
This framework is beyond Golem, Sonm or any other cloud-based blockchain out there (The competition is vaporware in comparison).
The scientists on the iExec team already have numerous patents, countless research papers published over the last decade and code running in grid/supercomputing systems across the world.
This is working infrastructure by a real company, and it does appear IBM is lurking around this team quite a lot recently. Partnerships are already rolling in and the moment iExec partners with an 'IBM' or such it will go parabolic. V1 is already out, V2 imminent. Token supply is low and there will be many many token use cases with staking and consensus mechanisms.
Partnered with REQ. Two exchanges, two new partnerships and an updated whitepaper for January. Chart looks great, smart money has been accumulating and things look primed for a breakout.

>team full of PHD's that haven't really started marketing yet
>decentralized cloud computing, already functional and v2 is out in spring
>not listed on major chinese exchanges
>79M circ supply
>150M market cap (~500b cloud computing industry in 2020)

only 2$. Did you miss the ENG train? This is the next huge one.

In short:
>amazing fundamentals: will provide a tol useable by a huuuuuge range of people and businesses
>experienced team (not a unicoin)
>low market cap
>if you buy now, you'll be in before they start marketing
>head of the business isn't some kind of butch eastern-european she-wolf (see: Golem)

V2 is not "imminent". It is due for May 2018. The other stuff is spot on.

Eh, to be fair, spring isn't too far. But yeah, this will moon long before spring, it'll just moon even harder in spring. 100x by summer

The only reason people aren't buying this coin and missing out on it is because they're simply too fucking stupid to do research.

Lmao and these biz retards wonder why they miss moon missions all the time such as xrb, xvg, etc etc.

This is an unarguably superior product to both SONM and GOLEM in the way that the market demands its use-case more and it has an actual chance of fucking working, because the company behind it do not fuck around.

lol yep. iexec was one of the first coins i ever looked at. Shit just keeps going up now


>Lmao and these biz retards wonder why they miss moon missions all the time such as xrb, xvg, etc etc.

This, lmao.

You will never see such as easy free money project as this.

I'm long on this hitting $x00 easily. Accumulate now you autists

>buying a coin that already mooned

>already mooned

iExec is a company run by a highschool drop-out and a lawyer. They don't have a working blockchain product. They don't even have a dev team. I bought in at $0.06, and then a LOT more at $0.18. I just sold everything. It has nowhere to go but down once people realize the concept not only doesnt work but has no backing to it. I suggest you do the same.
You might get another little pump, but don't wait too long on this, don't get too greedy.

I'll wait til it's 3$ in a month, there's no reason to buy it right now

>highschool dropout team


dont buy scam coin i lost 100k

Why is everyone buying, just because the team is MIT and pure hype? They don't even have anything coming down the pipeline

Nigel... Is this true?

sadly yes

no lol dyor

kek saved

Nice samefagging thread bois

What are you talkint about u fgt

High school drop-out and a lawyer you say?

>tfw iexec dev team found this thread

Salty GNT/SONM bagholder detected.

Evidence to refute this lame FUD can be found at:

>high school dropout with a PhD
alright mate

You know a coin is going somewhere when the salty FUDders start appearing on Veeky Forums

prove your claim

gtfo fucking pajeet, know your facts this coin is pure shit

Damn, I've been watching this for a while now but I don't have a Bittrex account. Does anyone have any experience with liqui? It looks a bit shady.

liqui is fine
i bought trx and sold it at a loss before it mooned there youll do just fine

Apparently it's listing on Binance soon right? I'm just waiting for that to buy in.

Why would you wait AFTER it gets added to another exchange wtf lmao

please, provide said FACTS!

Ok, thanks. Btw, was there any problems with withdrawal? I plan to get in, buy some RLC and get it out ASAP.

Yeah, I know about that, but I don't want to wait any longer. I'm afraid it might still grow quite a bit before it gets listed there. It might be a bit late then.

Binance and ku coin

200 sats in 12 hours

Just a rumour. Team won’t confirm or deny anything other than that they are in talks with a number of exchanges (after getting buttfucked by the China crypto ban last time they were in negs). Binance is most obvious choice IMO but we will probably see multiple additions.

nop all gud m8

In addition, they have expanded marketing greatly the last month, and are planning to take market share and prove themselves the market leader in this niche (which they are in everything but valuation). It’s a shame bittrex is apparently not taking registrations(?) but if you can pick some up on another exchange then I’d recommend it. New exchanges + V2 launch in may (staking and hybrid network use) + mining companies diversifying into cloud computing + dapp development and adoption = fundamental potential better than almost anything else right now. FUDders are just salty gnt sonm and xel bagholders that know when the cryptpocalypse comes they will lose every penny they have while iexec will take the hit and dominate the market for the next 20 years. Nice to be in on the base level of something revolutionary.

Should I sell my REQ for RLC?

They both have great tech fundamentally (Request network will actually be using for off-chain computation, check I don't think you could go wrong if you split between the two.

As much as I like RLC, no. Hold REQ. What else are you invested in?

60% ENG 40% REQ

Always buy in the dip and stay rich forever

To be fair I was totally sold on RLC, and was sleeping on it before REQ mooned. I still have half a heart to jump to RLC.

Might be worthwhile rebalancing a bit into RLC now that REQ has had a really nice run, but they are both great projects.

Those are all promising projects with pretty good teams behind them. I've been in REQ since $0.04 so I may be a bit biased since it made me a quite a lot of money. Depends how much you want do diversify. Personally I'm invested in 5 (ETH, ICX, REQ, MOD, RLC).

You clearly have1000+ IQ. Personally I'd rate RLC above ENG, but both could see big gains over the next few months. Definitely buy some RLC if you want to sell more of your fiat, otherwise it's up to you.

There is no dip it's already ath mooned, keep ur bags to urself mr pajeet

Thanks guys, I've been hesitant but it's time I pump some fiat into this.

True, basically god-tier portfolio the last couple of weeks user.

I did the same a few weeks ago, wish you luck, mate. I think you've made the right choice and your portfolio is pretty good. However, don't unnecessarily risk. You know the rule, invest only what you can afford to lose.