meanwhile TRON mooning

fucking digital doggo are better than stinkie linkie

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Chink scam vs autistic mastermind

i hold both...
i am immune.

LINK was supposed to pump today... instead its dying.

Just sell now. Its going to be months before it pumps again since nobody gives a shit about this coin. Look at that baby volume.

it was a pump, get out

i bought almost ath, fuck me

Same. 5100 or something.
Holding 0 trx fuck

still a millionaire by 2020, dont worry friend

It is disappointing. What happened. The volume died, the MACD uncrossed. Fuck it's not looking good. It's headed straight back down to 30c. I just sold 30k gonna buy back in at 3400 sats. We recommend you do the same.

Meanwhile we're cashing in on the real moon

if you guys hold you will be laughing in a few weeks time. don't be weak handed pussies

buy high sell low

please panic sell, ready to go balls deep.

It's dipping? Perfect timing just got my fiat approved on coinbase, gonna get some

this is dropping like a rock m8. if you weren't a dumb reddit "hodler" you'd have sold at 5100 too.

already recovering - and the dump is happening across the board. not sure where the money is flowing to tho

nice fud mate - i want to buy low too but let's be fair to newcomers

>this is dropping like a rock
m8 i've seen some big fucking drops in my time on great coins

calm down

What you think TRX will hit?

>tfw all you have to do is chill and wait a few months and you will be rich

Why is LINK so derisive? People either praise it or hate it with a passion

i'm buying back in at 3k sats but you would have to be a brainlet of the highest caliber to not see it just broke major support and is headed down to levels we didn't think were possible.

It's the Trump of coins...make of that what u will senpai

fuck off

Tron about to test the 490 walls and then the big 500 sats one, fugg

Nolinkers mad they didn't buy low

>It's headed straight back down to 30c

not gonna happen, the time of cheap LINK is over...fuck, i should've bought when this was still 20 cents, but i got too greedy.

We will never drop under .60 again. Don't be a pussy.

whats the floor now ? thinking of buying but im sure it will dip

walls down, it got to 518 and then back to 493 damn this is a proper moon now

Down she goes boyos
Strap in

the problem is that everyone is waiting for a dip...and with the release of the mainnet getting closer and closer i'm not sure if it's gonna happen.

I set my buy order at 3250, logged out of binance and am not checking it for a week that's how confident I am.

i'll set my buy order at 3251, checkm8.

i set mine at 3300

At best you'll see a candle to 3800. If it goes that low I'll picking up another 50k.

BTC run could rape everyone though

Exactly, look at the volume. Now imagine a day where it has 60x the volume (and it will). It's going to $20-$50 with ease. As soon as that mainnet comes online, it's over.


>praise it
A person who bought link and is now on their way to being a millionaire.

>hate it
A person who didn't buy link / sold their link and are now too salty to buy back in.

one day soon eth runs will destroy alts. Link needs to prepare for that day and needs to start shilling itself as essential for eth to be useful.

lmao terrible FUD, pls remove yourself out of the gene pool.

Just bought 7000 LINKS

I got interested in this coin as soon as I understood it, because as a software developer I couldn't understand how the fuck external data could reach the blockchain. With CL it makes sense and I got interested in Ethereum and blockchain in general.

I first got some REQ and now it's time for LINK. Godspeed

"They did some kind of presentation on the bitswift conference. It was hyped really bad until someone posted a video of Sergey just going to the conference and eating bigmacs on their restroom for an hour. Afterwards he flushed the trosh down the toilet.
Unfortunately you can't find the video anymore on youtube because rory took it down."

Is that true? Also, is Sergey retired in SE Asia?

holy shit the cringe of your fud