Anyone knows where one can track the progress of the ICO?

Anyone knows where one can track the progress of the ICO?

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Whatever total is shown here, add .5 million

.5 million has been added to another address

Sale ends at 10m

Also, see you on the moon comrade ;)


not very quick. still time to get in

My guestimate would be Thursday sometime

For anons looking for the next Raiblocks, don’t just scroll by. Once in a while there’s a gem on biz and here it is. Read the white paper. If this isn’t a scam, it’s a fucking rocket. Diversify accordingly, but get in on this.

We know its not a scam because the devs are known people. They couldnt run off with the money if they wanted to.

purple ID confirms moon

Cryptopia confirmed, just need to get this on Kucoin

Tardfag here: how do i receive the tokens? I registered on their site but i did not receive any email from them, just received an ETH address, and how do i send 250k GAS?

Pink ID confirms x10 within 1 month of ICO ending


Get out pajeet, report and ban

send from MEW to their ETH address, set max gas 250k (it wont actually be 250k), then add custom token to mew and you will instantly receive your TAU

Can someone please give me the official site for the ico, don't want to fuck up, and is this ico as simple as sending ether to address and getting tokens sent back? No bullshit vitrification? Also what's minimum purchase price please?

This. If they tried to con, they risk being hunted down like animals.

Makes me comfortable that they feel confident enough in the project to associate themselves so prominently with the project. Not always the case.

Is the tokens not added to MEW yet? I have never added a custom token before, how do I go about getting doing this or can I simply wait for mew to just add it and buy it anyways

used that one successfully. Sitting on my tau now.

it's literally 5 seconds of work

click 'add custom token'

Decimals, 18
And token symbol, TAU


Thanks, is their a minimum purchase?


Where are the team members listed?

Go to their fucking website pajeet

Yeah also who the hell translates a whitepaper into 10 languages for a scam lol

Disregard that, who does that even for a legit coin?

.11 per fucking coin with no listings?

Got 4k something TAU for 0.5 ETH

Oh shit completely forgot to check out supply.
What will the supply be?

What the fuck are you trying to say, jibrel is a great project and it was selling at 25c with no listing's. Also buying into this

Thanks just found it. 500mil. That gives it a 55mil mc at launch

currently holding 10k TAU ^^
to the moon we go!

What do anons here think of bankera, I haven't brought in yet but thinking about it, any opinions?

10mil, user

We keep a steady flow of current information on our server about it

How long did it take for the tokens to hit the address

All good already see them

Im getting not a valid erc-20 token on MEW, tried to add my unique code and got this

Near instantly

What are anons views on this please, I see you are all smart yeah as you have invested in lamden, what do you think? Worth it?

Recommend Metamask, Trezor or neither? Haven't got a wallet yet, looking to download for this ICO.

Metamask if you do not have a Trezor or nanos

How long is this sale going on? Could i wait itl tomorow my ten x should be ready to sell for eth in about 12 hrs

Looking over the white paper, this is actually garbage considering its just looking at Bitcoin and ethereum for its application of handling payments instead of what its primary competitors of xrp/xlm/req etc are.

97,130 TAU holder here - thanks for sharing the intel on this gem

when will this shitcoin list?