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purple ID confirms moon

Lets start making memes to shill

Github is quite empty desu

>he missed icon
>he missed ADA
>he is gonna miss Lamden

thats because they're still in ICO user :), plus Python is pretty easy to code with

I was really interested in getting into this until I went on twitter and saw about 50 fake accounts tweeting the same shilling bullshit. I wanted to believe.

normal ICO bounty campaign

worst case scenario from this ICO is gonna be x2

pajeets gonna pajeet, just look at the ICO reviews for this, its a pretty good project

I expect at least a 2x

how i buy this shit?

imo think it will moon

Dumpy dumpy when it goes on ED. Do say I did warn you. Don't buy now or not cry later.

>fudding an ICO where everybody buys the same price

it's on ED right now user

Flora is finished and Saffron pretty far in development. They are a bit behind on Clove still. I program Phyton for a living and their shit seems pretty solid desu.

So comfy

Put 50 ETH in mobileGo
Put 100 ETH in Aeternity
Pu 20 ETH in Storj

Not this time pajeet

Granted Aeternity is going to make me rich but that's besides the point.

fuck you don't buy it, I'm accumilating

>1 Eth = 9,713 Tau
That seems highly overvalued, compadre

10M market cap

I have 25k of TAU

But that's it!


Plus when 10mil is reached, remaining tokens will be burned.

This is their FAQ page. Pathetic really.


You gotta shill it AFTER the ico ends, retard

and also how is this pathetic?

They're distributing 350 million tokens, the marketcap is around 31 million starting.

Silly idiot. We're not trying to shill until tokens are burned.

So we only 15x?

FUCK. Scammed

Overall ICO hardcap: $10,000,000

they probably did the token generation when ETH was 1/3rd the price

nah, they gonna cap it at 10mil

You'd have to buy Ether at over $800 each to buy Lamden, still risky because if ETH comes down in price then you're already in the negative.

so how do i actually buy this?

with legitimate exchange or smth

is there any fullproof about that 1000tx/s because that alone would be worth a buy

it tells you right on the website

Are you serious they posted their crowdsale address in their twitter. Kek wtf

kill me pls

go to the website user
please come up with better FUD

i have 6500k will i make it?

1 Eth = 9,713 Tau

1 Eth = 9,713 Tau


ETH IS 900$

31 million starting cap. NO. They sold most of their tokens in the presale for 22% discounted price.

9 cents per token

pls anons. if this is true, i might go all in on this slut

I'm an idiot, what's the calculation for this so that I can know how to do it everytime?

Holy shit.. can't wait for the next fuck up

ETH = $965
So 965/9713 = price ($0.0993513847420982)

read the damn blog user

Price of Eth / amount of tokens to be received= X
x=price per token in USD

Ah, thank you. I was divising backwards. Appreciated.

What the FUCJK did they mean by this

so, what is the chance that this is a complete scam? just another copy paste eth token? the video on their twitter looked very sketch

read the damn whitepaper and look at the github

>so sm00th
>stupid serialization

Nice commits. Have fun getting JOOSTED

look at their youtube channel for example, i dont think anyone would expose himself like that and think that they could get away with it...

9713 for 1 ETH, yet their hard cap is 10 mio$. Pathetic. I'm out.

awful FUD

most of the whitepaper is the same shit that I read over and over. It doesn't actually guarantee that they'll follow up on anything after they grab the money. The whitepaper doesn't specify a distribution of the token. Or details on their eventual swap to the 'lamben chain' that they havn't demonstrated in their demonstration video

Nigger on team.


proof of '1000tx/s'? that would probably be on that 'lamben chain' they eventually want to swap to, not the eth token that you would buy right now. I honestly don't know if this 'lamben chain' is just something they are pulling out of their ass because I don't see a specification for it anywhere


go fuck goats

Shits complete bullshit, OP of yesterday thread blatantly lied. Only fomo'd into it becaues jibrel sold out so fucking fast it was ridiculous. Now I can't wait to dump this shit and move on to real projects.

These devs obviously think an ICO is easy money and because of lacking regulations they have no responsibility towards their investors.

This is an easy shill and easy pump.


Holy shit man, never trust Veeky Forums again.. Better to miss out than to FOMO in and realize its complete garbage.

>Scrap whitelist
>Shove ETH address cock right into your face
Yeah I see this as a short term pump, doubt I'll see this on Bianance or Bittrex anytime soon. It'll get listed on a shit fucking exchange.

you guys buying this might honestly make a lot of money when it gets on an exchange because of idiot greed, but this is 'LAMBEN' thing in the OP image doesn't actually exist. You are buying an Eth token to fund these guys to one day make this new chain and they havn't provided any actual specification other than the 'next gen' bullshit specs in that image. gl

Why in fuck hell are you into crypto if you can't do grade 8 math?