i sold all my eth last night for btc

I have a boyfriend but I'm actually not gay.

I bought a bag of Mercury Protocol during the ICO.

trading crypto since august and made only 4k because of shitcoin gambling
severely depressed

I sold all my doge on bitflur last night.

These amazon codes will keep me cozy though...right?

i sold ripple for btc recently.

I've lurked this board for 2 years and haven't invested a dime because I'm too scared help

I just bought 100k dogecoin.

Buy and hold fgt. You,mightve missed out on the only opperunity youll ever have to not be a wagecuck.

i saw xrb at 0.4 and went to the website, even made an account but couldn't bother sending money there. in the end i purchased at 8$ but only 43, otherwise i'd have 200 at least.

I tried to daytrade REQ to snag a few extra tokens and lost two hundred

I can't stop thinking about kissing my daddy or him fucking me in my boipucci.

hope it was worth it.
I cashed my doge in last week

90% of all BTC is mine and I will dump it all tomorrow

As long as you use them for greatness

I am satoshi

If I ever hit 6 digits I expect to burn my money and die die surrounded by whores and coke in a hotel room in dubai.

I sold 600 KCS at around 50 cents right before it took off to buy ODN for masternode. Just bought back 200 KCS at over $5 :( it did nothing for so long :'(

I bought 5k usd worth of xvg at 1850 satoshi and panic sold when it crashed at 1400 satoshi and finished myself off at 900 satoshi. I've never admitted this to anyone. I feel better now after getting it off my chest.

i unironically sold my ETH last night

I sold it a couple hours ago, did you miss the climb?

I've started funneling so much of my money into crypto that I've started going to soup kitchens and food banks, I made friends with this one hobo who's never had more then 100$ in the bank account in his own words.

If he knew I was pushing 5 figures he'd either stab me or ask me for a flat of smokes.

Should I ever tell him? Or bless him somehow?

I was daytrading for a couple days, was up 1k REQ and it started mooning and waited for it to go down. Then it mooned and I waited. And it mooned harder. Thankfully got back in but I lost 2.3k REQ

Anonymously give him something on your last day and then never return. That way, you can feel smug about it without the chance of getting stabbed.

Nothing huge. A good set of smokes or something like that. GIve him anything more, and he will waste it and feel worse afterwards. Give him a little, and he will at least take the time to enjoy it and it will brighten up his day a bit.