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>Sell into my buywall

This is the dip, it'll continue tomorrow.
Mark my words user.

I don't think you can be more retarded than this. If you hold roughly 5000 REQ, and hold it till it's 10b (which it will reach, EASILY) you'd have 100k.

stay poor faggot or buy the dip

Amen brother, Amen.

Don't waste your time user, these pajeets are in full greed mode for those sweet pennies.

literally the easiest money in 2018, it probably won't even have to reach the top 10 to make it 20x from now with the growing global marketcap.

If REQ gets only 0.1% of the E-commerce market their marketcap would be 5billion already.

People are absolutely insane by selling their REQ.

It won't have to, but it will.

Buy high sell low. Biz logic.

so what you are saying is that if i dont buy as much as i can right now, i may as well kms?

Yep. So many people are going to kill themselves because they sold or didn't buy REQ when they had their chance. This is going to be the #1 coin in the future but nobody realizes it yet.

dude dont take anything seriously on biz, i daytrade req ~ 2-3 times a day so i can aford more coins on the dip but the "just hodl" retards are not getting this.

This will moon, moon and moon. There will be days like today, fueling up.
I'd say 2-4$ this month.

>If you hold roughly 5000 REQ, and hold it till it's 10b (which it will reach, EASILY) you'd have 100k.

>own half that
>gonna be poor as fuck

i really hope much traffic out there now a days

Total waste of 10 ETH. I feel sick.

>gonna be poor as fuck
I own 2k and that would make me pass 40k fiat. I would be fucking loaded and ready to board other missions.

Granted, I don't live in US or Europe.

40-50k fiat is pretty weak total gains though. And if it takes too long to take us there we're not going to be able to utilize it for other missions.

Basically if you didn't get over 20k of this at sub 20c, hold, don't sell, but forget about it and look for the next mission.


You guys realize mainnet will release in Q1 2018 with the first stores adopting the "Pay with Request Network" right?

Also not to mention the very obvious listing on Coinbase due to Request Network and Coinbase both being majority owned by Ycombinator.

and then the normie "oh this is cheaper than the others let me buy 100 of them"

>Also not to mention the very obvious listing on Coinbase due to Request Network and Coinbase both being majority owned by Ycombinator.
I can actually imagine the Request plaform being used as a payment system for Coinbase. Eventually. That would be far better that just a coin listing.

just sold
I think this pump is over and will go back to the 60s

you just joined the only group of people in crypto who have lost money

Make sure to buy right back in when you notice you are wrong. Otherwise you'll lose lots of money.

Panic hodl

It would mean $5 billion worth of req would be burnt every year, so the value of remaining tokens would be even way higher
I see req as high reward high risk though, easy to copy the concept, glad they've been working on it for 4 years already

First mover advantage. BTC is still king because it was the first. There are LOTS of better cryptocurrencies around.

That is also why ChainLink will be the default decentralized oracle for all smart contracts.

Still gonna be poor with sub 20k REQ imo. And I have much less than that lol.

5 years before ICO and backed by Ycombinator. REQ is also specifically designed from the ground up to deter competition and become a monopoly since they have 0 profit margin and guarantee the lowest fees possible.

No one will be able to compete with REQ at this point. Once REQ establishes itself as market leader they will stay in that position for decades or centuries.

>inb4 its a $1 tomorrow

Join this and never be a victim of autism again

Maybe next year but in 3 years with token burn 5000 will be enough for a house and a nice driverless car

Why would I sell if i bought at 6 cents?

because Veeky Forums said so

The main reason I don't see it is the number of people here that seem to have over 100k REQ. They seem to have strong hands and if they don't sell they'd never be able to cash out no matter how big the market cap gets. So I suspect it will probably be suppressed as they pour their many millions out over years.

First mover is arguably paypal in that case, and i don't believe in link, many amazing tokens have failed, i don't see american banks using a russian token but russia developped a competitor to swift so why not

No reason to sell at all if you actually researched the company. Every holder of REQ is already rich. The only question is when they are rich.

Some whales already are now. I will probably be within 2018.

Same brate. Sitting on my 120k and wont sell shit.

Why the fuck isn’t this shit on bittrex


What about 4k holders?

The just hodl memes are because most normies cant daytrade and theyll lose a lot.

The req irganizations doesn't make profit, they just profit from token appreciation but paypal could devellop a competitor and keep the tokens to itself
They would be surprised not to, I'm a bagholder btw

>First mover is arguably paypal in that case
Request goes beyond the Paypal 2.0 meme. Please stop with this

>i don't see american banks using a russian token
They won't. They will use Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts will use ChainLink.

You realize the entire point of Request Network is that you can pay for everything with whatever currency you want right? If this takes off you don't have to cash out your REQ at all.

Let's be honest in the future people will hold no 1 currency but a whole bunch of different cryptocurrencies and fiat all the time.

You will pay your stuff with REQ which will probably be the #1 marketcap due to their monopoly grab

>I know how to daytrade
Yeah enjoy being marginally worse than random

Paypal needs to pay their employees and shareholders. Thus they could NEVER operate on a 0 profit margin.

If Paypal wasn't a publicly traded company I would agree with you. Instead there would be infighting between the shareholders and they would never succeed.

