Reddit seems to love shilling ARK, what is you is Veeky Forums's opinion on it?

Reddit seems to love shilling ARK, what is you is Veeky Forums's opinion on it?

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Garbage compared to ICX, enjoy the bags if you buy them.


Friendly reminder to always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums says

Deluded arkies

don't suck my cock

The wallet is the best, the tech is probably going to be good, but there seems to be no point to owning the Ark tokens.

Yep Ark it legit af. Holding and staking here till 2019


check the speed

and this is the speed with the core that is working now. they are going to release a new one. much faster than what we have.

also, right now, through biz_classic, the transactions are free. that's right. he gives all the money back.

now add, smarbriges, add the wallets, the staking, the one button push, the ark vm, ark core 2.0, the encoded listeners.

So i should do what biz says?

Yeah, don't invest in XLM

unironically this. my best gainer this year was XRP

I like it.

Also Moon or Chang pls respond

I actually thought that guy's little clip was pretty shit, since you can't actually use them until the Tx hits 51 confirmations.

This is a rule that exchanges make from wallet to wallet you are good with 1

Does the Ark wallet allow you to send newly arrived Ark after 1 confirmation? I admit I've never tried it, I've only ever been left waiting because I sent to an exchange and wanted to use them.

When evryone will make ther own icos with PBB and ther shit token will be connected to ark with smart bridges ark will hit 100+$ cap this most pajeets here can't comprehend how big ark will get and will keep losing ther cash to pajeet pump and dumps

it was promising but ruined by whales and dumb decisions by the developer team
I regret holding it for such a long period

They have great tech and branding so if they can work out a few kinks and get a good marketing team then they could explode. They've been pretty dormant recently but are becoming more active again and are definitely a dark horse for next year if you're wiling to hold.

Also you can gain interest on your coins.

They're not letting Dj near a microphone during the Miami convention. Instead they got the guys with the PhDs to do the talking.

What do you have to say about the idea that REQ will steal that job.

It does. 1 is all you need.


p-please respond

Also what do you have to say about this idea people are shilling at the moment that REQ will make Ark obsolete?

Pending payouts are updated once a day, shortly after midnight EST. We're working on making it instant.

Total Fees Refunded is the lifetime number.


I've noticed the only time FUD about a coin turns out to be accurate is when it has detailed FUD on both Veeky Forums and bitcointalk that's posted by several different persons

But when you see Veeky Forumstards spamming short drive-by "shitcoin" replies with no explanation then you know that's to be ignored

I hope your family get raped to death

>Pending payouts are updated once a day, shortly after midnight EST. We're working on making it instant.
Ah ok, that's fine then. It took like 8 hours to update with the Fee Refund, do they not both get updated at the same time? I would have thought both would have come through at once. As long as it's working as intended it doesn't really matter though.

Chang has been working heavily on the refunds on our frontend/DB side, I'm working on the node end implementing a lot of custom code directly into the ARK delegate node. I'll pass the information along since he'd know for sure if something weird is happening.

What does ark do? People have been shilling it forever.

Delusions. Promised lands not being brought.
Deluded whitepaper
Incompetent developers, coded in javascript

They don't even know what they want to do. Are they going to solve the oracle problem? Are they going to deliver what XLM is in brink of delivering?

Purge is on its way anons and it will wash away all the shitty projects...

PS: Ex deluded Arkie here...

About to buy some Arkie

Christ, I now have Link and ARK

I'm a deluded sintkie linky

Alright. If it helps to look at my dashboard (I assume you can easily do this) to see why it looks funny I'm currently rank #515. It's just odd that under the "Transaction Refunds" tab it lists it there, but the Pending wasn't updated to include it.

The only thing I can think of is that the Pending Payout was updated in your 24h cronjob and THEN the Tx Refunds job was run.


Thank you weakhands.

Ah, I think this might be the case. We had a slight hiccup and had to rerun one of our scripts last night during payout time.

Forgive me Moonman and Chang, I left the Ark to chase ICX gains.
I promise I'll be back, and with a bigger stack to stake with you

A guy with PhD can be a stutterer too.
Besides, I hope they are going to shill ark there. Might be that he will just talk some general crap about blockchains that nobody cares about.

What's the next project you guys are working at after implementing the fee refund feature?

Also, what's with the rumour that you are going to make a fork of lisk? Is there any truth to it?

Not a fork of lisk, it would be a fork of ark. Some truth, but nothing is happening anytime soon. We're waiting to see how Core v2 pans out. We're still in ARK for the long haul. If the fork happens, we will only allow initial purchases with ARK at a 1:1 rate.


Could you elaborate on that please? I know it's all just theory, but what would be the goals of your coin? What's the main reason anyone would exchange their pretty arks for your shitcoin?

Trustless swaps. It's only happening if they don't happen on the main chain.

Call it Exodus coin, you won't find a better fitting and badass sounding name.

Nice digits, btw.

Im heavily invested in Ark. Loans depend on it. But the masochist in me would love to see the FUD & drama from that.

