Stellar (XLM) is superior to Ethereum (ETH)

>mfw i realize stellar is a better version of ethereum

Buy this now!!!!!!
Even Kin tokens are moving to Stellar chain because it can actually handle the volume. XLM is the superior version of not only ripple but ETH.

Buy XLM !!!! Please user heed this analysis and be rich before normies get here.

Buy XLM as much as you can!!

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reminder that shillers of 'ethereum challengers' are fucking annoying, retarded and will ejaculate over the slightest piece of irrelevant news

CryptoKitties took down Ethereum and slowed down everything.

You really think that's ready for primetime for large volume? The kin team did not see it will scale to its 300 million users and made the wise choice to use the much faster Stellar chain.

Stellar is smart money. Get in.

Buy in user!

I'm only gonna be posting this for a few more times. Heed mu warning

How high do you think the price could be by Q2? I'm trying to get some wheels user

Way past a dollar for sure. This is the surest hold in crypto right now

Has don’t know about q2 but end of year I see $3, it’s half my portfolio.

XLM doesn't need shilling. Stop

No user. I'm not gonna be a crab in a bucket. Stellar will overtake Ethereum in the future.

Screenshot this

>average 10 threads up about XLM
>shit grew 20fold in a month
>2.5fold just in the last 5 days
This surely wont dip by like at least 30%. BUY IN

XLM trades sideways and then goes up because it's not a shit coin

Probably, but your post reads like XLM is a shitty pajeet coin when it's the only professional crypto

im not saying its not worth the price. Why not shake off weak hands tho?


thank you based stellar snake

I feel retarded for not buying Stellar Lumems earlier. I only got into crypto heavily in early december but man if i got into it earlier and did mof
Re research , i coild have bought xlm at 2 cents !! I would have bought it then cause jed mccaleb was leading it

Fine. My next post will be professional, okay? But the Harveys will stay.

i have no qualms with your great taste in image

i just don't want people to associate one of, maybe the only good long term hold in crypto with the garbage that typically fills up Veeky Forums.

then = bitcoin at 20$
now = bitcoin at 1000$

discord DOT gg/M2zvFvt IS FOR WINNERS. dont be a loser :)

people like you make XLM look bad
it's sad to see as more people start to take notice of XLM, there's going to be more shillposts like this
fuck off

>superior to ethereum

97% premined shitcoin


kys please

Superior to cripple yes
To eth not a chance

CryptoKitties DDOSED ethereum.
You really think the Ethereum chain can serve kik 300 million users at peak?

user, XLM, please stop. I haven't accumulated enough yet.

russain scam coin do not buy

you mean ETH right?