Basically an improved version of XRP with nicer partnerships

>basically an improved version of XRP with nicer partnerships
>while also beating ETH in some of its domain
>valued at less than 1/8 of XRP and ETH
If you're still not in this you're basically stupid.

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get in while it's under 1$

we'll all make it to volvoland

The steve harvey poster convinced me and did my own research.

XLM is untapped potential. Expect some mania when it hits $1 akin to ripple. Bloomberg journalists are always looking at the contrarian and the whats-to-come and that is Stellar Lumens.

Of course he did, because he's you. Regardless, I'm in for the long hodl.


Holy shit. BoA is the market maker?

>Of course he did, because he's you.

How can you tell? Is it from my eloquent prose?

>Market Cap
>$10.415.695.709 USD

>Total Supply
>103,570,548,975 XLM


Sitting om 17k xlm. Feels good man.

Anyone else getting greedy as fuck in crypto?

Despite my 300% gains in less than a few weeks, I find myself not being satisfied and wishing I put in more.

>Total Supply
> 100,000,000,000




I feel like it's too late at this point. When's the dip?

>bank of america
gonna buy two whole volvos now lads

This moment and every moment before it is the dip, hurry up and fucking buy

i want to buy more but not at that price

FOMO in at 80 cents then.

It's not too late, shits going to a dollar soon book it

seriously, anything below 4500 sats is the dip. The moment 4500 is breached, bluesky breakout will begin where traders determine a new price ceiling annnnnnd we're currently ~300sats off that top

This is considered cheap right now, you're look at XRP prices by the end of this month.

doesn't this confirm BofA partnership?

Listen buddy. If you try to play the market like that, waiting for small-scale "dips" before you buy and selling every time you think the price is "peaking", you're gonna end up broke. You have to look at the bigger picture, where you think the price is going to be a month or year from now, not a week or a day.

Sounds like we bought in at the same time. Also 17k bagholder at 300%+. It isn't that greedy, been holding 15k xrp since may. God knows how many %+ that pile of shit is. Neither is far from done, but I think xlm will do better this year.

where to buy it directly with euros.

You can't. Get some Ethereum or Bitcoin with Euros on Coinbase, transfer to a Binance wallet, and buy XLM.

Brainlet here, what does this mean? I thought everyone was hyped because it was decentralized and not a jewcoin like ripple.


i don't have a coinbase or biance account.

it takes time to get verified. i am gonna miss the moon landing .

guys help a eurofag

What is the that appears when you try to withdraw/deposit XLM?
pls respond

FairX isn't stellar org, it's Dowling from IBM's project and it's going to run on the stellar network. That doesn't mean Stellar made the BoA partnership, it means FairX did. That's if it's actually BoA/FairX partnership and not just copied and pasted from BoA's site as a placeholder by some FairX intern.

just leave it empty

The difference is that FairX is an independent exchange on the Stellar platform, and Bank of America is using (or is) the provider for USD on the exchange. Stellar isn't working directly with BoA, unlike Ripple which works directly with everyone on their platform.

Ahhh but if stellar overtakes etherium what will happen to chainlink? Am I screwed? Why did I put half my portfolio in this?

Stellar will overtake bitcoin.

>bought at 4280


ETH is dead. It doesn't scale, and proof-of-steak is a boondogle which will never work.

buy high sell low

leave it empty unless your exchange says it needs a memo id

I'll have you know that this man is a genius who doesn't afraid of anything. stories of his body digesting his brain for nutrients are largely overblown

forgot pic related

You might have a bitcoin ATM near you? Or try using Coinbase, they get you verified within 10m usually.

Go on and buy something you can transfer to binance

Mmmm that one is beautiful


god damn lumies are fucking retarded...

You take one shot here. On a blue chip coin like Lumens and believe me, the only problem you’re going to have is that you didn’t buy more.

I have 8k in fiat coming in, gonna wire it to gdax so i get it in a day. Is it retarded to try and buy at the daily low of BTC or ETH (i dont know which one, I guess ETH since it is faster?) to add more XLM? I was thinking of buying some CND to get access to their bot prediction and community picks and then invest the 8k into something else.
I am thinking either XLM, ADA, ENG, or CND.

Or i was thinking of putting a low buy order in at like 10k for BTC and hopefully wait on it to trigger in a month. But a month in crypto is like 5 years in normal time. Basically I am trying to figure out whether the opportunity cost of riding moons like XLM are worth buying more expensive BTC and ETH rather than just being patient and getting slightly cheaper BTC and ETH for alts.

I'm just shitposting lines from WoWS. In all seriousness, buying btc to transfer between exchanges is moronic.

I don't know anything about ADA, ENG, or CND. I read up on xlm and bought at .20 thinking it was solid and could evenutally hit $1 and went all in. This recent explosive growth turned my planned quick flip into a long hold.

all in my dude. we're still sitting low. XRP went from .75 to 2.80 in a week and a half. That's a 370% gain user.

I believe in this coin more