Not necessarily. Right now I am hodling because if I trade my req then that becomes a realized capital gain that I would need to pay taxes on. If I had to pay taxes on my stack I would have to sell some req to do it since I am a NEET with no actual money. Now what is better: selling about 1/3rd of my req at current price to pay taxes, or getting around 10-20% more req?

Valid points
I have 60k anyway

selling about 1/3rd of my req at current price to pay taxes and getting around 10-20% more req, or just holding onto what I have now?**

Like i said above they would have a great interest given they would keep all the tokens to themselves, it would kill their cashcow though, maybe they're waiting for req to be a real threat

Look at the RSI. You're not gonna find a better deal than 70-75 unless the market crashes. Do as you will.

Wait, so the lesson is DON'T HODL?

"All but one of Orlando's (cat) stocks (Morrisons) rose during the last three months of the year, including specialist plastics and foam company Filtrona, which Orlando had hastily swapped for under-performing Scottish American Investment Trust in September.

By contrast, the professionals refused to swap any stocks at the end of the third quarter and paid the price. British Gas fell by 19% and Imagination Technologies dropped by 16.8%, dragging their portfolio down by an average 7.1%."

1: They would have to replace their shares with tokens
2: They would have to restructure the entire company (fire lots of people) to accommodate this
3: They would have to drop profitability to an insane degree that most shareholders would disagree with (as to be able to compete with 0 profit margin fees)
4: They would need to lose their current restrictive policy about restricting where paypal can be used (Not on porn,gambling,adult services) and halt their usage of "buyer satisfaction guarantee"

I honestly think none of these will happen since the shareholders would never agree to such radical changes. We've seen this all the time with publicly traded companies. The shareholders want to maintain the current going to ensure short-term cashflow and they'll just sell the shares when they see something looming on the horizon.

paypal is not going to adapt to REQ. At least not quickly enough to survive.

down to .75

15 more cents

Don't laugh please i have got 10 REQ, will there be opportunities when i can predict a dip and sell it before to buy more during a dip.

aint happening


well it looks like i was right
its collapsing right now
I've been doing this for 2 years sooo ya
see you at 60

Oh pajeet. U live in the edge, you have 7.5$! How you can even handle such a big gains?!

You can dream, but it's not going below 5k sats.

I tried to warn you.

you re fucking dumb if you sold now, if you wanted to sell, just sell yesterday at the peak, now you re selling at the dip?


are you blind?
MASSIVE selling going on right now

Fuck your shitcoin , my money is in way better projects than a meme like REQ which doesnt even have a working product out

>some guy selling 110000 req at the bottom of the dip

Why are people so stupid?


Spaghetti hands lol

So I can buy in at the very bottom, thanks guys.

Call it charity, I gave away 45 REQ at 0.50 too. I'm sure someone is happier about getting them for a bargain, than me for losing them.

kek cuz so many projects have working products. Pray tell what fully deployed crypto projects you have invested in, oh wise faggot

ok are we hitting 0.60 right on the dot or 0.61, 0.62 cmon user whats up

seriously fuck this market

nobody believes in the technology behind what theyre putting their money into, they just want their own fucking 2x or their 10x or whatever


babbys first correction

With such little REQ wouldn't trying to day trade it net literally nothing on Binance since they only do whole numbers at the moment and you'd need a 10% swing?

So what's the buy in price for this dip boy and gals.
I'm thinking 0.00080


> I BOUGHT AT 6600

yeah I learnt this pretty fast

you just have to jump from moon mission to moon mission

Time to kys

its ogre

What price are we re-buying at boys?

lol these things correct in any market. you virtually never have growth like this without a correction - and honestly, i expect REQ to recover quickly.

keep calm.

RIP that was a good 3 days

Just have some faith buddy. If you can't handle a correction you don't deserve your x25 mission.

>these are the guys who sold Ethereum at $2

REQ goes from $0.45 to $0.30

>Nobody gives a fuck because all the people holding REQ were oldfags that knew that REQ is a long term hold

REQ goes from $0.30 to $0.90

>Every newfag normie FOMOs in

REQ "Crashes" to $0.70


You guys know that REQ is a long term hold and no one of the original holders are selling right? If you sell right now you will buy rope to put around your neck when it realizes its potential 5000bn marketcap (not exaggerating )

spend 2 minutes watching the depth charts, there is a whale manipulating the prices

good sign imo

Buying more. What should I set my order at?

should i wait or buy the dip now?

theres some support on the 5000 satoshi line, I wouldnt go below that

Tempted to buy now but I feel like it might dip a lot more..

Tfw you own 57k since 5 and 6c

We didn't come here for the Kia Rio guys. HOLD and buy that Italian thing we all dream of.

I really should have paid attention to the shilling sooner.

Why does this picture bother me so much? I want to do something harmful.

520 peasant, will i make it

I'm a poorfag with only 149 REQ. Bought at 25cents.
Is that enough for at least a step in the right direction?

Keep holding bro and forget about it for a year. I've been here long enough to remember people asking the same thing about ETH when it was $2. And antshares(NEO) when it was $1.

Read the whitepaper to actually understand and believe it yourself instead of listening to some random user on Veeky Forums

fucking gdax and binance taking their sweet time to transfer muh funds so I can buy more Req

what should I buy at?

Tfw 690
My ocd is killing me 700 would make me happy

> 112k REQ.
> Bought at 0.07 cents.