Why you don't sell at top user and buy back later when it goes down?

Why you don't sell at top user and buy back later when it goes down?

Kucoin shares are now at top, sell now and buy back later or cry

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It's guaranteed to go down. Only reason it went up was because one of their shitcoins had high volume. That volume usually doesn't last for more than 1-2 days which means overall exchange volume will be headed down over the coming days unless KCS lists another PnD shitcoin.


>people actually bought cuckold shares

DBC is the one true crypto.

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DBC is going to the moon now. Get in while its cheap.

This wtf :D

sell now? Surelly itll go higher

Its so fucking overpriced already

Well, if everyone starts selling their shitcoins on Kucoin KCS holders are going to get another round of fees :p

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Why Kucoin shares would ever worth half of binances marketcap, when their volume is low as fuck

Not enough to offset the lost value of KCS.

Fuck off

TFW this is going happen soon to kucoin
BNB was super hyped at biz

That's not the exchange volume.
This is ->
KuCoin coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/kucoin/
Binance coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/binance/

24 Hour Volume Rankings: coinmarketcap.com/exchanges/volume/24-hour/

KuCoin is #24 with $108,449,867 in last 24 hours
Binance is #2 $4,205,646,776

My average buy is 0.003ETH, thinking long ill keep. unless dip is lower lol./

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I think those of you making a volume:price-based argument against KCS are thinking about it a little too linearly.

The fact that BNB achieved what it did has set a precedent for future assets that share common fundamentals with it. Therefore it's totally feasible that there would be a greater expectation of the same from KCS, which could command a premium at an earlier stage.

Fucking this.

$5 per share could MAYBE be justified if their daily volume exceeded $2B. But it's only $100M. Whoever the fuck is buying these things at these ridiculous prices needs to be shot.

Yea, but if we comapre exchange volume, it makes kucoin even more overpriced

Just dumped my bags. Was a nice 2x

10x here, bought at $0.50