Whats the next coin to moon?

whats the next coin to moon?

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Thats a very high hairline

ICX with mainnet release, ZCL with January BTCP fork, TAU if you’re looking to catch a promising ICO

thanks just bought 100k

never seen a hairline that high

Nuls will go at least 20x. Check the roadmap. Only 50M market cap. I accumulated 5000 Nuls.

You're an idiot if you haven't bought ENG yet


ENG going nuts

Recent article about Nuls.

Wish I had a hair line :'^)

better have none than a high one

Vechain (VEN) will be somewhere on top 15 in 3 months. Screencap this


1b3ya use this code on signup on kucoin for a bonus i got 50k referrals

with all them HODL gains u can get a hair transplant bro stay strong keep the faith

I found this shitcoin someone shilling here and it really looks undervalued and promising.
Check this one out super low market cap (7million). Great team (no pajeets only jews and jews never lose).
Already a customer database with 1000000+ members. Far more experienced team then SUB and MYST and look at their marketcaps.
and I believe once the company has hit a significant milestone in the tech development,
some efforts will be focused on exchange listing/marketing, at that point it'll spread like wild fire.
DYOR and thank me later!



None of them because they're all stupid and are fixing a problem that isn't a problem

Bitbay you idiots

It's literally in your OP. It's MoonCoin.

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af-





The new global reserve currency.


ENG. Easiest choice. Research the coin and tell me how it's not hitting $80+ EOY.

I've hear BAZINGA COIN is a confirmed moonshot


COB. you get free CMT if you hold on Cobinhood before Jan 5th.

Also looking past that the exchange has zero fees yes ZERO FEES. If they manage to get even a couple shit tokens listed we are going to alpharoni centurini

espers, 4 sat sellwall dissapeared today, already built up buywall there and target is 40sat

where do you buy COB

pajeet detected

Might as well buy it on Cobinhood now that it's actually working. (With ETH)
I sold 100 COB the other day and bought again to test it.

I first bought it on EtherDelta but I don't recommend that.

Here is the calculator for the free CMT


COB and CMT are two separate moon missions so it can't hurt.

COBs previous ATH was x3 current price too

SAGA x2 easy

I would but no money...there are a lot of good projects right now set to blast off...XLM, FUN, ENG, DRC, ETH, REQ, NEO, ADA, DBC, MTL...it’s hard for a poor fag to get in on all of them


bought this on a 30% dip why will it moon?
Only threw a couple hundred in it though


DBC user, don't miss out!

Gotta sign up for KuCoin though. Code for bonus: 1aQPb

I would like to cum on her teeth.

DBC for sure. if anyone wants to sign up on kucoin would really appreciate to use my referral code - E2U7ev

Next coin to moon in 10 minutes discord.gg/FN6pVrn


Huge PnD happening 3rd Jan at 18:00 GMT.

70k members now so pump will be huge. Be careful though you might get stung if you don't act quick when the coin is announced.

probably ITC they havent even startedmarketing and all the chinese forums are going crazy