Stellar will be worth 5$

With a circulating supply of 18 billions it'll be worth about 5$ if it comes close to the volume of the main coins.
>but that's not gonna happen
>but shitcoin

same shit you said about ripple. Look at it now.
You've been warned

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Thinking of selling my icx to go all in. Reckon FairX will release before mainnet?

The fairx rumours combined with the IBM partnership sold it for me. I'm all in and it feels comfy as fuck.

Yes please, buy the top for us. Because if no one bought the top we wouldn't keep growing

Bought the top here many times at 1800, 2100, 2400, even at 3200

Its now at 4000 sats.

People are grabbing on to as much XLM as they can

because it's about to enter into blue sky breakout mode

ICX is still a very comfy hold come February man, I would advise not chasing pumps but your choice really.

The way you win this crypto trade game is just by holding and not getting burned by FOMO.

Same, bought a top at around 2550sat. Dipped afterwards but meh. 't was worth it

Holding since 500 sats. Ive been telling you that this is going to be a top 5 crypto, now with all these IBM wells fargo and FairX its a complete nobrainer

*cough* bank of america too

I have ~2400 lumens

Am I going to make it?

user, I have both ICX and XLM. Just hold your ICX and add XLM later, you wont miss out. ICX has mainnet coming out and some famous crypto trader sees ICX growing to 100$ EOY.

Honestly user, if this hits $5 and you put the profits into strong coins that also moon, yeah

Ahhh but if stellar overtakes etherium what will happen to chainlink? Am I screwed?

fuck ETH transactions are slow...


Ripple is so Crippled

owned by the central banks, millionaire and government

I have 88 Lumens. How am I doing?

I have 2700 lumens, will I make it?

FairX is the Bank of America!

Now these huge sellwalls which are manipulating the price since November make sense. It's the BofA accumulating.

XLM will overtake BTC as soon this goes public. My body is ready.

>XLM will overtake BTC as soon this goes public

14k by EOY kek thats a lot of Volvos

>ripple .


i'd die if it hit 14k

buy 1400 moar

>110 lumens

probably a good time to buy soon

>tfw >100mil

i own a good amount of xlm, but im feeling a little uneasy about it. when a coin moons as much as this has, in the past 3-4 days, i think its due for a major correction. i guess thats not really a bad thing, but logically it just cant sustain this kind of growth. it will probably cool off soon and drop back down to the 3k range

>tfw 150 XLM

Feeling pretty comfy right now.

In the same boat... but I'm going to weather it out and see where we end up, I sold my XRP too soon because of that, can't make the same mistake twice!

now I don't feel so bad about my measly 107. Gotta start somewhere, right? will be hodling until the second mooning

XRP corrected and then grew another 100%+. have faith

2500 lumens here

am i gonna make it lads?

“Watching these gains is almost like going to a casino with Robert De Niro.”

>buddy of mine: "user go invest your christmas money into stellar. It will go to the moon soon"
>Me: "yeah no... i need that new monitor you know?"

Why i am so fucking stupid?
Kill me pls

Hey, I only have 2500 lumens thanks to being on the IOTA rocket. We all gotta start somewhere.

May we all buy Volvos by the end of year! Good Luck!

Hold you fucking newfag, or stay forever poor.

If it hits 14k I will literally give out 1 CLM to the first 1000 anons that ask


/comfy/ aryan with 3000 xlm reporting in. hodling since 0.19

theyre not in competition how would it "overtake" it? Market cap wise? Then probably but doubt it would affect the prices

who is trying to buy 25 BTC worth of XLM on binance right now lmao

>/comfy/ aryan with 3000 xlm reporting in.

Good shit mate. I assume you're in Reichblocks (XRB) too right?

3k Lumens here too. Will we make it?

Stellar snake pls don't moon again while coinbase is verifying my third account

Might put the rest of my overdraft into XLM and sleep soundly tonight

you have like 6-12hrs before it jumps again

should i dump my 10K BNTY coins and go all in on XLM today or wait for BNTY to 3x over the next couple months and then go all in on XLM with $30K?

*BNTY will possibly go to 2-3 bucks per coin, not 3x

I don't think XLM will go below 40, people waited for it to "correct" to 33 but it never happened but I guess you still have some time before XLM shoots up again

Spoke to soon 39, guess its time for you to buy

nigga BNTY is going to 30

only 500,000,000 total supply

basically should i put about $2K into XLM today or wait until february and put $20K into XLM off of BNTY gains? it's a tough situation honestly because Bounty seems like an easy 10x at least considering i bought at 9 cents and it's primed to be a dollar in a few weeks and likely 2 or 3 bucks by March or so.

10k XLM since 500sats
iron fucking hands

i bought in at 9 cents and have about 10K of those fuckers. my current plan is hodl and then dump everything into XLM down the line

we're on the cusp of widespread media attention

it's comin boys

all in xlm. sold xrp at 2.15 last week. put everything into xlm at .28

if xlm reaches $10. i cant pay off my college debt. im not fucking selling

CNBC too

>normiebucks incoming

wew fucking lad

my dumb ass only put 100 bucks into this coin at 22 cents


Why couldn't I afford more than 1,600. Seriously about to sell my ps4

do it and buy a ps4 pro for each room in your house next year


My body is ready

275k xlm am I gonna make it ?

If XLM reaches 10$, I'll become a billionaire and transform into a Jew.


trading below recent trendline.. btc mooning. is this about to correct to 3k sats

Holy mother of a dump

>took $4000 of the money my dad gave me to convert for him "soon", converted it to XLM and gonna pocket the gains as pure profit.

I like yr picture.
>literally me

the dinosaur coin has awoken, alt party is over for now

oh shit everythings tanking suddenly! bitcoin is surging! should we exit all alts? fuckkkkkk

It’s comin and I’m cumin

It might have mooned recently but its still under $1. So yeah get the fuck in here senpai

perfect time to buy more xlm you absolute mong

buy the dip.

hahahahha get dumped on you stupid Veeky Forums bitches.

You made me rich with this shitcoin, now you're gonna lose everything

don’t day trade your volvocoin

dump it all

Dont be a wanker please

>try to withdraw XLM from an exchange straight to my stellar wallet
>it never arrives

how long have you been waiting

Let the 1hr candle close before jumping to conclusions

3.6k, nice time to buy

Sold my 10 EOS for 140 more XLM. 315 now, will I make it?

10 minutes

a bit long for a network that claims to resolve transfers in 2-5 seconds

That is like $10,000 pure profit right there

Yes, yes... Let me accumulate...

>scamming your own father

I withdrew last night into my wallet. It took almost 40 minutes, so don't panic user, all will be well

pump btc faster, i can't wait to throw my btc at Lumen at 25k to 0.40


It is quite fast, however exchanges usually take their time processing withdrawals, idiot.

I withdrew a few an hour ago and it is already in my wallet.

if it hits a dollar you'll have 315 dollars

i'll give him 20% and if it drops i'll just sell my car kek


i should dump my 475 bucks in bitcoin cash and by this xlm dip right?