Who here lost all energy

Who here lost all energy

The gains are tremendous, so it's not out of failure.

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Maybe because it's 4 am you fucking idiot

im tired as shit too and want to sell everything

Somejust registered an account on hitbtc with my email and I got a confirmation email. How fucked am I


I’m mentally exhausted. It’s become obsessive behavior at this point, I open my blockfolio app and refresh it ten times and then put my phone away for twenty seconds until I do the whole thing again.

Every cell in my body wants to make it, I can’t spend the rest of my life as a wagecuck. I can’t and I won’t. There’s nothing more disgusting to me than a life wasted cucking myself out for another man. I’m so exhausted, I’m so despondent about everything. I have to make it, I have no other option. Time is running out on this whole thing, I need to make it NOW.

Fucking burgers, white pajeets

I live in Europe

this is life I've always wanted, and it's SUCH a good feeling to be exhausted at the end of the day from thinking real hard, not working my ass off at some wage job.

Feels so good, that it being a trap of some sort seems almost certain

Same here though on the 31st. Ignored it then, what do?

desu I don't see it as money until I've made my goal (1 million or more). Nowhere near that. With a million I could just live off of dividends for the rest of my life since I live a very frugal lifestyle.

>used to be happy with a hundred dollar gains
>now I'm disappointed when they're not several thousand

I would say its due to a lack of sleep.

Go go bed.

I was like you, getting 3-4 hours of sleep a day. But then I got a head cold and s fever and the fatigue was more intense so I started getting 7 hours of sleep while I recovered. I wont be going back to 4.

same, until i got liquidated twice on bmex.
back to where i started with happy 100buck gains

>start with €20k
>"i'll stop when it's like 60k"
>currently at €120k
>"guess i'll go for that million"

this is going to end badly.

Is it really happiness though after you've gotten a taste of true gains

Don't click anything, must be some phishing link somewhere in that mail

Bitmex will fuck you up

This is me except
>have 5.5 mm in crypto
>I guess I'll strive for 15 mm

When will this carousel will end?
I feel sick as if my spirit is leaving me, but gains just feels so good

yeah, you learn from your mistakes, i guess... never touching margin trading ever again

Go nuts on bitflur nigga


Fuck, I know.

It's starting to interfere with my salaried job (can no longer concentrate for more than 10m), my relationship (GF gives me the stinky eye once I pick up my phone to check Blockfolio - which I do about once every 5m), my interest in sex, reading, watching video, gaming...

I am up $200K since June, and I desperately want to make it, but it is ruining my life.

Also got fat from sitting around eating shit all day.

mods please do something about these scammers
I don't even care about the discord and coin shills but these need to go

Most of us already have kek

>have 5.5 mm in cryp

story time pls

leave Veeky Forums pajeet

Started to sleep for 3-4 hours per day since a few days ago.

Will try that, thanks.

>It's starting to interfere with my salaried job (can no longer concentrate for more than 10m)

same here, except that i work in asset management and my team consists of a 6 of 25-30 y/o guys who all have atleast 6 digits invested in cryptos.

god i love that team.

>be from Eastern Europe
>son of influential regional politic
>2 years ago he loses position which consequently closes my way to become next crony
>oh shit nigga what to do
>heard of btc mining, asked father for 20 k loan
>I failed because can't compete with Chinese
>liquidated miners, got only 15k
>invested in trump coin
>sold after election
>bought 100k of ark at 0.18
>bought 100k of chain coin at 10 cents, sold at 4 dollars
>reinvested profits into rise at 0.8 cents, buying 2.1 mm
>sold 300k of rise to buy 1mm of chain links and 660k of timerium (now elixir)

I can safely I am biz OG

Makes a hell of a difference. Been making better trades and holding less dying coins since.

Shit how do I change careers from coder to asset management? I still have a good reputation in the company, but once I move to $500K, I will not be able to fulfill my job duties any more, I just know it.

Fucking crypto-induced ADHD.


>son of influential regional politic

big if true. are you making any efforts for the ethnic cleansing of europe, especially kebab removal? thanks in advance.

Try meditating you OCD bitch. Headspace. You'll thank me in a few days.

In Baltic region. We are monogamous in culture and religion. However I will have revenge for to the people who betrayed my father


best of luck user

>I need to make it NOW
confirmed for not gonna make it

Good time to take that 20k back out and just play with the monopoly money

No, but close.
Thank you. If I become politician, I will try to to create financial hub

give em hell user
also congrats on your crypto millions

>feeling the need to continue with slavic nepotic practices

Don't perpetuate the cancer eating slavs.

good luck

I was in the same position as you, deleted my blockfolio app because i kept checking it too much

invest most of your money in steady reliable coins, gamble with a smaller amount

scamming niggers

help a bro out?

im wageslave trying to get out before i lose my soul


when i hit 200k i will cash out 50k, and invest another 50k in some "hidden gems".

This is me.
Except I have 7.5 MM Eurobucks.
Been here since battle of Dogecoin when Veeky Forums was just created and everyone came from /g/.

Not Slavic

and it never stops.
Earlier this year when I hit somewhere around 1.4 Megaeuro I thought it was all the money in the world.

how do i meditate

pls halp

could you help me? Im trying really hard to get a better life


Your own picture?

enjoy your ban

everybody is trying to get a better life

no need to be a dick

Nice, you even older than me

no need to be a beggar you lazy pajeet, put in the fucking work to get the money you literally have the chance to double your money every day in crypto

you dont know me

>you dont know me
I do know you're beggin on an online internet forum

yes i could do alot with a little boost. Why does that upset you so much?