Investing 100 ETH - Lamden ICO

I'm thinking of doing this today. The shilling recently has been very, very convincing.
Only 1 day left for the bonus so before I go in and say my prayers, what is Veeky Forums's final opinion on Lamden??

so far i've got
>10m market cap lol
>literally every platform ico has mooned
>Exchange listing confirmed asap (cryptopia and larger volume exchanges in 'talks')
>Pretty good team, some nice advisors, burgers, trustworthy, good communication.
>Industry partnerships are ready.
>new website in a few weeks
>already very shillable (amazing tx p/s, unique atomic swaps tech, nice visuals)

>Eth is on a run, and is a safe 5x this year (why risk losing it?)
>literally nothing else

What do?

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Unexperienced team, non technical whitepaper, shitty Github, three developers. Pass.

Github is thin yeah, I think they're providing technicals on the new website
i'll do some interrogating in the telegram

Look at swissborg instead.. Lot more professional

Would still work if biz continue shilling after ico too.. but im afraid of that team members are shilling it here to get ico funds filled

It would need the minimum amount of shilling to atleast get 2x.

Look at the amount of shitcoins with a 20mil MC. It's almost guaranteed it will ATLEAST 2x

I know it's most likely.

however i have my eyes in Latium , true hidden gem.

it has 13 millions marketcap and mcafee backing it.
just one tweet and 4x

It is ambitious but man are they ever going to kill it. They're also onboarding 5 devs. Very fucking shillable as well.

heh 3.. even 10 pajeet devs still wouldn't = 1 money skeleton

I agree, it'll give a few X at least
I just put 10 ETH in. dont want to get caught with a fat stack and low liquidity

This. Buy into the ICO if you like money. Or don't and stay poor

source on 5 devs bro?

Easiest 10x of 2018
They’re almost sold out so might want to hurry

The CEO mentioned it last night on telegram didn't get a chance to screenshot.

get on the lamdentrain!

Join the telegram!
Lots of good info, the devs are easy to reach

no exchange listing in progress

pass, will buy post ico tokens

Crypterium after ICO

It's on ehterdelta


FYI bonus is already finished

Cryptopia* Jesus....

Sorry haven't slept in a while..

nigger, it's gonna be on cryptopia by the end of the week


Here yer go


Haven’t been this excited about an ICO in a while.

We comfy boys. I want this to not get sold out ideally but fuck it.

I'm torn between the devs getting as much money as possible to make this a success and it being an underwhelming ico with many tokens burnt

Are you people sure you want to invest in these guys?

Market cap is higher than 10M, they're just limiting ICO to 10M. There will be more coins in circulation than issued in the ICO.

Not true?

CEO does seem like a cunt but he's not wrong on most of those points he made

bought 6k Lamden TAUs

hope it moons. seems promising.

You'll be fine user. This will sell out in next 5 days.

Well how many coins are there going to be then? Not trying to FUD. I actually bought some last night

This is where im confused. Theres 500m TAU but their hard cap is 10m. At 9700 TAU per ETH, 10m gets you over 1bn TAU


500,000,000/9700 = 51,546 ETH

ETH = $839

Current market cap = 43,000,000

Still not very high