The ABSOLUTE state of /r/bitcoin

>The ABSOLUTE state of /r/bitcoin

holy kek

the important thing is you've found a way to feel superior

why shit on him? I don't get it.

It's cool?

Imagine being that much of a manchild. Holy shit. No wonder white women prefer non-whites now.



the nu-males are invading Veeky Forums REEEEE

manchildren buying depreciating toys instead of trying to maximise profits in the biggest bull market of this decade

stop ruining biz you fkn normie cunts

how dare he take some profits out and buy a product with it!! it should stay a number on his blockfolio app !!: @:@ :@ :@ :@

Why the fuck didn’t they just use bitflur or some shit?


those things are for zelda.
zelda is a legendary game franchise.
you play as a legend... LINK.

>he took those profits to buy a $300(?) device when he could've tripled those profits

>Dude starts with crypto and made enough gains to cash out and make himself a gift

Why should I laugh, he's already better than pink wojack posters who bought the shitcoin of the week at ath

Hmm. Jesus christ. You guys are calling him a manchild, yet here you are on an anime messaging board.

I get that some people don't have a lambo as their goal, but this just feels kinda wasteful. Oh well, not my problem. Soyboy gonna soy






>has no friends to tell so makes a post on leddit


So what? Would buy one myself if I was younger.

better than putting it back in btc desu

Well no user, cashing out is okay as long as you put the money in another investment like bonds / PM / Stocks ... Buying stuff is a waste of money. Especially shit like this which you do not need. The problem is he made profits and immediately gave in to short them gratification. Aim for long term gratification. Like 5 - 10, everybody likes to buy nice shit but unless its a small % of your net worth you are throwing money away. That's how poor people stay poor.

this board is full of children, what do you expect

faggot bugman

>cashing out in the year of crypto

seriously dont do this

>but unless its a small % of your net worth you are throwing money away
do you think 300$ is a big part of his net worth?
might as well cut on food and toilet paper and put everything into magic internet money/stocks/bonds.

The absolute state of white soyboy men

He bought a toy. Kys

This shit is unironically triggering me

> not cashing out taxes
> not cashing out small goodies before the big crash

you will end up with literally negative balance

>using the single most appreciating type of asset in the world right now to buy the single most depeciating type of asset in the world right now

>paying people to get you hooked on mindless entertainment when you haven't even made yourself rich enough to be free yet

Can you not see the incredible stupidity? I know it's only $300 or so but that $300 could be worth an extra $10,000 minimum by the end of the year if he invests it correctly. Where will that fucking games console be? Outdated or broken probably.

This is the problems with Gen Y. They will never be boomers or better until they understand what the fuck wealth is and how to keep it. Hint, it's not this.

Then they have the nerve to turn around and whinge that they can't afford houses, mortgages or rent.

Nice. I might take some profits to get a new computer.


300$ is quite a bit. Its prob 10% of his monthly wage. That's substantial, again a lot of people can not stand the idea of long term gratification. They want something and they want it now. That's how you stay poor dumb dumb. Toilet paper is okay that's like 2$ or 0.02% of your wage. Food should be 5 - 10% since its hard to avoid. Still a lot of money that would have been way better invested desu. Food is truly a giant fucking money sink. Too bad people have to eat.

He's most likely living with parents and doesn't have an actual job. All his posts on reddit are about games or noob crypto questions.

He should have bought 10 SNES classics, he could sell them on ebay and make 2x profit easily. Literally doing it wrong.

If he has to be a manchild, he should at least do it with a PS4 and not some Nintendo kiddie game console. I bet he plays some wahoo bing bong super mario on it.

redditors should all kill themselves



Right? I've subsisted only on water and crumbs in my computer chair for weeks now. I've shut off all my utilities and am just barely surviving in this -20 C weather. But at least I'm making gains.

You're a retard, why do anything remotely fun for the rest of your life if you can just invest it.



>Tfw I've been unironically thinking of doing this the whole week

I just really wanna play Mario Odyssey desu ;_;

>depreciating asset

Actually if he bought one during launch in March he could have sold it for 1.5x profit because nobody could find switches for months. So it's not that bad, but now there are enough switches in the wild and it will depreciate as a result. Which is why I said he should buy a ton of SNES classics and sell them on ebay if he wants to be a manchild. At least he can play it then sell it for massive profits.

Like I said, do fun things when you've got enough that you don't have to work anymore and your wealth will basically grow on its own.

Or else don't whine about having to wageslave so much when you keep siphoning off your economic power to put into pleasures that'll get you nowhere.

