Has anyone quit their day job before they hit their retirement goal? I'm making ~1k/day average on crypto...

Has anyone quit their day job before they hit their retirement goal? I'm making ~1k/day average on crypto, and wage cucking for ~$10k/month. Getting real tired of the 9-5 grind. But interviewing sucks so much if crypto crashes and I have to get a job again.

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I'm thinking of doing this too, because work is getting in the way of my crypto trading.

I probably wont though.

How are you earning this much in crypto?

i'm quitting my 10k a month wage cuck job too once my account hits 1.5 MM, so I need to 10X, please God

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I will quit when I hit 500k, I will probably be able to quit later in the year if things go well. I think that's a solid point to quit since even if shit crashes you can pull out a lot of money and be good for a few years and easily find another job by then

I quit life years ago and became a basement dwelling neet. Somehow I managed to press some buttons on my computer and now I have over 20k LINK. God loves me.

what's your job that you make 120k/year user

i was tempted since if my income is low enough it gives me 0% capital gains..

WAit 10k/month is pretty good, what are you guys work?

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I hate my job but I make 80k a year and it’s really easy albeit boring as shit.
Won’t quit till 1 million because I need dem benefits.


Bingo, still need em even with mad crypto

Pretty average salary for a good software developer

> Please note this category doesn't include javascript, node, go, ruby, js-framework-of-the-month developers and other hipsters

what is a good software developer using?

I'm making 2 to 3k a day.

But how.

Decent sized portfolio with a couple different good strategies I've found.

software engineer. I make good money but am an individual contributor with no idea had to advance into management. Crypto is my way out of wage slavery.

C/C++ for being harder to find if you are any good
C#/Java to attend the needs of the business world
Python only if you are a data scientist otherwise you will die poor
Unironically COBOL if you want to have a shitty life but very good money

Be me
> Thought COBOL was a meme but learned it in uni anyways and was best of class
> 3 years pass
> Remember about good COBOL skills during uni
> Mentions COBOL skills in LinkedIn
> Gets shitton offers
> Comes to Europe
> Profits
> Realizes work is shit but fuck it
> Profits again

Forgot to include your id in my reply


Same here but with 2MM. Need 30x lol, maybe in 2020 Illha retire

I know assembly and verilog, am I still useful?
>computer engineering

Because it's literally free money, you can't lose money at the height of the mania.

I turned 2k into 10k in a month and half but it should be higher if it wasn't for my wagecuck job. What's even worse is that I work in a secured space so can't use my phone 90% of the time. If I hit 100k I may quit.

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can you elaborate on these strategies?

Dude are you fucking retarded

Just take a look at the average salary for a software developer at glassdoor.com for shit corporations which lots of money at IBM, Xerox, Fidelity, Bloomsberg, Boing, etc in the fields I mentioned
I am not even talking about MS or Google

If I shared them I'd make less money.

makes sense. any other tips youre willing to divulge?

Why the doge?

I got it as a joke present from my sister, for Christmas.

I started making consistent gains after I did heavy research on some mid caps, monitored their announcements / telegrams, stayed patient and took profits when I could.

Early on I stressed about trying to make every moon mission and made a few but also lost a lot holding bags. Once I stopped fomoing and worrying about missing the fotm coin, instead ensuring the coins I was invested in were good I made good gains.

I also have some success investing in low cap coins early on, but its more risky.

I make a decent wage by shilling coins on biz and reddit. A whale is literally paying me to shitpost.

Honestly once I hit enough money to take 1k/day with crypto, I'm gonna drop my gf, my family and my life and travel somewhere far away to live on my own, buld my own house and garden myself some food.

normie: the portfolio

No it wasn’t you dumb neet

Well, it works for me.


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I've thought about doing a siilar thing

>Be me
>Engineer in a company
>Make good money, have to pay a shit ton in taxes
>Been thinking instead of doing long term holds, why not short term investments and playing with crypto more full time
>Problem is i'm better at my day job, and investing like this just takes too much time since so much of the fud here is fake and other whales are making the real profits meanwhile you're trying to cash in

Tyler stop giving away the secrets....I don’t pay you to do that. Tell them about Salt and Monero like I told you in today’s meeting

> software dev
> living off crypto trading now
> only trade a day per week
> bonus when receiving bug bounties
> Make 2k per day on average

My dayjob is crypto related so it pairs well

Imagine what your daily gains would be if you dumped half those shitty normie coins for something with real growth potential.

>6 figures
>risk adverse
Are you a boomer by chance?

>risk adverse
>crypto trading
Do tell me about those amazing moon coins that no normalfag but only enlightened individuals such as yourself would dare touch.

Wheres the distinction in crypto for making money: trading vs long-term holds? Im still confused how you balance the 2. Or does EVERYONE here trade. Im in the holding phase.