The world isn't fair

>Be aboriginal man
>No education, poor family, live in stick house
>Speak 100 words of useless aboriginal language, don't speak english
>Work on white mans farm for 50 years, get well below minimum wage
>Renal problems because you drink metho and petrol
>Relatives take you to hospital because you're dying
>Can't speak English so hospital transfers you all over the place because nobody wants to deal with you
>Get shitty treatment until you're not as close to death
>They fly you to a remote bus stop that isn't serviced and leave you
>They don't tell your relatives
>Relatives find your corpse in the bush 10 days later
>Final net worth - bus pass in pocket ($3.50)

>Be me
>Work 8 hour days as accountant and complain
>Gamble $10,000 on internet money by pressing some buttons and doing no research
>One year later crypto now $350K

Really makes you think

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Too bad eh?

Only advantage they have is no taxes

kill yourself


Vitalik, if you want me to donate, set the example first you redditor fuck

How does it feel to have had the same opportunity as me but be worth 100 times less

I cry everytim

>> be turtle.. Born on sandy beach.
>>crawl towards water.
>>seagull pecks at you ripping,apart your little spine.
>>try to move
>>cant... It doesnt work anymore..
>>see flippers torn off...

>>be turtle.
>>born on sandy beach
>>swim towards water.
>>water is nice.
>>head into the deeps
>> grow to be 100 years old.

its definitely fair. If they want to wear loin clothes and eat mud, rather than build civilization then by all means, go for it. But dont come to be looking for sympathy when you find out that living in the stoneage isnt as good as you thought it would be.

Wow it's almost as if some races and cultures are superior to others!
Really makes you think

>be you
>pay for niggers health care, his 5 bedroom house that he gets replaced after setting on fire every other year, fortnightly centrelink checks for each of his 200 relatives, and a quarterly rental check to the local elder for using their traditional land worth millions annually
>get your bike stolen by his son
>chinese buy up all houses in your area using smuggled money from commUnisr party slush funds
>350k barely covers a down payment for a studio

yeah nah mate

can't have taxes if you don't have money

From white, middle-class family, threw some Dollars into BTC in 2013 because weed and fuck it, why not?

Kept buying and selling BTC and shitcoins and now sitting on $220K. Never worked hard in my whole life, just looking at my dick at work, trading a bit and coding some shit.

The niggers that empty the trash, move desks, do all the menial work get 30% of my wage - and have no time to buy coins in their salaried time.

Life ain't fair...

Equality is (and always was) a myth. Get over it faggot

>Work on white mans farm for 50 years, get well below minimum wage

What the absolute fuck

Aboriginals are given free housing, free education, preferential positions in juicy public sector jobs and all sorts of other benefits. And even if they dont want to live in the hellish white mans world they get their own land where they are allowed to practice their own law and culture.

The aboriginals that did used to work as farm hands were very good at it and treated and paid just like the evil white man until leftist shit heads said the alcohol ban on aboriginals was racist. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT.

I'm a poor nigger, feel free to send me some ;)

>be aboriginal

Lost before the game even started.

those are Afghan children

>be abbo
>drink gasoline
>fuck abbo woman
>not worry about too much
>lay in road occasionally

>be you
>worry about abbo and moralism because of unjustified guilt

Some people drink gasoline, some people make bank, people aren't equal.

you don't choose where you are born shithead, you can only shit on people who had similar start but didn't make it because of stupidity, laziness or both

you are the smug lard heart scum killing humanity
atleast OP had morality and emotions
you are worse than animals
go die a horrible death
may no one cry over you

You live in Vancouver, bro?

before the game was even installed mate..

>you are the smug lard heart scum killing humanity
>population keeps growing

killing the heart of humanity I presume

this thread has potential

I'm a smug skeleton that doesn't give a fuck about your morals so why would I kill myself? Also don't give a fuck about the white race either, those retards actually want to hand me advantages over them, I'll take whatever I can get to claw my way up and only support people I actually like rather than a bunch of strangers I don't give a shit about..

those niggers aint even think about investin and shit

'build civilization '

Holy fuck you sound borderline retarded. You have a 5 year olds understanding of history and culture

oh man so sad how they choose to drink poisons and suffer for it

you assume all humans are equally born to a probability that they may or may not be aboriginal, as though souls are handed out by god. No. when my daughter is born she will have a soul that is of me and my missus. she will have a brain architecture that will be a hybrid of mine and my missus. souls are not dished out randomly faggot if you are born and you are white, its because your parents where white.

OP said he's an accountant so he's probably not white as whites only have a 100 average IQ. Pretty much subhuman.

It's actually very interesting, shit plays a large part evidently. Good for building huts, especially important in India too

She could also be born with downs though.

Just like the turtle could be born on the wrong side of the beach.

Also 90% chance your daughter either marries a nigger or is raped and murdered by one on the way home from school.

You dont like it? Dont buy ripple.

Fuck off

>so you be tryna say that civilization had to be built and dese welfare gibs weren't around forever?
nigger detected

>You dont like it? Dont buy ripple.

The world isn't fair. Neither is anything in nature. Fairness is not a quality of nature. Nature doesn't give a fuck about fairness

>stick house
>implying coons know how to use a stick

i tough about the same this morning

>white people

not our fault that other subhuman races are too stupid to even figure out how to purify their drinking water

no beggin here fag

Fuck these orcs. They deserve to be genocided

>She could also be born with downs though.
I might be Catholic by birth, but that little downie will be aborted

>She could also be born with downs though.
>what is screening and abortion
if you don't screen for easy shit like downs and other major defects then you deserve your $600,000 potato

sydney. just as bad

>africa for the africans!
>saudi arabia for the arabs!
>japan for the japanese!
>india for the indians!
>china for the chinese!
>europe for everyone!
>USA is a (((melting pot))) and is meant for unrestricted immigration


niggers are, at the very least, a separate human subspecies

>that genetic distance between apefrican and human mrca

>Native Australians attempt to launch the first man into out of space (Circa 1901)

Yes, Rhodesia belongs to Africans, America to the Indians and Russia to the Mongols. FUCK OFF cumskin

You fucking whiny commie faggot. You just want to have your cake and eat it too. You want to have it all while complaining about having it so you can claim moral superiority as well. You are a champagne socialist. You are human trash.

Love it how a Finnish girl represents the most perfect opposite of an abo. Daily reminder that indo-euro scum discriminated Finns. Apologize

The moment you figure out nothing is fair, is the moment you learn to get rich.
Life is competition. You need to use every advantage you got to win.