We are getting rich for browsing Veeky Forums

>we are getting rich for browsing Veeky Forums
what a timeline to be in

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>literally making millions off who can meme a coin the hardest

Imagine if we all shilled our one coin. We will all make it!!

I fucking refuse that sinky linkiers will be millionaires.


tick tock nolinker

tick tock

>missed the ANTshares hypermoon

Same, and when it switched to NEO I thought it was even more of a meme

if you anons never shilled bitflur to me, idk what I’d be doing right now

>accidentally click on Veeky Forums
>on path to being a millionaire
thanks lads

>Tfw ANS moon and then NEO moon got me the capital to take it all seriously and the chance to become a millionaire

>Tfw balls deep in LINK and will retire early off of Passive payments from my node

I know right its nuts

I dont even give a shit about the white race or the feminists anymore

fuck yall lel im gonna be rich get muslim'd I dont care


Cool, my NEO is hovering around 100. Yours as well anons?
I considered buying more. To bad I was too lazy. Now I only have 15 NEO

You fucking scamming niggers. Get fucked

This pajeet again
Go to school

Except when Veeky Forums lures us to trade ETH and BTC for alts in July.

Alas still here, still got love, almost worth what just holding wouldve yielded

Who else /allin/ NEO here?

>1501 NEO tokens and feel so comfy

I have a little bit of TRX that just spiked. Should I put it into LINK? probably should

>mfw finally hit $400k NW

Crypto gogo

Ahh nice job user!
I was there the other day when LTC was mooning but decided against selling as I didnt want to incur any additional taxable income for 2017. Now I'm back around $350k today as ETH is swinging back.. hopefully we make it!

We will man - just keep getting good gains. Crypto is still in the early stages.

>tfw confido got my pathetic starting stack in august through the roof

The mix of excitement, nerves, and wondering how they're going to come for all of our money in the end is making me feel more alive than I have in months. Best timeline.

yeah until the bubble explodes in our faces and we go back to plain old shit posting like it was before

/pol/ cost me a few million in gains. Thankfully I caught up with Veeky Forums before the big eth runup mid year. Politics is gossip for men.

unironically this

>hmm I wonder if biz is still active
>proceed to buy shitcoins (mainly xrp) and eth
>gain like 5000 euros in matter of two weeks
>my stock gains with 15k investment have net me like 1.5k in 4 years time

LeL I'm still keeping stocks but man they are fucking shit for profit ATM. I will go back to ETF after I cash out good amounts of crypto cash some day this year to stabilize my cash.


i feel you if a single funfag becomes a millionaire im going to kill myself

I'm going to have so much fucking FUN this year

Unironically this
Will get a Veeky Forums tattoo if I make it

Exactly. In this shit hole society, where everyone is a slave drone pretending otherwise with carefully crafted social media personas, this actually makes me feel ALIVE

NEO is going to kill it this month, we're just getting started breaking 3 digits.

No Fun coiners are gonna seriously depressed this year

All the shilling and memes abnd you still didint buy it and suddendly its 2,5$

> I had my money in stocks.
> Shit gains.
> 300 €in 3 months.

> Put that shit in crypto 3 months ago.
> Started with 14k.
> Now have a 223k portfolio and already cashed out my original 14k.

Put all that shit in crypto man. You'll be rich in 3 months. It's almost impossible to lose money if you're not retarted.


Irony, but true my brother.

Unironically this, I wonder what I’d be doing right now if that one day I decided not to indulge in the curiosity of what goes on Veeky Forums, thank you bros

Don't count your millions before they're cash.

Life is full of irony.

I love Veeky Forums for how ugly this is. People are throwing billions into media to have people attention, yet some people just use this ugly board to communicate. I find it fascinating.

All I'm seeing is people shilling. No one's actually telling me what I do after investing $500 into three big coins.

cucks, the lot of you

first time poster here
is this entire board jost RPGing and meming, pretending to get hundreds of thousands of $s from sitting on their asses and trading cryptocoins? I mean it just can't be, I refuse to beleive

>We are getting rich for browsing Veeky Forums
>We are electing presidents from Veeky Forums

Did fag00t ever imagine his copypasted 2chan website would elect presidents, make their users a new financial elite and amass so much power that even the jews would fear them?

>I'm still keeping stocks but man they are fucking shit for profit ATM
idiot, the stock market is in a bull market, this is as good as it's gonna get

I cant believe i wasted so much time on /pol/

I dont give a fuck about jews and roasties ruining the world, they can all burn in hell, atleast i am filty rich


You're cash will be almost worthless in a decade. You better not cash out

Don't know about you, but I'm getting boor thanks to your advices.

