Why are cryptos like TRON, DRGN, XLM going up but FUN isn't? Why do people lack faith in FUN?

Why are cryptos like TRON, DRGN, XLM going up but FUN isn't? Why do people lack faith in FUN?

FunFair tech has a great reddit community, a solid white paper and an actual working product that you can go test right now.

Give me one good reason not to drop another 2k into FUN

gay ass name and gay ass logo

no one gives a shit about the "tech"

>reddit community,


People fell for the PnD, they are bagholding.
I mean, nice sell wall.

I am buying more. You should 2


I did drop more into it. Just hodl man. This thing isn't gonna pop again for a couple weeks until major announcements start coming out, then it's going straight to $1

Just whales accumulating

In three weeks or so this is gonna fly

Realistically where do you see the end of January increase going

I was delighted to see the recent x2 but it seemed out of thin air. Very curious to see what happens later this month but considering its decently sized mCap I'm skeptical of putting more of my portfolio into it, I'm just not sure its gonna skyrocket

Someone is setting large sellwalls

Funfair devs cahing in?

I see it close to 0.50 by the end of the month, assuming the release goes well. Once they start announcing major partnerships, the sky is truly the limit.

Not the namefag "XVG WARLORD"

That shit's got to hurt if you didn't sell on 12/31.

Literally doubles in value over a day
>why isn’t it going up

Fun is to hodl. Next couple of weeks gonna bring announcements and value

Solid FUD post, good job.

I love how those sell walls are movep up when they are about to be bought

someone fucking with the price with sell walls. kinda annoying when other things are mooning

Oh man, I've made like 20x my money and took out my initial investment ages ago. Put it into XLM, TRX, and of course, lots of FUN !!!

chill dude, we are all friends here

Because its fucking gambling site, literally money grabbing jews, fuck them everyone is making something helpful while they only think aobut how to rob people, fuck them.

^ forgot the tag

got a 1000$ in reddcoin, it was some random 50$ investment, should i go for fun instead?

Fuck off and get over yourself, as if gambling is exclusive to Jews

It's fun, it's fair. Literally their selling proposition.

Do you actually think most developers use blockchain with the reason ''it's helpful''?

Of course not retard, they're in it for the money, this is their bread and everyone cashing in is throwing them their crumbs.

Chill. I have gotten big wins from online casinos and would certainly play open source fair fun games

lol you all bought up crypto beak's bags you sad fucking idiots.

Someone buy that sell wall pls its getting annoying


This tbqh fampai

You're asking the wrong questions here. What you should be asking is "Why am i not accumulating FunFair like my life depends on it?"

fuck it, just sold half my XRP for FUN, thats the most artifical sell wall Ive ever seen


Are you retarded? XRP is about to get added coinbase. It's about to do 150% by the end of the week. holy shit are you dumb

Maybe because people still remember the fucking fiasco during October.

FUN is a coin made by pajeets. You guys are getting pajetted as we speak and you don't even realize.

I have no idea why, but all the positive fun threads made me sort of nervous, all this fud really calms me down. Thanks pajeets.

Normies on Coinbase don't even want to buy BTC, or ETH at this point of the bubble. Why would they care about XRP?

For fucks sake be patient you little girl

your throwing that term around a bit to much.

yes I am retarded, I also can't gamble with XRP in a month or buy hookers with it

What was that?

starting to pump rn!

Agree, but i think it was smart to call the tokens FUN. I also think that putting memes like "hodl" into the game is fucking retarded


lol this it was at .05 like 2 days ago man give it time, I expect it to hit at least .2 by end of week

>10btc sell walls eaten trough in 30sec

Now we talking

Its funny how HODL has changed from being a monthly thing to a daily thing.


He's an idiot. Don't bother

Comparing Fun with XLM... There is a market foe both, but both are on an entirely different scale.

>Tfw bought 7k with plans to sell
>Tfw now want to put entire stack into one hand of black jack


I like to have a lot of FUN.

Ami gonna make it?

I sold my XLM to go all in on FUN. Probably stupid, but fuck it. I'm going for the moon shot from 8 cents.

thats what im afraid of. im not holding enough

how much if this shit do i need to make real big gains i know funfair is gonna make MAD dosh

I thought that at first, and missed out on bigger gains. Took a second look and found out it's the real deal. I bet there's a lot of people turned off by the name that will figure out the value later.

> If casinos decide to use crypto they can simply use ETH or BTC

> Casinos don't want to be open about their their odds. FUN forces them to. Why would they want to use it?

> The "tech" doesn't seem to have major advantages and looks like it will just create generic games.

> There are better projected gains in dafer bets like ETH for the near future.

At least those are the reasons why I have decided to pass.

Me either. I sold half my stack to buy xlm but fuck it I’ll try to get more before the rocket blasts off.

you nailed it.
folks on here don't care about product or business, they care about pump and dump, mooning, etc.

