You're still not using Kucoin, the exchange of the Chads? My referrals are currently at over 40 directly invited...

You're still not using Kucoin, the exchange of the Chads? My referrals are currently at over 40 directly invited, and I've already made hundreds of fiat worth of various coins brah.

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Bumping with pics of the girls who will be begging at your heels for crypto when fiat goes to shit and you're chillin in a penthouse suite in Dubai in 6 months.

"Is that the guy who joined Kucoin and bought KCS at under $3?"



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The place where literal whores go to let shitskins take a dump in their mouth or fuck a dog
i'm good senpai.

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Fuck off with your pyramid scheme exchange.

The place where billionaires go to have crazy parties with beautiful weather in penthouse suites full of drugs and 10/10 girls looking to hook a rich guy.

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>120 degrees
>alcohol is basically illegal

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Literally was in discord YESTERDAY with other traders, one cunt has been hodling btc since 2013 - guy was chatting from the day after a party at a hotel in dubai with cocaine, ghp, weed, alcohol, sloots, etc. alcohol is only illegal if you're poor, quit being an autistic pleb who doesn't leave their house.

Never. King binance is king.

>”my friend tommy was at a party with weed and boobs and it was awesome!”

Stay 15 faggot, enjoy shilling your sad exchange.

HODL BNB and KCS brah, both Chad coins. KCS gets the newer shit earlier, XRB, DRGN, DBC, and there's shitloads of volume on both. Win/Win, that's the Chad way.

Enjoy being oblivious to the fact that I bought in at under $2 (the same price I bought into Raiblocks weeks ago, suck my dick) and have already made almost double my investment while still getting dividends from the KCS

The same XRB that’s crashing right now because it got exposed as a fraud coin? Stay bagged you’ll be back at $4 in no time.


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>chad exchange
Not fooling anyone, pajeet


Enjoy being a virgin who has 0 understanding of how financial markets work. I already sold off half my holdings within $2 of the ath and will be buying back in on the dip. Stay salty poor soyboy, and enjoy buying in at the ATH on coins I've been in since the beginning cuck.

>white male

explan this logic?