Join discord.gg/M2zvFvt when autism strikes and get free money

What way do you recommend to buy eth without a crazy overhead with euros ?
I want to trade on binance but they don't have usd or eur listings

where should we get them?

ass cheek

also went from ANS/NEO to LINK
we gon make it, bro

i just need people to throw out random coin names for me to research, so biz serves its purpose. sometimes we get news before reddit too.Just stick to your rules and never FOMO yourself cuz of biz

yeah occasionally i go back to pol and im like, wtf is the point.


You make SEPA tranfer in euros (0 fees) to bitstamp (takes 1-3 business days) and buy eth.

Then transfer the eth to binance with 0.25% fee.

How do you make a SEPA transfer?


you're finally growi


That much? You can't be serious, proofs?

How do you know which coins to invest in and which are shit?

i was thinking about my inner lip but ass cheek sounds good too

/pol/ is for faggots who have no purpose in life and are salty at what is going on.
Or for people who like politics (faggots)

We have evolved and the purpose is the get rich have fun and make it

I legitimately think we should do this.

Veeky Forums memed Trump into the whitehouse. The Trump general threads were relentless.

Imagine if we all picked a coin to do this for. Not a pump and dump but a true mission to make the coin of our choosing take the number one spot.

We could actually meme ourselves into lamboland in less than six months

What do you look for specifically when you research a coin?

I can relate to this post

He said he began with 14.3k
I started with 1k and now have 20k
So yeah it's perfectly possible

Greed is a wonderful thing to capitalize on in the hands of inexperienced people.

Wow I made 40% on XRP, what's this -insert mid/small cap coin- wow that could boom!! This continues until the apex investors have had their fill and decide to cash out or want more and downturn the market. In come the panic sells as everything bleeds and out come the patient bears.

Market stablizes after a period of blood and media negativity, higher risk people buy back in inversely as it stabilises. Cycle spreads, as a super noob here's off the rookie how he turned 5 grand into 7 grand by clicking a few buttons. He understands he wont become a millionaire this way, just some handy pocket money. Spreads and spreads and new wave get greedy and disregard the advice of the experienced. CYclical dips and rises until growth becomes unsustainable then a huge crash.

Ez money if you know what you're doing. Made over 90K the past 2 weeks. Straight to ETH and some LINK which I DCA into as its lack of liquidity isnt worth the stress of waiting for 40K sell orders to appear on a 20% dip.

Its greatalright.


I have none , think i buy some

this so much

This can be done with an ERC-20 ICO. Everyone sends their ETH address to the smart contract, and after 1 week it dispenses an equal amount of tokens to everyone. The code already exists, so it can basically be implemented right now.

Get the pink wojaks and suicide mask ready bro

What the coin market is searching for is a single coin to rule them all. One coin that will dominate the online transaction market (one that's actually useable in online transactions).

We thought we had it in Bitcoin, but that's becoming a clusterfuck. Once something dominates the top dog and is practical to use, we're going to have something that will ruin us all: stability.

>accidently go on Veeky Forums
>someone chills a coin two years ago
>put all my money in said coin
>it blows up
>become millionaire
It's great

Time to take the financial redpill son

sounds like a very true story

Probably not, faggot

Welcome, fellow ex-pollacks. Now you realize that politics is the opium of the masses. Only poorfags care about it. When you have money, you have freedom, and all the political shit makes not difference whatsoever.

only brainlets get worked up about politics

Yeah, only a brainlet would care about all the taxation to pay for muh keedz n programz. Either abolish niggers or the welfare state

Go involve yourself in politics. Spend your money campaigning for a race war while I consolidate my gains and move away so I don't get taxed.

>is this entire board jost RPGing and meming, pretending to get hundreds of thousands of $s from sitting on their asses and trading cryptocoins? I mean it just can't be, I refuse to beleive

Yes. Believe it. I am a millionaire.

The Veeky Forums coin is link.

Check it out my man.

Several moonshots:

First VTC, then IOTA, then REQ, then PRL.

With a couple of smaller gains on smaller coins in between. Now betting 26k on bounty cause fuck it.

Good luck w/ that. Needy low IQ sub-humans tend to follow successful people around everywhere they go. Can't have gibs without crackers around to pay for them

Yeah let them follow me. I'm not spending anything on anyone.
Puerto Rico has nice cheap property after this hurricane and very low taxes

discord DOT gg/M2zvFvt FOR FREE PUMPS (we did this coin today :O)

> How do you know which coins to invest in and which are shit?

I just follow hype. First Data Dash, now Veeky Forums.
When i have a good profit i take out 60% and put it in a new coin with more potential gains in the short term.

Let's hope it stays that way then...

Because PR does have an awful lot of needy and socialist minded plebs...

> makes a million
> still degenerate
Please don't do this to yourself, if you actually want one then put it under your foot.

>Facial tattoos

everyone will just assume you made it either drug trafficking or rapping.

Don't be autistic kid, on this board you are either marketing to someone or being marketed to, NEVER forget that kid, you are one or the other.


real af

so many millionaires, so little proof. tits or GTFO gents