All that room to run.


Damn, I could only buy a few because coinbase is slow as shit these days for SEPA deposits and I don't want to move my long terms

Ok shill me and I'll buy in

NIST5 shitcoin, how heavy are those bags pajeet?

It’s a pooskin street dumper being payed 8¢ a post to kike for an obvious PND scheme.

good goy. sleep on this. you should stay poor.

Buy as much as you can and stake it in your wallet to earn 50% annual gains. That will only last 1-2 years until coins are capped then you will have a comfy master node to earn transaction fees. Basically spend $10,000 now and never have to work again when this coin breaks into top 50. Fastest transaction times of any coin that I have used. New exchange coming in about a week. New wallet coming in Jamuary

The high speed of transactions is true, it only took a few seconds to move the coin to my wallet, but I'm not sure how it will work when the network is more saturated.

Would buy more if kikebase didn't take so long

- Fast
- 50% return per annum if you leave your coins in your wallet (Proof of stake)
- 17 Satoshis each (12 yesterday).
I unironically bought 100k

Okay I'm in for $500 dollars.

Lol, colx is the coin that will boom, not this

I bought 30k of these yesterday but my wallet looks nothign like that pink thing somebody posted above, its just a 1994 looking plain grey thing, am I missing the 50% annual staking thing?

coinsmarkets looks like fucking cancer

ECA getting into and Coinomi soon. Seen in their Telegram group.

It is, it's awful and barely functions. It'll grow more after it's made available off that abortion of a site.

A lot of coins have fast and cheap transactions. The challenge is scalability and stability, of which this shitcoin has neither. Fuck off pajeet I am not buying your pnd scheme

I think that screenshot is a preview, note the filler text in the comments on each transaction.

Part of their Q1 roadmap is a redesign of the wallets.

So these are going the route of Masternodes? How many for a node?

My coins are staking in my wallet. There is no pnd. Go look around the community and you'll find that everyone is staking as well. There is much more to gain by holding this coin than pumping and dumping. Notice the steady growth over the past couple days with the new roadmap and website?

No info on that yet. Staking is functional with the current wallets and master node development will start Q3 2018

Sitting on 1.000.000 coins. This will be huge. 0.01$ by eom. This is an easy x5

>way lower supply and market cap
>on an infinitely less shitty exchange
>better staking rewards (200%)
>proposed rebrand
Forget that shitty pajeet shitcoin and buy BLAS instead.

Next Exchange is the next exchange carrying ECA.