Shill me something to put $500 on rn

Shill me something to put $500 on rn

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my cock



Is it actually going to moon, looks like shite to me

iexec (rlc) is very undervalued. buy now and don't be one of the cucks who complained about missing the xrb mooning

RLC is the smart money but whose that guy in the pic?

REQ is dipping. RLC too. Either one of those.

Brainlets gonna brainlet

>RLC is the smart money

Precisely why the bizautists ignore it. Looking forward to them crying about it later the same way they do about not buying xrb


Why is RLC the smart money?

>invest for me because I'm a faggot

Go all in on Safex!

Bnty saw bottom, currrntly gaining volume and going slightly up. I'm 60% in.

no one is shilling icon. i guess your discord groups didnt force feed you yet.

>Why is RLC the smart money?

1. dyor you lazy fker
2. loljk here's the answer:


how much is expected?



or ShipChain ICO mid Jan



POE, about to moon

What the fuck is on her face?

SONM is better


UFR, news this week for quick gains

10$ by end of week
been stagnating for more than half a year now
gonna break out any day now

and the team is legit