just bitgrail things, other nodes are working fine

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If it goes down during the binance launch, I get just'd hard.

God, the people running Bitgrail are such manchildren. I can't wait till it becomes irrelevant again.

It might be a rai's problem. Perhaps one node is simply not enough for such traffic.

>Not sure what happened to that node there goy
>Don't worry, we'll get right on that for ya goy

-Zack Shapiro

Did you look at the comments? That "The Bomber" guy runs BG and he's threatening to delist XRB on Twitter because he claims the devs are putting the blame on BG for the issues. Anyone who's been around XRB know that the devs have always been pretty professional, so I find it very unlikely they've slandered BG. The Bomber on the other hand acts like a baby all the time on Telegram, and so do pretty much all the other people related to the exchange.

This. I got banned from telegram these guys are the biggest faggots of all time.

Ironing out issues and giving Bitgrail $hekels for perpetuating the scam are not the same thing!

so is this the final nail in the DAG coffin?

>exchange with constant random problems popping out all over the place, not even related to particular coin
>It's the coins fault!!

Oh, and the issue is not that it's too much for one node. There's a bug in the node where a transaction is made locally, but doesn't get broadcasted to the network. This doesn't affect 99.9% of the people, but when you deal with the amount of transactions they do, it's bound to happen a lot. While it's being identified and fixed by the devs, they suggested Bitgrail run an extra node where it verifies all the transactions made by the first one, and if one of them doesn't doesn't pass verification, do an RPC call to rebroadcast it. This should solve it all, but BG are lazy as fuck and apparently don't want to do it and would rather talk shit on Twitter.

I honestly think they might just be doing it on purpose to manipulate the price.

Also can we take this off twitter please?

t. Zack

i don't understand what you said but you sound like you know your shit so i'm not fucking selling selling

They are doing it on purpose to accumulate 100%

that dev tweets looked pathetic

LOL expecting an exchange to set up extra nodes and all kinds of infrastructure just to accomodate your buggy shitty code. Hot wow

Bitgrail is seriously a piece of shit exchange, I would not be surprised if it is their fault.

>the people running Bitgrail are such manchildren
He (it's one teenager living in a slum) literally is. Look at the dude's avatar:

This. People should realize mercatox hasn’t had this problem(though it’s also shitty)

lmao go ahead, delist XRB and watch your exchange die with it

>setting up infrastructure properly
>too much for bitgrail developers

Nontrivial chance that the fate of the devs will follow suit.

this, it was 2 days ago the entire market was fucked up due to bitgrails retardation. This is unfortunate in the short term obviously as lots of normies are panicking, but in the long term it's fine as long as it gets listed to binance and THE FUCKING DUMB FAGGOTS at bitgrail dont pull a mt.gox or something due to how butthurt they are

get the fuck out with your FUD pajeet.

never an issue with wallet to wallet transactions, only bitgrail withdrawals


He's jewish???
Then I'm all in XRB



Crypto is fundamentally anti-Semitic. Get used to it!

How isn't it relevant?

Only reason we're in our basement trading intangible coins in the first place, is because of the jewish propagation of coal-burnt roasties.
(((Among other things)))

never bet against jews

best investment advice i have ever gotten.

Sorry. This is all pajeet fud.
There's the solution. Bitgrail is just italian-niggers who can't maintain more than one fucking cheap node for all the millions of XRB transactions.

>Jews own money
>therefore every coin with a jewish dev is certain to moon

tell me again how this isn't proper investing advice

Know any coons with Jewish investors?

>muh scalable they said
>this happens because high transaction volumes and there is a((( very simple solution.)))

Tech so good the main XRB exchange was running on a single node.


Worlds first digital shekel, ive convinced my parents to remortgage their house so that i can invest

This, a million times this

YEAH you literally just said it retard.
The EXCHANGE was using a single node.
Not XRB team faults.
This is like blaming the ethereum bug of the multi-parity wallets where they lost millions of USD on the ETHEREUM DEVS.

oops, you're right, I understood bad your message. Sorry, I've been fightning pajeets the whole morning.

Transferred fine on BitFlip and a cheaper transfer fee the bitgrail. Why the fuck is everyone buying on BitGrail, they are scamming people for ridiculous transfer fees.

FUD campaign is over boys..
Too bad we couldn't knock it down any lower

5000-1000tps for hours
nod bad
it only started lagging because they have a single node

That's per hour there pajeet..
meaning 1.388/2.778 txs

So what, do you think visa runs their 2000tx/s through a single POS terminal