What % of your portfolio is OMG? You DO have some, right? It's going to the moon any day now

What % of your portfolio is OMG? You DO have some, right? It's going to the moon any day now.

~20% in from $4, Very Comfy hold!

I unironically think its going to 4 digits this year. The crypto market is going to explode and this is the premier blue chip token for anyone with a thinking brain.

100% is OMG

I also recommend ENG, i can see it sitting alongside OMG in terms of market cap very soon!

Also 90% of my holdings is in OMG
10% in VEN

It's also nice knowing that I'm in the 1% of OMG holders lol.

Nice I'll look into it


I have over 5000.

I'm going to enjoy retiring this year

35% of my portfolio
650 OMG

Around 60%. I want this moon.

0% from 100% as I'm all in ZCL.
Will be back in OMG very soon.

I absolutely love OMG. Unfortunately i had to sell my stack of 200 in October because it wasnt going anywhere and me and the wife couldnt afford to pay rent.

I have 15K FUN right now, hoping for $2 EOY.

I miss my OMG so fucking much.

500 OMG

Lol also they were pretty smart choosing this name. I can see a lot of normies gaining a first interest because of it.

50 OMG


80% OMG, 500 of em

Wish I had 4000

Exactly 0%
Thinking about doubling up


1000AUD worth.

I remember back in the summer when I first bought OMG, I was going to use the money I gained to fly to thailand and fuck ladyboys lol.

But now I have gf...

only got 25 OMG, been waiting for this to moon for a few days now

Chad portfolio 2018

nice just bought 0k

But youre a homosex
This makes no sense

lol retard


I sold half of my OMG and put it into Salt

I regret doing this

OMG is shit

all in, 500 OMG

let's go boys



Had 191 traded it for other stuff. Now I have 32.
Should I do a wire transfer today with $600 is that enough? Fuck

just bought some in the ETH pump

You could invest in skateboard coin, or you could invest in mtl pay. A coin doing exactly what omg is doing but it actually has a working product and smartphone app, richard branson backing, and kate upton as a model.

But what do I know? Didn't you hear the man? Buy his bags!

OMGxPLASMA that's the seller here.
Well MTL looks great too.

There is nothing about this coin that I like.
Literally the only reason it mooned like it did was Vitalik got involved.

Fucking same sex people is literally homoerotic.
Are you about that new age genders bullshit?
Go suck some non-gay benis friend

you're a fucking retard. read the omisego whitepaper

That sucks. I sold my omg for salt, then sold my salt when it released and ended up with more omg than I had. Gotta time the market bro.

sold all my OMG to go into XLM...feels ok man?

Its just about time when OMG moons

About 30%, bought at 8, feels great!

XLM is not done mooning yet, you'll be fine

small, i bought 350 when it was 3 bucks.

I have made this same mistake on all of the following(buying a few hundred at 3 bucks...)


wishing of course I went in 50k on any one of them vs 1k, but trying not to piss away my eth stack.

more like omise still won't go anywhere

>no ETH

Why even live?

500 OMG
Been thinking of selling some Ark for more once it gets out of this meme triangle.

I have 30 OMG, not selling for a couple of years.

OMG is on my purchase list because a huge fucking moon is a self fulfilling prophecy at this point. I'm trying to time it... when the first news of Plasma starts trickling in I'm going to buy in

only have 130, sadly enough i dont have more money to buy some more right now