Pointless console with 1 game on it. The GPD win 2 is on the way and will blow this thing out of the fucking water. It already runs doom at a higher fps than the switch. Of course it comes at double the price but it will be well worth it to play more recent steam titles and ps2 games on the go. Oh well, guess whatever floats your boat. I would personally keep my money in the coins though.

wtf are you want? wahoo bing bong super mario is best game

Swirtch is 300$
Its cheap if he made a 5,000 profit.

Anything less is splurging.

If you ask me one night with an escort is just as good

>paying some cum dumpster to have sex with you


This. I understood why my parents are elitist after coming to terms with this. Poor people deserve poverty for the choices they make.

I intend on cashing out only once and that’s to get back the money I started with to break even. Beyond that it’s staying where it’s at until I either reach a million-ish, or the market indicates i should get out while I still can. This money isn’t sleeping and I’ve hardly been either.

What coin is this?

>Paying for sex

And inb4 'you always pay for it somehow', paying for sex by talking to some qt at a party is a lot cheaper than paying for it with real monies.

You have to reward yourself every once in a while, or you forget why you're doing what you're doing. Making money is no different. I, myself, cashed out some BTC for Amazon gift cards and got a new DSLR. It was a very small percentage of my crypto holdings, but it will give me reference of what things can be if I keep going.

>food is a giant money sink
Where the hell do you live where food is that expensive? Here in the first world I can easily live off of 100€ for food per month. Thats less than one fifth of my monthly rent alone and easily below 10% of my monthly income.

I'm going to sell my RPX for a brand new iMac pro, stop me

you dont pay a thot for sex
you pay them to fuck off in the morning

you guys are fucking stupid if you think buying things that provide non-monetary value such as fun or happiness are worthless and meaningless. Learn to live. You guys will lose all of your money and never enjoy life if you put it all into a single thing and expect insane returns. There is such thing as limiting exposure and profit taking. Without it, you are bound to get burned eventually.

you have to go back

Why do fully grown bugmen still love toys?

Not everybody is as poor as you. I pay for good service without any drama or emotions.

I can't agree with this, time should be the most valuable thing to anyone, it is the only thing you cannot get more of. If you make a little less so be it, life should be spent living.

>limited exposure and profit taking

I’ll take asset and risk diversification for 500 Alex

I guarantee you I've been on Veeky Forums longer than you. You probably spawned from /pol/ or some other shithole in a gross part of the US with little to no income if you think I'm wrong.

How do you get time?

why are they fucking married to their dinosaur coin i dont get it, are they just completely ignoring all the altcoins that are fucking mooning left and right?


I wish I knew :(

You unlock it wealth my friend




>Spending all your time in order to free up time in your 40s

Sounds legit.

The rich are working on it, they are trying to get immortality research going. I would suggest getting as much money as you can because I'm pretty sure we will see something that will extend our lifespans within our lifetime, but nobody but the rich will be able to afford it. Not full blown immortality but research with renewing cells that will have us look 20-30 years younger is possible. So you can earn back some decades.

Disgusting i lmao @him next year when my 300 i didnt take out is now 3000


> bUUa

> am i kawaii? Zgu

> red ID

your really a cunt aye

Just cashed in another 3k dollars for my alt hodl.

I want to hit your fucking face. Fucking whiny normies

This place is the epicenter of the crypto shitstorm. Nobody in Veeky Forums gives a fuck about anime you retard.

>shilling meme coins on weaboo image board
>I'm not playing on the computer mom I'm an investor



This is actually pretty triggering tbqh


Who said spending all my time? You are not getting my point. How to handle money was always integrated into my raising. Instead of instant gratifications I focused on building my wealth, lived below my means, reinvesting, and in the long run I don't have to jack shit. My money makes more money for me, I don't buy useless shit with it. This was going to happen in my early 40s or late 30s as you put it. But crypto currencies accelerated this I'm even shocked. Now I'm free as a bird, travelling the world and lurking Veeky Forums when bored. Your lambos and depreciating assets will keep you company as you waste most of your life employed.

This. If my parents had invested all the money they spent on the lottery and scratch cards they'd never have to work again now. Instead they wagecuck for a pittance.

By buying manhours to do the work for you.

Peter Thiel comes to mind

>mfw i actually do that

Well shit...

>Monthly wage
This fucking board


At least it's better than wasting $400 on virtual cats.

Bugman confirmed


No I get your point, but unless you think you're gonna make at LEAST 5 mil you're delusional to think that you're gonna make enough to be financially independant til your death. So while you refuse to spend money on yourself at all while chasing that dream, I will have cashed out a bit of that money and spent my prime years enjoying life.