ANOTHER ONE. It keeps delievering.

>It is estimated that this project will add at least 20 million RFID chips every year for the next five years (blockchain data entry points) on chain

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Join to pump and dump this SHITCOIN and make THOUSANDS

Fuck of pajeet. Just buy Vechain and thank me later, then you wouldn't be forced to PnD shitcoins.

thats actually happening

Something that has been bothering me about the PBOC rumor. Namely that China would never integrate something they don't control.

Then during the AMA he mentioned it would be a decentralized/centralized mix with Thrudheim nodes keeping the network running and secure and how the nodes would be ran by certain individuals, businesses and organizations that add value and ensure the stability and growth of the network.

That is when it clicked. They Chinese government probably control and make up at least 52 of those nodes. It's a solution which is international but they have the first and strongest foothold.

Check out what the VET nodes will give you. You can literally retire on this coin, when you accumulate enough.

And two B exchanges are coming early Jan. Already planned and ready for END of Dec, but got postponed due the regulation uncertainty.

its seems like this shit is actually mooning right now atleast on binance

Any hints dropped about deeper China news / connections? Haven't watched the AMA yet.

Ve make me rich


Doesn't matter if it moons now or not. The foundation is set. When we get more exchange exposure, which should happen in the next days to weeks. Then we are set to go.

Guess what will happen, when literally half of the circ cap will be locked in nodes?



walton cuck, refreshing Veeky Forums every 5 min to find a vechain thread to FUD because there are NO walton threads and there wont be - I KNOW its gonna hurt your ego to sell your walton (at a significant loss) and buy vechain, but trust me its gonna help your wallet

Why don't you think VeChain will succeed? Let's discuss about the flaws and don't come up with the vitalik FUD.

>Guess what will happen, when literally half of the circ cap will be locked in nodes?


In the Apotheosis Pt.2 announcement, VeChain give us example figures for the THOR reward system. And in doing this, they assume how many nodes will be running. It makes sense that they will have put a lot of thought into this, as they do with everything, here are the figures:

A = 25,250,000 VET (101 Authority Nodes on chain, at 250,000 VET per node);

M = 100,000,000 VET (667 Qualified Mjolnir Nodes on chain, at 150,000 VET per node);

T = 80,000,000 VET (1600 Qualified Thunder Nodes on chain, at 50,000 VET per node);

S = 50,000,000 VET (5000 Qualified Strength Nodes on chain, at 10,000 VET per node);

Calculating the amount of VET locked in nodes gives us 255,250,000. Which is a hefty chunk of the current circulating supply. What do you guys think that will do to the price of VET...?

Nothing bad can be said about vet
It is Perfect and will make me rich


2018 Q2 i think w/ mainnet

Exactly. 2018 / Q2 the main net will launch.

>Mlily is the largest memory foam mattress and smart bedding product research, development and manufacturer in China.

I'm dying here.

Crazy right? And they are dropping such a partnership as casual as possible. A little tweet and it's done.

I don't think you understood my post.
This news was as anticlimatic as it gets.

Fucking memory foam.

How can this news be "anticlimactic"?

Who cares about the actual product of their partners? Memory foam - iphones or whatever the fuck it will be.

>It is estimated that this project will add at least 20 million RFID chips every year for the next five years (blockchain data entry points) on chain

This is what matters.

That memory foam partnership really caused a bullrun.

Comfiest hold ever. BIG partnerships (this is literally a billion dollar company) being released on the daily, Sunny confirmed 2 new exchanges under NDA (it's 100% one of the big B's sunny doesn't fuck around with shit exchanges). Anyone not taking loans and selling their house to buy VEN will /staypoor/

Whatever. You don't get the bigger picture of this project. Guess you should keep buying XVG for random bull runs.

That shit isn't real. I'm 50% in long term on VET, so I don't care about the price now, but short term traders will get fuck by those rumors.

Oh, I just don't get the bigger picture of the project?

I was the first faggot to shill it on Veeky Forums. You weren't supposed to hold this piece of shitbag long term.

I guess you sold at 4000 sats. Sucks to be you, baglet.

Should i show you my buy orders of Bitcoin of 2014 at BTC-E? Wtf are you even trying to tell me?

Mirin. 34k vetlet checking in

holy shit youre poor as fuck

10 venjeet here
how its going boys?

Bmw in VeChain commercial

Fucking sellwalls. It would've 10x'd by now if it wasn't for the whales

20 million chips over 5 years? That's like not even $1 million in revenue probably.

400 velit reporting in.
Been here since 80c
Will be here until 10000 per vet.
This is gonna buy me a house someday.

cmon get this price up boys

They're selling because they know it's overhyped shit. Have you noticed Waltcoin has increased in value lately? That's not a coincidence. People are selling Ven and buying Walt.

dey accumulating now but once they let it run free it's gonna moon so hard

the whales are waiting for something.
maybe they already have insider infos and know about a big thing happening soon.

>It is estimated that this project will add at least 20 million RFID chips every year for the next five years (blockchain data entry points) on chain

People cannot even comprehend a single sentence.

This partnership just shows the beginning.

Just broke 100k usd. 2018 is the year of making it.
First million in 2018. And the true pump hasn't even started.

LOL really dude?

Can't wait for you to neck yourself once Vechain is top 5.

>overhyped shit
>whales selling

are you sure that you knows how it works?

only if there will be some big announcements made. Shitcoins pump on the news. I hope they stop accumulating by the time pboc news comes out, otherwise it will never moon.

Screencapped, lol

Price has gone up last day, you do know price is like this due to the binance comp? Also just typical whale games, u don't put up 60-100btc walls and remove them now and then just for fun, obviously bigger reason behind it.

But hey, stay retarded