Exit alts

>exit alts

Is XLM considered an alt?

Everything is alt except BTC and ETH

>belay that order

crab-16 is a go

Yes but I'm too scared to sell it, I'll take the JUSTing on XLM.

ltc will get a boost from big daddy too

Do not exit XLM no matter what any faggot here tells you to do or you will be kicking yourself by EOY, possibly even EOM. Do not think you're going to buy back in at a dip, that chance often slips by. Hold or hate yourself.

Skyking Skyking. Do not respond.
Charlie. Romeo. Alpha. Beta. One. Six.

Quick rundown on alts please

Yes, buy AOL Shares, they are so cheap right now!

Fuckin' kek

Unless it's ETH/XLM/maybe LTC, sell if you think BTC is about to go on a week long bull run. Particularly if you're in profit.

All in on BTC atm so yes please give us a run up and let s buy cheap alts again :)

But my shit coin still needs to Moon.

This. Actual good advice.

I feel it, BTC is about to go on a crazy bull run leaving alts behind. Better take some alt profit now!


initiate dog-16

optimize january effect

no u

>pull on my pigtails and call me fatty


>crab-16 is a go
Left leg complete. Begin the crab's 2nd leg.