That's why we will only accept ARK and this isn't happening unless ARK fails. We're heavily invested and want it to succeed. If it doesn't, we have no plans to burn down ARK during our launch.

>we have no plans to burn down ARK during our launch.

Without trustless swaps the project is dead anyway, that's the main reason people bought it.

>Moon Man
Every time I read the name I though of the old mcdonalds commercials (and those songs) now my eyes are clear.

We can force the new network to accept ARK via consensus. We'd essentially end up a side-chain of sorts but run entirely new code on the nodes.

>ERC-20 Token



It's planned to cease being a token and have its own chain.

Thats what I hoped, but I'm a little brainlet. It'd be a big challenge, you think you're good enough punk.

We have two other experienced devs in the biz_network discord who have been around for a while and who help us beta test and have shown to be solid developers themselves. We would be starting with a 4-man team, and that's before I even reach out to a single person not already involved with ARK.

>If the fork happens, we will only allow initial purchases with ARK at a 1:1 rate.
What do you mean, initial purchases? Like we'll have one week to move over before we have to buy at market?

Thats not too shabby. Maybe trustless swaps arent on mainchain, you think ACES project / devs would still develop with Ark. They are sponsored by them, but it is a community driven project, so I've read

No. I mean restricting the method of buying to ONLY ARK. These are still all just ideas because like I said the idea is just a brainstorm for now. Nothing will be coded until after Core v2.

The TL;DR is we will make sure holding ARK is incentivized.

So is every ERC-20 token. Until they legitimately do it, it's fair to question whether or not the devs personally have the capability to do it. Anyone can make an ERC-20 token. Take WomanCoin2.0 for example.


Any perks and extra shekels for loyal voters and early supporters?

Probably for biz_network voters yea. But again, this is all *just brainstorming* in case ARK doesn't deliver. Until there is any formal announcement, assume this is not going to happen. If you want the latest updates, stick to the discord. our voters get the latest information there first. You can find the link in your dashboard.

As long as I'm not going to get fucked as an Ark holder I wish you all the best for doing it if the dev team fucks up and decides not to do the swaps on the main chain.

I honestly don't have the source actually, it's just a common talking point in REQ threads. I assumed it was in the whitepaper I'm too lazy to read.

Assuming it did happen, would it be a threat to Ark? It seems like it would handle Ark's trustless swaps functionality and then some regarding payments. I don't want it to succeed since I like Ark more but...

How confident are you in ARK's team to constructively take the feedback from that chat and actually move forward in the right direction?

It's the comfiest hold I've got

Should have been etherium 2.0, instead some nigger whale broke it, last chance for a moon was last night, and it didnt happen

dead coin

Btw what's the status on privacy with Ark. That's my one real hangup with this coin, public ledgers are gay and I don't want my mom finding out I ordered dragon dildos every month last year by looking at my wallet's history.

Fork of Lisk wrote in javascript. Huge red flag?

Motherfucker, no one is buying shit with ARK. It has utility.

Then why am I holding the coin?

Also if swaps run through the chain won't they be public as well? Unless you send Monero through it you're gonna have naked transactions right?

This is the year of ark. People will start to realise that all the different blockchains need a connecting "net" in oder to bring real usage to the blockchain technology. This is connection will be ark.

I've lost faith in ARK devs, they work too slow. The coin is great they just need to speed shit up, hire more people. Whatever it takes. Eventually some other coin will pop up that will do what ark does and then some so they need to hurry up or else this could happen. There could be some virgin Russian hacker making his own and improved ARK that will take the wind out their sails.

I agreed with that until XLM existed, with fairX literally just around the corner, ark and its shitty team is pretty much obsolete

it's written in JavaScript. RIP.

I disagree. It could be being developed faster but for a _real_ project of its goals it's doing just fine. The issue is all the coins flying past it in the gains market with literally nothing other than a whitepaper, or nothing at all.


>Tfw SJWs make the crypto that wins the normie market

its a real kind of kill myself kind of feel fampaichi

>tfw ARK is a blight in my portfolio
Feels bad, man.

>goes up 100% in a month


AION and Wanchain are going to make ARK irrelevant. AION is a great buy below 5k sats. Wanchain hasn't dropped yet.

aaaand a whale dumped it -10%
fuck this coin
fuck you whale
fuck this team
the next time it hits a green number i sell my 4k ark
this shit is going nowhere

Bruh, look at literally EVERY coin right now, then look at Bitcoin.

My XMR and ETH have both sunk equally as hard. The red dildos are LARGE, but it's not Ark.

Coins like Ark and unironically Link are not for quick pump and dumps. They go up slowly, more for long terms. They're coins for patient investors who can hodl.

no you fucking moron hodl doesent mean shit when nobody knows about this fucking crapcoin
even fucking LISK is doing better and that coin is even more crappy than ark
the team is fucking small and doesent deliver
the fucking gooks are about to destroy ark because they already have a working product

Gooks working product kek