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its literally dumping lmao, flavor of the month

jumped out of this 5 mins ago and into ICX

gave me a nice x2 though thanks REQ


Why, why was I too scared to sell at the top. I stared and stared but wanted to hold.

YC own 25% of REQ and 25% (biggest holder) of Coinbase. Normies will fucking flock to REQ after reading its "PayPal 2.0" REQ will be new Ripple in coming months.

Hold atleast for january you idiot
That was not the top

I know it wasn't, it just would have been nice gains. Hindsight is the worst.

Getting JUSTED right now.


Yeah it sucks, but whatever, it's come so far down at this point there's definitely no point in selling now.

lol just hodl

Fucking sucks that I bought right at the top before it dumped.

And it'll be at an ATH again soon, just fucking chill.

KEK, I wasn't dumb enough to FOMO into a 100% gain in 2 days.

Doesn't matter man in 2 weeks it will reach $1 anyway. Don't fret about short term bullshit like that.


>BTC, ETH, LTC never had a dip, only green dildos all the way

I want meme traders to kts

love how this goes from .30 USD to .80 USD in 24 hours and people panic when it goes to .70USD (small correction)
investing is easy
people are dumb

The hold nothing besides 2months developing of TestNet. Cannot be that hard if a 5men team can do that in 2months?

what are those sell walls lmao

That's the thing, most people are dumb traders (I was also one until I learned to stop worrying about some red lines all the time), but I want my Veeky Forumsraelis to succeed as well.

This coin is so fucking undervalued. Go take a smoke break or something.

That shakeout is needed to get to 1 dollar. Pretty sure we will go above 1 dollar pre update. This will dump as usual after that.

Lmao I'm holding since $0.06 go fuck yourselves you weak handed faggots.

Yeah it's just the sign of normalfags. 90% of the board joined in the last couple of months after all and didn't experience ETH/Antshares growth.

Everyone that starts out makes dumb decisions like daytrading and panicking with corrections. It's normal and goes away with experience.

I've heard REQ's coding is shoddy as fuck. And even though it's a deflationary token, nobody's really going to need the tokens when the low fiat transaction fee remains the same no matter how many tokens are left. Once the network launches, the actual market value of the tokens will probably be much lower than expected.

Great idea but I get a feeling that the execution won't quite be there. It's overrated because everyone can understand and buy into the concept. Still made money off of it tho lol

>I've heard
where please?

Can someone explain to me what GAS is? I went to set up a MEW and am confused.

t. my ass

discord DOT gg/M2zvFvt IS FOR WINNERS. dont be a loser and make hella gains.

>I've heard REQ's coding is shoddy as fuck

No read the yellowpaper. Also Moneytis (their previous company) shows they are capable of doing it. Also Ycombinator doesn't invest in projects they don't think are technically sound.

> nobody's really going to need the tokens when the low fiat transaction fee remains the same no matter how many tokens are left

Read the whitepaper the fee adjusts automatically to ensure it's the lowest fee on the market and based on how many tokens are left.

I know you are just spreading FUD. But I feel like I should quickly put your claims to a rest before people might take it seriously/

My dad works at Nintendo too.

where? you can literally use their testnet to check it out right now

here's a dude actually using the test

nice FUd tho

How much could it reach? $5?

It has a potential 5000bn marketcap.

that would be $5000 per REQ without burning.

Assuming they take just 1% of the e-commerce market they would be $50 per REQ without burning any tokens.

With token burning REQ value could go much MUCH higher given enough time.

Facebook has a marketcap of 500billion. A social media platform.
If the request network will be able to do what they say it will, and the crypto market doesn't crash, REQ will be worth 1000x what it is now. They are 2 big IFs though

10$ in less 4 months..

Possibly in a few month.
it would be 3 billion mcap which is pretty realistic if the team keeps delivering

ever seen a 5 dollar coin on coinbase?

>Read the whitepaper the fee adjusts automatically to ensure it's the lowest fee on the market and based on how many tokens are left.

