Portuguese bros, can someone please translate, confirm or find the source of this document?

Portuguese bros, can someone please translate, confirm or find the source of this document?

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here it is

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first, I'm going to translate half of it and send you. you send my money. and then rest of it...

The only source is reddit, don't pay taxes and tell us what happened

can you post the source?

Basically the article states that you're only liable to be taxed if you sell cryptos as a professional activity.

If not, then you dont have to pay taxes at all.

use deepL translator, goodshit, has a supercomputer behind it


I agree.
Actually bitcoin plusvalue not considered by portuguese gouvernement as tax eligible

Dude, you need to be a citizen of portugal or have portuguese residency membership (or something to that effect).

you can't come here and hope to get zero tax. sorry

>you need to have portuguese residency
>you can't come here and hope to get zero tax

that takes quite some time dude. like years. im talking about a permanent one.

no problem getting residency if we already made enough gains ;)

so for confirmation: portugal = no trading or capital gains tax? what about govt taxing you on your total held capital/assets? if yes is crypto counted in this?

Every country in the EU considers you a tax resident once you spend 6 months a year there
also Portugal has a special tax program for foreigners that you can apply for especially if you're a EU citizen

Are you dense??? Can't you read?!

Unless you trade cryptos PROFESSIONALLY,
you get 0 tax

>Conclui-se assim que a venda de bitcoins não é tributável face ao ordenamento fiscal português, a não ser que, pela sua habitualidade, constitua uma atividade profissional ou empresarial do contribuinte, caso em que será tributado na categoria B.
Which basically means that if a significant percentage of your income comes from cryptos, they'll find a way to tax you.

Podes parar de postar esta merda?

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