I bought btc at ~16k, for long do u guys think Im fucked?

I bought btc at ~16k, for long do u guys think Im fucked?

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How to get REKT for life....


Till march then 50k

No. Btc is consolidating before it moons again. You are fine

Better sell to bitflur asap kek

Haha...Jk man...just sit it out. Will Moon for sure above 16k.


No one knows. Bitcoin is based completely on the greater fool theory and is a speculative commodity. So right now it has as much of a chance as mooning as it does crashing. However, everyone agrees it's in a bubble.

Crypto mcap is going above $1t soon. Need just a portion of that to pump into btc and we will see $20k again easily. Oh and fuck the eth and cripple fags for ever thinking they will overtake the king

Bitcoin Cash is the king.

Bitcoin itself is a shitcoin controlled by Blockstream, it's as bad as Ripple except Ripple can actually function as a currency.

should i buy more rn?

i dont like bch

Top kek. I didn't think to mention bcash because there isn't even a 1% likelihood it can overtake core, it literally isn't even in the conversation pajeet

I agree but I think it needs a rebrand. I think right now its being dragged down by the Bitcoin taint.


Back to /r/bitcoin with you corecuck

Dump it and buy XRP. HODL for 1-2 years.

>Dump one banker control coin for another

Well that would be pretty fucking pointless.

no ripple

Yeah buy ripple. I hope countries adopt it so they can get frozen out of it if they don’t tow the line.

Great comeback. Why don't you go cry about it while your shitcoin bleeds out some more bitch

- Dump the one that does 7tps and buy the one that does 1500-10,000 tps.
- Dump the one that takes 15 minutes to several days to complete a transaction and buy the one that settles in 4 seconds.
- Dump the one with $30 fees and buy the one with fees at 1/100th of a penny.
- Dump the one that's going to be a niche currency at best, and buy the one that is going to be the next global reserve currency with a market cap in the $50 Trillion ballpark.

Load up your bags and become a millionaire.


How about I dump the ones thats shit and buy a con thats not owned by the banks and wont steal my wealth.

Yeah, I think ill do that. Bcash and Ethereum it is. Thanks.

We already have that now and yet the global market cap of central bank paper and electronic currencies is $90 Trillion.

The thousandaires need to pick their battles. We are not going to stop the billionaires and trillionaires from selecting a new global reserve currency and then running it up to $50 Trillion. So load up your bags with XRP, and become a millionaire.


Bitcoin Cash is bitcoin, enjoy your $30+ transaction fees corecuck. You should probably buy back in now before your corecoins become worthless.

all they have to do is change the things name, and it'll do fine.

it's that simple.

1-2 years.

Then you will see massive gains. No lie. Get ready to see 200k per BTC.

I already 4x in the past week. This PnD thing is too easy. Comfy af--


bcash is not Bitcoin cashiecuck.

I've never had fees approaching anything close to $30. It's a fucking meme. But keep trying to convince people that your worthless shitcoin is the real Bitcoin. It's hilarious shit, user, seriously

Why wouldnt I buy one that hasnt yet mooned, is nkt backed by banks, doesnt NOT have fees and can do 7000tps?

Buy the next world reserve currency.


God you're a fucking awful liar

Cut your losses and play the shitcoin roulette, you're almost certain to git gud gainz

I remember people said BTC would hit 100k Jan,LOL!

>global reserve currency
>get frozen out
>founder has majority stake
>name isn’t Satan or Jesus
You stoopid

>duh what does average mean

Stupid faggot

Yes that's the average you stupid fuck, which means you're paying a fucking ridiculous amount no matter what.

You could underpay by a few dollars and wait days or weeks for your transaction to be included in a block or you could pay above average and have it take just hours or days. Revolutionary. ROFL

Stupid fucking corecuck.

keep'em faggot we going to 20k soon.

you see the amount of stooges saying BTC is done?
same happens on every correction and BTC has just had a very necessary and healthy correction. that lasted what? a month?
that correction period also looks to be almost over.

thinking about moving all my profit back into BTC myself because when btc rises. and it will my ALTs will likely get just'd.

tldr: $20k within 20 days

BTC is about to go on a bull run, exit alts or prepared to get just'd

> scamcoin trash


BTC is likely finished. It has nothing going for it, it's slow and expensive to transfer and all you ever hear from the BTC fanboys is "MUH LIGHTNING"

People are waking up to the fact that there are plenty of other coins that can be the 'store of value' they want BTC to be, but better, and with faster transfer speeds and cheaper fees.

Seriously tell me one reason BTC is technically better than any other coin/token? You can't. It has name recognition, that's it. But that will only take it so far and we're already seeing the decline as BTC loses market dominance every single day. It's already sub-40%, how long before it's 30%? 20%? 10%? BTC can't gain exponential value in this climate and as its market dominance and demand for it diminishes.

I think 2018 will be the worst year for BTC. It may go up a bit here and there, we might break $20k at some point, maybe, but I wouldn't expect any double or triple ups like we've seen in the past.

Bitcoin maybe be dead by next month with all the alts, we're very sure what coin is next to take over

This is our group is anyone is interested in the next coin discord.gg/FN6pVrn

Either go to 10k or moon in a week