Seems like bitgrail have conceded to the fact that Binance will crash the hyper inflated value of Raiblocks

Seems like bitgrail have conceded to the fact that Binance will crash the hyper inflated value of Raiblocks

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>hyper inflated
it's organic growth, whether you like it or not

Literally everyone is talking about BZC right now faggot.

>crashed from 34$ to 25$ in seconds
>already recovering

you wish but nope but keep the FUD going the less normie cunts we got in the boat the better

Come on. You know you're lying to yourself


Literally monopolized and propped up by the shittiest exchanges, trapping money with outrageous fees for a coin that's supposed to be free.

whatever nigga

>organic growth

You're either delusional, or just trying to avoid a sell-off for your own benefit.

It's impossible to hide behind the fact that Raiblocks primarily growing in what can best be described as a lobster trap, where it's easy to get in but hard to get out, has caused an INSANE price increase.

The tech is good, and that is why it has increased. But because it grew in an isolated bubble it grew too quickly. And when it's released into the wild, by being listed on Binance, we're going to see one gigantic fucking crash.

Will it recover? Yeah, probably, because it's a legit project. But a bunch of people are going to lose a fuckton of money by selling on the way down.

I need to pay 3 raiblocks to withdraw my raiblocks. Goddamn.


Wow, you posted the exact same thing in the other thread, you fucking queer.

Literally the exact thing.

LARP away faggot, hope you bought the dip. Sorry you missed out! :^)

>he didn't buy XRB under 10 $

Anyone mercatox boys here?
How do we withdraw our raiblocks.

I still have the thread open. Why would I spend 3 minutes typing out the same thing again when I'm trying to make the exact same point?

It'll be $5 at best soon

Bought at $14 and sold at $34.

I hope you keep holding onto yours until the listing.

keep dreaming lol, there is no way whales will sell for under 20 dollars once it hits binance or kucoin

>it's easy to get in but hard to get out

So... Price going up. Easy to buy, but hard to sell, and growth inorganic?

Stupid fuck.

I don't know if you're just pretending to be retarded.

The fees are not so high
No one wants to sell xrb now and withdrawing xrb is totally free so I'll be holding my bags, sorry

Seriously? Zoom out please and you will see..

>Implying the whales aren't the ones who will initiate the great dump
They didn't become whales by being retards user. They dump their bags on you folks. It will be a bloodbath

>send selfie
>send a bill with adress

wait 2 days boom 5btc limit
shitgrail is faster than bittrex lmao

On what exchange?

>Zoom out
>Chart is on all
These are the people holding xrb

Explain to me how it can be easy to buy Rai on shit exchanges, but hard to sell Rai on shit exchanges. I've flipped my position in Rai 3 times on bitgrail, have booked profit, and still hold 140.

>organic growth
>100x in a month

pick one

i bought at 7$ and i'm already keeping it in my wallet. You're just salty you didn't get in this gem early. this is not your daily PnD shitcoin and even if i know it will correct it won't dump like the shitcoins you're holding

Hmm, I guess I've been wrong about ventures evolving over time.

Apparently they're born completely built and ready for full market rollout, with completely smooth, incremental market cap growth.

I have withdrawn xrb, ltc and eth

RaiBlocks is a company run by a mixed race highschool drop-out and a shady Jewish lawyer. They don't have a working blockchain product. They don't even have a dev team. I bought in at $0.75, and then a LOT more at $1.15. I just sold everything. It has nowhere to go but down once people realize the concept not only doesn't work but has no backing to it. I suggest you do the same.
You might get another little pump, but don't wait too long on this, don't get too greedy.

Rai block is already old news to us

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>the chad fad

added you to the screencap

Drink bleach dumb faggot

"i just sold everything"
>i can feel you trying to cover the regret with this low quality fud

Did I strike a nerve railies?

YES you did. I took your bait. Hook, sinker, line too. Fuck, the whole fishing rod.
FUCK. 5/5

back to 600 sats

what nerve lol? you're a pajeet trying to feel better because you sold your XRB stack and now you're trying to feel better telling yourself it will dump






Protip: Dont marry this shitcoins. Invest safely. Going back IRL now

Did you guys buy the dip?
Xrb dip are quite rare.

Good pasta fag.

Are you implying that there is something wrong with mixed race people?

Has anyone been able to withdraw anything from Bitgrail? I'v got 0.05 BTC that has been waiting to come out of there for an hour. It's not much but it is to me.

I wanted to buy this shit at 4$ but behaved like a pussy and didn't buy
pls crash pajeet coin

Oh it's crashing.

did so today without problems. Sold rai for btc and withdrew btc

Hmm ok thanks. I see the withdrawal went through on Bitgrail but the BTC hasn't shown up on KuCoin yet. It's been 45 minutes. Should I just wait?

dont panic you downy

I'll see how it plays out, its on 1 exchange and with so many people who made a fortune of this I can't see it do anything but crash severly on a new exchange.

yeah I don't get this. what makes it "hard to sell" besides a slow moving and relatively thin order book. that makes it hard to buy too