Lamden ICO general

Who is feeling comfy

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6.5 ETH reporting in

Shill me user.

0.1 in cus iam a pussy

This guy right here. 1.6 eth. Hoping for a 10x

This is a fucking scam. Please convince me to buy in. What is this project

What exchanges is this bad boy going to list on?

felt like going all in 100eth but couldn't do it
got a good chunk though.
this is just such a shillable coin there's no way it wont moon
also chance of exit scam is low because they're American, they'd literally get life in prison

Bad goy*

You should read the white paper, but shortly developer tools for blockchain devs and a private chain for enterprises. It goes deeper than that, but my intelligence isn't superior enough to understand.


holy shit this coin is a joke. I watched a guy absolutely wreck this fucking coin in their telegram.

This dude was arguing with "Stu" who kept saying, "HURRR DURR DO U KNOW HOW MANY MARIJUANA COMPANIES HAVE JOINED? ALL OF THEM"

And the guy kept grilling him on how that was bullshit. Even their Spanish coder Mario began to agree with the guy, so Stu must have sent a private message to the spanish coder to tell him to shut up because he all of the sudden in the middle of talking goes "ACTUALLY GTG BYE"

Lamden's entire plan is to convert marijuana company's cash into crypto, when asked why they couldn't do this with local bitcoins the developers were stumped. When the guy asked Stu why he thought banking regulation wouldn't change for marijuana NOW THAT IT'S LEGAL RECREATIONALLY Stu banned the guy

It was honestly hilarious, this guy was making the developers look like the three stooges.

The developers are giant fags who can't handle their shit under the slightest pressure.

One guy said he didn't like the name, and that it sounded like "lamdas bread" in Lord of the rings. He goes, "one small bite is all it takes to fill the belly of a grown man - legolas" and gets banned

Another guy said that Lamden sounds like the name two gay days would give their transgender son. instant ban

lmao. this coin is retarded, they won't even have a product for 2 years. DO NOT BUY.

wtf this sounds too good to be true

what type of scam do you mean?

exit scam? unlikely, considering they put their faces on youtube and exit scammers work with stolen identities

vaporware type no product scam? sure, but it's still gonna pump x10 because that's what crypto does

top kek

but worse shit has been shilled here

Yeah that didn't happen. I've been in their Telegram since the start. Check their Github, they pretty much have a product ready for launch. Keep fudding, people will buy regardless.

Who cares what it really is, easy 10x.

>Lamden sounds like the name two gay devs would give their transgender son
very nice keks

0.2 reporting in, literally all I can spare. Don't disappoint me anons do we really put our trust in these guys

I might just put in 1eth cuz this has been shilled on biz and you guys are master shillers. get this to reddit and normies

Thanks sold 10k

Do you trust a man with the body of an alien?

is there anyone with programming experience who can vouch for their coding?

nigger, who the fuck cares how retarded they look or how much BS they talk

$10mil hardcap is the absolute bottom for a coin with that much of a shillable layout and marketing that shilling sure helped yesterday

LOL, yeah, this all definitely happened faggot. literally like 2 days ago. Stu is an atrocious embarrassment, Mario is his spanish fleshlight

Comfy as fuck in my Lamdo. You faggots want a ride?