I mean yeah, I read the whitepaper. The more tokens get burned, the less tokens you'll need to use the Request Network, and the tokens always get burned in the background so that users don't have to go out of their way to buy it. So while REQ is indeed deflationary, someone's going to have to sell REQ at a significantly lower value than the theoretical price for there to be any real demand for the tokens.

The coding part, you can believe or not. I don't code. It's just something I've heard from a few programmers. Apparently lots of spaghetti code.

potential 5000bn bla bla blaaaaaaaa

get off your high horses, it's a good coin but stop spreading this retarded information when it didn't even hit 1bn yet

Totally not related but does anyone have screen caps from the old era? When Ethereum was still $2 and people were fudding it?

How long should I hold?
4620 REQ here.

someone's going to have to sell REQ at a significantly lower value than the theoretical price for there to be any real demand for the tokens.

No. The price will just increase until someone is willing to sell the REQ.


>REQ is $1 and transaction fee is $1 for one thing

1 REQ gets bought from market and burned

Example 2:

>1 REQ is $100 and transaction fee is $1

0.01 REQ gets bought and burned as a fee.

If nobody is selling the price would just scale up until someone sells them 0.0000000001 REQ or whatever for the required amount as a transaction fee

I DO code and REQ actually shows pieces of their code that are important in their medium blog. Also read their yellowpaper where they have diagrams of their programs. It seems solid as fuck.

If you are not FUDing on purpose then you just don't really understand how REQ works. Which is not bad. Just try to let actual knowledgeable people talk about it instead.

inb4 the us gov breaks them up

lmao fuck off with that 5t cap
anyone who talks about how crazy high a mcap can go comes off as a conman

tone it down

US government can only file anti-trust lawsuits against corporate entities.

Request Network is officially structured as a non-profit (since they actually operate on a 0 profit margin) and thus don't fall under anti-trust law. Do you really think Ycombinator would invest in a company that didn't even look at the lawful viability of their business?

> mfw you can't break up a decentralized organisation

Now do you see the power of crypto?

That is their theoretical marketcap though. What's wrong in stating objective facts?

Just like a car company would have a potential marketcap of the entire car business right now. Request Network has a potential marketcap of the entire E-commerce business right now.

And that marketcap is at 5000bn. Stating that is important because it means REQ will not hit some "ceiling" where they can't grow past after a while like most other cryptoprojects.

Hmmm I don't see this down-trend reversing for a while.

A huge element of REQ tokens is that you won't have to pay a fluctuating price to make your transaction. No matter how much a REQ token is worth, the user is going to pay the same exact fee in USD, for example, whether they made the transaction when REQ is worth $1 or $100. Think about it. If anyone wants to buy REQ tokens (which the REQ Network will literally buy for you at a fixed rate if you don't have any) it's going to be because they want it for a significantly cheaper price. Otherwise, since the REQ token cost per transaction will always remain the same relative to the transaction size, there's no point in buying the tokens.

I'm not spreading FUD. It's just how this coin works. I still do hope the network succeeds though.

the sooner you sell the more you'll regret later on

This coin won't be as deflationary as advertised. The only time people who use the network (and aren't speculating) will actually need/want to buy REQ tokens will be when it's offered at a significant discount than the market value. Otherwise, there's no incentive in buying them since the REQ Network will buy them for you at a cheap price (a fixed fiat % of the transaction). This will in turn drive prices down as sellers MUST sell for cheaper than the market price, canceling out a big part of the token's deflationary design.

The deflationary aspect of this coin is overhyped.

youre wrong and know nothing about supply/demand

dropping 20% today, wtf

You forgot about YCombinator. YC business tactics are EXTREMELY aggressive. YC doesnt fuck around with their startups. They will push Request down the throats of the normies in Silicon Valley and they will use it like addicts. They made Airbnb, Dropbox, Twitch etc mainstream and they will make Request into Venmo/PayPal 2.0

Nice copypasta bruv

20%??? are u blind

-0.00018528 -18.81%

Seriously, buy now, its perfect.
on the 5th is an update

I would unironically probably buy right now if I had more money lol.


