Please give advice on how I can reach 10k by end of January with 3k

Please give advice on how I can reach 10k by end of January with 3k

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No joke, buy BitBoost


Good coins man!

if you want to make 7k so much why didn't you put in work?

Privacy and security focused e-commerce solution with market cap of 1.5 million. The team has no pajeets and with this low price it's the only possibility to go up

Fell for the DBC meme, unlucky.

I'm banking on bitcoin cash



Nice, will take the time to read the whitepaper. Market cap seems good, and I guess the dev team is fine too. Only problem I see is that it's only on one exchange which makes it easy for whales to keep the price down.
Another problem is that I am not a tech wiz so I always fall for whatever a whitepaper says and can't see any downsides

Yep, Bitboost. Still 1M cap, but not for long.

I wonder why no one is shilling this here

>has XLM and REQ on the tracker
>doesn't own any
no 10k for you

ditch the fuckin vaporware Raiblocks and buy LINK

because I plan to buy them ONCE I reach 10k

Join pump and dump group. Follow instruction carefully and be sensible. 70K members now means big pumps.

Next pump coming at 6PM GMT on January 3rd

Good look bros.

buy BAT right now, it is starting to moon

Slow and steady wins the race. I'd ignore the "GO ALL IN ON X" advises. You're literally just gambling, and trying to beat the market.

I'd say just spread your 3k around on like 10 coins that seem ok, so around 300 each. Then you only need one or two to 10x and you have and you have your 10k

This is more in style of index investing
, and is pretty reliable

You fell for every single meme here
All that shit mooned already
Buy fun cnd tnb

buy DENT, it's low af atm

>advice on how I can reach 10k by end of jan

all in DBC. I'm going to be a millionaire by the end of Jane, you can be a 10k-ionaire. Fuck jewblocks and your 1 ether means nothing.

diversification at his level is instant failure. you are terrible at math therefore you think it's a good idea.

His best chance right now is all in on DBC. Get 30k by the end of Jan, split that into 2 15k bags, etc etc.

OP don't listen to this peasant.

is that all on kucoin? or is this possible to store in wallet? i admire your balls of steel
t. possible dbc buyer

biggest shit ive ever heard!!! dont listen to this autistic nigger. just put youre money into BIG NEWS that will come. go in for DBC, ICX, ENG, ... SUB is also good this month!! dont join this stupid discord groups. they get in early and playin with bots - you dont have any chance to make money with this scam

kek, stay poor

>I'd say just spread your 3k around on like 10 coins
You don't know what the fuck you're talking about

hell no, I would never keep 400k on one exchange.

Sign up for Ku, bittrex, polo, coinbase (obviously),binance, use MEW and you'll be good

Stay right away from PnD’s. Don’t diversify, your portfolio is way too small for diversification for now. Find a low market cap coin and roll the dice.

If you want a definite 2-3x, ZCL. You’ll hit 10k by end of month. If you want high risk high reward, go for the third page of CMC.

I’d definitely keep my portfolio the way you have it now, maybe just all in on DBC if you’re ballsy

> lol use mew

It’s a NEO , NEP5 token. It will be getting neon wallet support this week or two upcoming

i just meant the DBC
thats what i was asking thx

Volume is dead

fuckin idiot

Yeah no problem, I didn’t know it was a question lol

Unfortunately I’ve got 40k stored on Kucoin , I’m really waiting for the neon wallet update to 0.0.8 as well

Start by moving out of DBC and XRB.

DBC has been shilled on biz by bagholders who got dumped on after kucoin listing.

XRB is inflated by virtue of being listed on 2 shit exchanges. This will dump after it hits a major exchange.

I'm trying to accumulate more DBC by joining some minor pumps on Binance. Would be awesome if I could get 20k. You think it will reach $1 by February?

Diversification with this limited funds is a recipe for shit gains
dude I am not that new to fall for discord groups. Why don't mods permaban them all?

Wealthiest investor of Eastern Europe, pls no bully.

why is XRB going to dump when it hits a major exchange instead of pump? Just curious

You chose the shittiest coins possible

Was following biz advices.

Where is zcl available

Link is a meme don't buy that

The Binance bug. I still think it’ll pump unless the flippening happens before then

You’re never gonna make it

Bittrex, Cryptopia

A quick google search man, really not hard

This will change with upcoming announcements (new exchanges). Volume is shit because it's on etherdelta and we know what happened

go 50% ICX and 50% XRB. x3 easy

OP, its definitely possible.

Join here for big pumps man, it'll help greatly
discord gg / TvGeb23

Diversification is good even at his level. 10 coins is overkill and definitely a recipe for failure though. I would pick 3 coins and put 1k into each.
Easy for a single one to go 10x and make more than his goal.
Hard for all 3 to fall too much

Drop a chunk in to Dent, its being listed on qryptos. It has the potential to 2x or even more

spend 16 hours a day swing trading XRB

you'll have 10k in 2 days

This, Also ICX might be a good pick.