Crypto pussies just released 6 hr ago

I saw lots of people in here were sad because they missed the chance to be the early investor of cryptokittens. I saw you missed ethermon and ethertanks too, now it's time for the pussy boi! Another ethereum game that is going to be bigger than anything, a very radical idea with girls in it, who doesn't want that shit! You are gonna make money from a pussie! Pussy prices keep rising, don't miss it, get those Gen 0 pussies before they get too expensive. Keep in mind first generation cryptokittens selling at the marketplace for 4-5 ethereum. Be an early investor!

>you can combine your girls(breeding them) and you will get a new girl
>sell it in the marketplace
>or make a DNA auction(breed your girl with other girls) and get profit from her


fugg theres a ge 0 for sale for 1 ETH, will I make my money back if I buy it?

Fuck off with this cancer.

back to rebbit

so what, you fuckers made money from the tanks and now want to get some more retards to fall for this instead?

>posting reddit games
>n- no y-you go back!!

>just released 6 hours ago
that's a lifespan of these ponzies, fuck off.

No loli...

this one isnt a ponzi, however you can make money... i have profitted 2 eth from breeding. just look at the minimum prices- the cheapest girls are selling for like .2 and you can get multiple breeds off girls

one of you virgins buy my gen0 already ffs



>unironically posting a reddit screencap

someone claimed that the dev said he is in communication with porn sites for advertising... lol

oh shi-

lol all the cheap ones are mostly dark skinned. wow.....

there is 1 hairy pussy and i want it, but its listed for like 2 eth :-\

Already made 3 ETH!

that def could help


how much are you selling and what gen? I'm not sure how to price these cunts

sold gen1s at decent prices

#69 is going to buy someone an island one day.

I wrote a blog post about why i f*cking hate video games because this is what it does, it appeals like the male fantasy.

yes please go tweet and blog and contact the media and etc. about this horrible misogynistic game. we need as much media attention as possible on this



Oh COME ON, isn't getting away from this misogyny and sexism exactly why Satoshi Nakamoto designed her blockchain technology?

I mean, I know "objectification" gets thrown around a lot these days, but let's be real here: this is LITERALLY turning women into objects to be traded and (ick) "breeded" with. This is the fucking definition of objectification and the sooner we reject this shit the sooner smart contracts will be taken seriously.

gtfo faggot

She's right you know. But go ahead and keep playing with your disgusting "waifus" while they're still legal. It's probably the closest you'll get to an actual woman's touch.

LOL you tell him!!

Wow! I almost feel bad for the guy, but then I remember that he was defending this crypto smut trash.

Ouch, that's gotta hurt. But coming back to 2018 from the stone age always does!

aww. poor thing.

y-you do realize this board has IDs right?

You understand women only buy crypto to post on backpage so they can get fucked for money right?

You could play this game in real life with your actual bitcoin

user I....




is there a way i can buy one of those $5k+ sex dolls with crypto?

Its probably a woman, so we can't do anything to help it


>This thread

I-I was just pretending to be retarded!

if this isn't a buy signal I don't know what is. Get the fuck in here before the femenazi's blow this up on social media and cryptopussies goes interstellar.

>mfw they all follow the same script

>they all follow the same script

this. im tired of these ponzi shitcat, ethermonshit, shitdogs, and now shitwaifus killing ETH. we need right wing death squads NOW to stop these faggot devs from doing any more dmg.


>not breeding virtual waifus for ETH gains to bankroll your right wing death squad

its like you don't even care about the future of the white race, user...

Ironic posting?

f a m this is what decentralization is about. Personally I dont care that much for this game - the market will decide whether it will succeed or fail.

The beautiful thing about decentralization is that there isn't some ivory tower PhD pressuring Vitalik on twitter to shut this crap down - because noone can shut anything down. ETH is about human freedom first and foremost, this game just demonstrates this.

Deluded cryptopussies

Why are you so triggered? Why are you AGAINST people doing what they wish with their Ether?

But does it have traps? Not interested at all if not.

this. truly this.

yup - no censorship ability. let the community decide that lives on.

nice, bought 100k

Not yet.

and want to sell already, but something is not right, i can't find my girl on the list, if i go to the girls link, it shows negative current price. how is this work?


Make crypto niggers a thing and I'll go all in

The site's got some display issues. I've just been playing by reading from and writing to the smart contract with MEW. For example, if you want to see if you successfully bought a girl, put that girl's ID in the ownerOf function and see if it matches your address. You can bid on, list, breed, etc. directly from the smart contract as well. All values are in Wei and all durations are in seconds. Hopefully the dev(s?) will fix the frontend sometime soon.

Note that if you think you bought a girl but you're not actually the owner, then you unsuccessfully bought it. This can happen if somebody bought it right before you or the site showed her as listed despite not actually being listed in the contract. If it did happen, then the ETH (minus gas) went back to your address. As for the negative price thing, I think that's a display bug when girls are listed for very high prices. If you check the getGirlsAuctionPrice function you can see their actual price.

thanks, relisted for a lower price it shows correctly now on the site.

How much would a gen 3 go up? I can't afford better gens.

now thats too far

shit whats next, crypto homos? crypto sissies?

fucking brilliant.
also nice dubs

>crypto doses
>procedurally generated guaranteed unique combinations of green and purple


i can't even fathom that thought

really? mine are selling like hotcakes

at what price are you selling, I guess I am asking too much


ive sold a few gen 1s and gen 2s for .2ish eth

>isn't getting away from this misogyny and sexism exactly why Satoshi Nakamoto designed her blockchain technology?
>why Satoshi Nakamoto designed her blockchain technology?
>Satoshi Nakamoto designed her