what do you guys think bout ECA (electra)?

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Solid shitcoin
Can't wait for it to hit 100 sats

Ha just made a thread about this coin. It is going to be the easiest gains ever. Atomic swap and 50% staking . How is this so cheap?

Very good potential. They just launched their website and roadmap. The coin is extremely fast too. It's one of the better shitcoins out there. Still hasn't hit major exchanges yet

yea man me too, it's sooo damn cheap right now

Because it is still on so small exchange. When it hits something like binance, the moon mission is really confirmed.

can't wait for this

shitcoin ignore the shills

happily steadily increasing

stay poor dude

>Want's to die poor

am i gonna make it with 700k?

bought it yesterday at 155 sat
it's now at 170
so far i'm happy, have 11k of of it, hoping it blows up to at least 3x

No, you're doomed.

Seriously though, I've been looking for a good POS coin for a while and 50% returns, not to mention the high transaction speed makes this one attractive to me.

I have 65k of it. Hoping it stays around this price for another week so I can buy some more

unironically bought 200k yesterday, 14 sat
15.5* sat/ 17,0* sat. Check the decimal point.

Umm.... sorry i kinda laughed but i'll have mercy

I read all the info from their website, but I'm still not sure, what's so unique about this coin? It seems like a throwback to 2014 coins.

My first million

binance when?

Bought like 1.5M yesterday with my play money.
Where are we going lads?

>highest market cap coin using NIST5

0.000001 BTC soon, but by EOY much higher

People are trying to use it as a PND right now, don't let that deter you. They'll learn their lesson. It's got normie interest written all over it.

Got in at 14 satoshis, holding this baby until the moon.

Can't wait till this hits a big exchange, shits going to explode