Shut the fuck up.

I'm torn. REQ or Link? Which one should make most of your portfolio?

50 50

they go hand to hand

Someone wants in...

This is 100% true desu

That's true. But there will be an initial large deflationary phase where for every $1 processed through the network, 1 REQ will be burned. That will progressively get lower and lower and then asymptotely trend towards 0 REQ burned per transaction.

Yep. 50/50 ... although, christ, I'd have to buy literally 20K Link to be 50/50 at this point, and that shit's not happening. So, I'm 20/80 in that regard.

alright im a holder of 10k since .30 but lets be a little realistic here. its an erc20 token and an idea. not an actual product yet. i recommend making ideas like this and funfair maybe 20% of your portfolio. lets not get carried away

Bought this after ICO at 3.5 cents. Comfy as fuck, don't even care about the short term gains. I did sell ten percent off the 88 cent top perfectly and put into XMR, which was under-perfoming. Happy, lol


insider info guys.
whales are gonna pump it again today to milk some noobs (that sold during the other moons) before the ETH pump.

Be sure to take some profits at the top.

REQ has such massive potential it's not even funny. Currently the use case REQ is presenting is the ONLY crypto tech I'm interested in using in the real world right now.

Just got my ass burned with the ludicrous paypal fees.

The concept is solid, the use case applicable to basically any person in the world. The team is accomplished and established in relevant fields. It's being backed by Y Combinator, the seed accelerator behind Coinbase, Dropbox, Airbnb, Twitch, Reddit, Stripe.

If there is any 'real world' crypto tech use case that I can see being part of everyday life its definitely the REQ network.

REQ exceeds paypal in terms of fees, but also simultaneously eats away at the purpose of exchanges by offering cheap and easy ways to purchase various crypto currencies on top of traditional fiat.

How the fuck do people on this board always manage to lose money on such sure bets. I’m a fucking poor new fag and I still managed to secure a good position in the last week.

iota seems like a safe bet rn



getting out early to make a 5% flip can leave you behind a 100% moon mission

ITC will replace IOTA eventually

very few people use bitcoin let alone req

we are betting in the future

think about it as buying amazon stock in 1995

REQ also provides the simplest way to cash out of crypto. We'll still need to park the cash in a bank account, which means potential jew fuckery. But if we don't cash out before crypto turns to shit... decisions decisions

$10 end of month cap this

IOTA is too big

whats the deal with itc?


people dont seem to realise how important REQ might get in the future. The market value will easily surpass paypal by x11 if not more.

Going balls deep right now is the best you can do, just fucking hodl.

it does all the accounting for me.

its being dumped now
-25% already. get out while you can.


Um guys, is Binance repeatedly logging anyone else out?

Will REQ moon tomorrow?

You don't get it. You don't use REQ to pay in REQ. You use REQ to pay and receive money in literally ANY currency of your choosing. Fiat or crypto, it doesn't matter. A small fee of REQ will be burned as a fee and it will handle the transaction.

You know why companies don't accept crypto a lot, besides its volatile nature? It's a fucking bitch because its inaccessable. People have to buy crypto from some reseller or exchange and then transfer it. Instead you can just whip out REQ, receive the invoice and pay it. No double or triple checking addresses or fucking around with exchanges and ludicrous fees.

Yeah let's invest in REQ guys!

It's not like it has a direct competitor literally supported by every major member of the Ethereum team haha right?



Buy the dip

Haha but seriously though I have open orders I can't control now haha...

If you are talking about OMG, well no.

God did you even read their white paper?

Guys, thank you for shilling REQ.
This coin has literally given me hope for my future.
I am so happy.
I'm going to make it.

I'm not ready to hold that long.


Omisego is a payment provider which will funnel their centralised payment network through their blockchain.

Request is a decentralised payment network which wants to be offer automated invoicing, accounting and auditing services.

I’m an OMG shill but please DYOR; these are not really even remotely similar.