1.15 ETH to spend

Just sold all this random Verge and Bounty0x I wasn't making any big gains or losses on. Shill me on the best upcoming coins that actually have good tech and some potential use cases.

> shill me
Buddy, you're not getting a lambo the easy way. DYOR.


What exchange can I get it from?

come back when you actually have something to spend


LUX, HAT, IOP. Tiny marketcaps, upcoming developments, still on small exchanges (aside from IOP). DYOR.

They have a working product
Huge potential market
Tons of connections
Product launch in a month
Mooning this second

DBC - going to hit chinese exchange soon, NEO platform, likely to go 5-10x in short term.

ELLA - new ethereum fork made my one of the original eth devs. solid coin and super low market cap, could easily 100x in a year

>1.15 ETH to spend
with that coin you might as well put it in any coin

VeChain & Enigma, it's not too late for both of them.
DYOR before you invest though.

Go for lamda (TAU) ICO. Super promising coin with $10m market cap.

Definitely Enigma, private smart contracts is exactly what companies want.

Also Alex Pentland helped create the whitepaper and is now an advisor for the project.

Google him


good Q1s

SUMO is gonna 20x in january

what is it doing right now?
look at the graph please


Lamden ICO

Request Network

Nuls! Easy 20x!

And Nuls are getting a lot of attention recently.

Going up. Already made 10% last hour and buying back soon(if it doesn't moon while I'm gone).

ITC- First Chinese DAG like IOTA but closer toaworking product and links to chinese manufacturing industry
QSP- Long HODL smart contract auditing, this will be needed for all smart contract projects
IExec- best cloud computing project all MIT devs

>potential use cases

It will be used as the new global reserve currency.

it's been going down/sideways since 30.12
but I have a feeling it's gonna break out any minute to new ath
I see a meme triangle closing

look into ELIX, it is literally a x10-20 coin

Any indication when it gets listed on a real exchange? I can buy it now on Huobi but I want to ride PFR first then go all in to ITC before that happens.

There are rumours about binance claiming that the IOTchain team sent them some tokens but I haven't been able tofind confirmation of this yet