I might be retarded

I was trying to transfer ETH from coinbase to my wallet on kucoin, but I fucked up and sent it to an ETC wallet address. The transaction is already showing as completed on coinbase.

Is there any method to recover the ETH?

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No lol

Nope gone, get rekt.


this is what happens when you let people be their own banks

If you ask really nicely Kucoin will be able to recover it. But they can also refuse to do so. The private key for an eth or etc address is the same but depending on their security systems it might be super pain in the ass for them to recover it so don't get your hopes up too much.


Shouldn't the ETC and ETH address have the same private keys? Kucoin definitely owns the keys to both addresses, contact their support


this but unironically

Since it’s post fork, you are screwed


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this here

No, pre or post fork doesn't matter. That only matters for whether you would have your coins on both chains.

thank you for your contribution to make eth more valuable

Hey, with a fuck up like this 2018 can only get better from here.

Hope you didn't loose too much.

Wasn't a lot, I was throwing $50 worth down on DBC. It's my first time with higher risk investing, so I thought I would throw something small down.

Yeah, post your wallet address in like 6 posts and I'm sure someone will bite.


This is why crypto will never be mainstream. Mrs. Smith will use the wrong address and lose her retirement fund.

He is right, ask Kucoin nicely, they have done this before