FUN is a hodl for atleast another 18 months.

>FUN already has working state channels to avoid throughput issues that would occur from ETH / BTC

>Most jurisdictions already require casinos to be open about their odds but since privacy is being implemented in ETH FUN can leverage that in their system to offer the option where permissible

>Check out their work on state channels, one of the first projects to really use them effectively

>Unclear, we're all just speculating in the end and there's no way to know which will move up faster


>doesnt know what fate channels are

ETH doesn’t have casino games already created. Doesn’t have customizing options. I could go on and on why casinos will use FUN over ETH. Not to mention that casinos would have have to create their own smart contracts with eth.

Tl;dr you are a dummy who clearly is new to crypto and hasn’t done any research

>> Casinos don't want to be open about their their odds. FUN forces them to. Why would they want to use it?

The odds of games are either established by mathematics (blackjack, roulette, etc) or published on slot machines.

If a casino literally wants to cheat you, you should not use that casino. Plain and simple. A reputable casino will embrace the opportunity to show you they are being fair.

Why is FUN so FUD proof? Is it because it is one of the only projects with an actual use Andy isn’t vaporware?

even if it crashes and becomes worthless, ill still have the chance to gamble it all away and make my money back

Basically, it's one of the earliest considered use cases for crypto done right and their team (Jez San in particular) have been extremely diligent and transparent with the community

> open source
Does that mean casinos wouldn't be able to rig these games? Why would any casino get their soft then?

It literally mooned yesterday.
What the hell are you people on about?


This or ICX this month. Shill me.

Solid portfolio

>Does that mean casinos wouldn't be able to rig these games? Why would any casino get their soft then?

You expect to be cheated by the casino? Wow. Casinos in the US are heavily regulated to ensure fairness. This will help online casinos that exist outside of that regulation to prove to customers that they aren't cheating.

>"why isnt fun going up?"

are you ppl fucking stupid? its doubled in price in the last week, basically. it mooned for days. a coin is not going to moon every single day for christs sake.

Because once FUN gets even a small foothold in the market people won’t want to gamble anywhere that doesn’t use the platform. There will be a snowball effect. This is also all ignoring the fact that they already have a ton of connections with huge online gambling sites already.
choose between
>casino A where you have no idea what the odds are
>casino B where you can verify the backend technology that verify the odds.

It will if these sell wall placers will stop

Are we talking about online casinos or real ones? For which fun are going to make software?

> about to do %150

Just like BCH did right user?

But I want to get rich now

>FUD proof
Good coins are usually fud proof. But good coins take forever to go up, because they aren't pumped. It's annoying when you're holding a coin for fundamentals and the market is screaming speculation. Good coins don't market themselves, so only you know about them until the masses figure it out or a hedge fund buys a bunch.

Online first, but even real casinos are going more and more digital.

With online casinoes fixed games is always problem, when you are playing slots some algorithm is calculating should you win based on previous wins/losses

Funfair removes with fuckery

>FunFair gets through the door
>Mass adoption by the gambling industry
>Mass adoption by the gaming industry
>Different color lambo for each day of the week
Future shure looks bright

>A coin I bought 1 day ago is not mooning REEE

Fucking normies, learn to invest on the medium/long term. This is one of the most comfiest holds for 2018. Product launch in about 30 days. I'm ready.

This coin is like REQ. Even a small investment now, a couple thousands, will take you to lambo land if you hold long enough and the tech truly disrupts the market.

What's better, req or omg

Look up fate channels brainlet
Once a single casino uses FUN, every casino will have to use it or they will fail.

The last "pump" wasn't really a pump cause

a) it was just one large market buy, not a sustained buying period

b) FUN settled at 10k sats, which mean its still doubled in value. Where's the dump to complete the PnD?

REQ, it has a better growth potential. I'd hold omg just in case tho, but it's too late to get in now

This isn't a "oh a 10x in 15 minutes" you spacktard.

Just get out. Cash up and fuck off.

REQ, but I am going to be honest. I bought at 15 cents and then wanted to dump more money on stuff and choose FUN, because it would really feel weird to buy more of something I +400%ed already while my FUN holdings only +40%ed


There are 22 Whites on this team and one Asian.
Zero Pajeets.

It is going up though. Slowly, sure, but it went up over %100 in like a day. This is just healthy consolidation.

>6.4k FUN
>gonna make it

I will do the honorable thing and blow not less than $500 on gambling when I cash out to appease the FUN goddesses

So, what price range are we looking at in Q1,Q2 & EOY?

Q1 $1
Q2 $2
Q3 $4
Q4 $8

From what I've read, the market cap for most high cap coins is higher than the entire online gambling industry. If this coin takes off it would be worth more than the entire industry, which makes no sense.


Holy fuck

Shut up fag just buy some.


Enjoy being poor.

I just want to go live so I can lose all my damn coins already

>Watching casino Royale while betting your meme coins

only if u add icx in this bad boy