Ripple silently moons. The jews and I will be rich together and there is NOTHING you can do about it

Ripple silently moons. The jews and I will be rich together and there is NOTHING you can do about it.

Just bought 20k BZC, who cares, maybe it'll get to the normies.

The jews dont get rich by holding xrp,lmao.

They get rich by trading it,for your eth/btc.

The jews,control ripple labs. At any moment they could just print 2 bln more xrp if they wanted it. (Which they dont).

Why else do you think they are selling it for your eth and btc?

Ask yourself what the jews can do to print btc and eth?.

Nothing. No matter who they bribe, no matter how many seth riches they kill, no,matter how many kids they disembowl and eat, no matter how long soros actually ends up living... They cannot print eth and btc.

>bbbut bbbbut this isn’t how crypto was supposed to work ablooppbloooobloooo

>Unironically believing this meme

Fact of the matter is ripple labs is centralized and controlled by the banks.

This means the currency will be treated just like the dollar.

holy fuck user my sides

He's not baiting. He genuinely believes this

Its almost like you want to,be a poor wagecuck.

This ripple thing isnt goint to go the way you think.

I don't think you understand user, we're not poor wagecucks

we're rabbis


enjoy your bags


Baseless FUD. You think normies give 2 shits about your conspiracies? They only think XRP will be 100 dollars soon and, while your picture might hold certain truths, my gains won't care much about your anti-semitism


I have to admit, I did not see this coming. But it makes kind of sense, splinter the Bitcoin community into BTC vs. BCH while you work on your banker coin and in the most opportune moment when the winner is not clear and both are weakened, swoosh into first place and declare yourself the best "cryptocurrency".
We seriously need to educate people of what this "coin" is as I notice even people in here (myself included) do not have the complete picture, let alone an average Joe and Jane looking at CMC.
So from what I can gather, these are the problems with Ripple:
no blockchain, therefore it's not even a cryptocurrency. It's a network of trusted nodes exchanging IOU notes.
It has a huge premine of 70% of XRP tokens which are slowly unlocked.
The actual Ripple product not using XRP tokens, it's
centralized (Ripple can confiscate/print tokens, revoke your "account", censor transactions).

It's time to realise user that Jesus saves , but Jews reinvest wisely.

Bought ripple at 3 pennies a piece. I connected the dots and so Jews involved and decided I'll ride the wave if them, instead of fighting wars I can't win


Jews are the best. If you can't beat them join them

>trying that hard to blend in

Yeah, I too want to trade an asset that will be used by loads of banks against a dying useless piece of shit coin.

(((They))) are already rich. They want your BTC and ETH to get richer by selling you a shitcoin.

You should get a trip man. You are cool

I even forgot about this thread. Whose trying? Are we measuring our e penises now? You're such a massive fagot. I bet you've tasted cock IRL

Cool it with the anti semitism namefag

>Cool it with the anti semitism
Get the fuck out faggot.

Bought 600 XRP today. What is the EOY prediction for ripperino? 3-4$ I would say?

(((they))) doesnt mean jews dumbass. That's a /pol/ misconception. It's been in use on forums for years to describe either an institutionalized corporate entity or government, it might even have been used on /x/ long before /pol/ twisted it's meaning.

Go back to /Pol/ and discuss your conspiracies with your fellow manlets. We are here to make money fagot leave your ideologies outside the door
>Unironically browsing /x/
>Attention whoring namefag
Opinion discarded

>>Unironically browsing /x/
Hell yeah, one of my original boards
>>Attention whoring namefag
Makes my posts and replies to my posts easier to search so I can find dumbass replies and wreck soibois more easily. You should try it some time.

We're doing alot about it actually

Is it too late to join the train?

They already own majority of XRP. Look at the total supply.. They don't have to print anything.

Not yet. THe creation of new XRP could work like built in inflation control to regulate price spikes later down the track when adoption starts taking off.

I bet this will actually be marketed as a feature.
>Muh most stable crypto bcuz bank make more when it moon mission too hard
>not like they control dollar creation or the interest rate now at all

You arent going to make shit with that amount, put it in something else.
For ripple to go to 4 dollars it needs an additional 90 billion dollars going in to its market and considering the entire crypto market is 650 billion, you are wasting your time and might as well be in the stock market.
You could make far more with coins like omg or eng.