Blockfolio advice for a poorfag?

Blockfolio advice for a poorfag?


Should I sell my 2 xmr and put it into link/xlm?fun?

I'm confused, some people make money off trading and some do it off long term holds...when do you know to sell?

too many coins too little money
pick 2 and go yolo faggots, until you reach 20k, then you diversify

if you have only 1000 bucks you shouldn't have to scroll down to see all your coins. pick 1, 2 max.

All in on eng or xlm or 50/50

you've gotta be kidding

Thanks. Considering my income, should I only ever be looking at coins

question: lets say you hold 4 good coins that you plan on holding long term. One of the coins moons like crazy. when its done mooning, should you take those profits and re-distribute them among the other coins you hold? or just leave it.

Too much diversification. You don't have enough starting capital. You're small gains will also get raped by exchange fees. Pick 2-3 growing coins and diversify some gains to another coin once you reach 10K.

Fuck my shit up senpais.

I bought xrp at 70 cents so not so bad. Agree xmr probably dumb, not going to 2x this year right?

doesn't matter. 500 * 2 is the same no matter how cheap or expensive the coin is. What you should look at is the market cap - a 100 mil mcap on a potentially 1 bil project could possibly give you 10x, etc etc

Will i make it if I go all or 50/50 on xlm?

Wouldnt it be best to hold and never sell that shit?

at 6k going to 'make it' is next to impossible. you're going to make a small fortune for sure. ride you xlm to the top, take your 5-6 digit monies and repeat the same process. then you will definitely make it.

step 1, stop being poor

Cool. How do you determine "the top"

I have these fantasies that if I hold link/xlm they will blow up to say $50 and the amount I hold will make me financially comfy, but now I realize as you say its better to ride what's going and keep cycling and investing your money

if you're not autistic, top is pretty much when the project matured, where you won't see another 10x bullrun anymore, occasionally 2x, 3x etc

but hey, this is crypto, people thought BTC hit the peaks at 1k, it hit 20k recently, the fuck do i know

Going to sell STRAT to buy more RES.

r8 pls

>100 mil market cap
By that logic xlm would not be something you should invest in: current market cap is $10bil

Any advice? I have more capital to invest, it's just going to take a couple of weeks to get it all through coinbase.

This is the most patrician portfolio. You cannot prove me wrong

HOLY FUCK thats way too spread out man.

What do

Hold. Good selection, and you arent too spread out. Actually a pretty good folio

I'm pretty much in the same boat where XRB became my whole portfolio after this month. I'd recommend you take like $2-5k out of there and throw it in XLM/ADA/NEO or something like that before it lists on Binance because there might be a dump.


> Going to sell STRAT
Probably not a good idea. Chart wise, it is at the start of a moon. I'd not be surprised if it 2-3x in a week or two.

REQ and DBC moons are over, so get out of them. While they could still go up (like anything else), you'll probably just bleed for a month holding them.

buy FUN

>7k FUN
>3.5K XLM
>650 REQ
>100 ICX
>2.5 ETH


4k start up capital. NEO has been kind to me and I expect it's going well past 100. Diversify for more REQ or....?

how do I reach 10k by end of Q1?

Is DBC not still going to rise when Huobi lists it?

I just bought the REQ for $0.73, so I'm not actually at a loss right now. Is it a good choice to keep until $1? Or just flip for a 20% gain today when it starts going up?
What should I do with my BNTY? Keep or buy something like LEND, XLM?

DBC should bloom this month so HODL them. BNTY, I am unsure (I hold some too but the project hasn't moved in a week)
I would put more into XLM as they have big FairX news coming early Q1.
I would look into PayFair (PFR). I got in at 3 cents a few days ago and now it is at 9 cents. It is a solid project (Russian based) and has a

Invest in xlm and DBC. They are both going up this month. Buy into a ICX dip if you can before Jan 24 (mainnet servers going up)

Do I change anything? Tomorrow I can invest another few 100€. Been thinking about trx or icx but i feel like more than 5 coins is too diversified

I'd go for xlm, FairX news is coming early Q1 and xlm will easily hit 1$ +

Listen to I'm not far behind you in terms of poorness.

I put $300, $480, $250, $250 in each respectively

I'm doing well so far, relatively speaking.

Solid picks for now, you can add some DBC or more DBC for January. Both will moon within that time. Just HODL for now
DBC and ICX are good picks. Both have good news January/ early Q1. Buy a ICX dip if you can

All in CND

Stop trying to diversify on such a budget and most definitely do not try to daytrade yet. Fees alone will rape you and you'd have to be pulling some very heavy percentages up and no losses to break the grip of fee gravity.

Put your shit in btc and then wait for the next BTC rally (probably sub $25k in a couple of weeks -that's just a guesstimate-) you should drop a big chunk on it towards a few moon missions.

Ofc, if it takes more than a couple of weeks for the next btc rally (it won't) you may end up losing the LINK train, although that will probably drag on for a couple more months.

NEO > REQ though.

Pretty much the same as me fellow poorfag

Add more to xlm and pick up some DBC for January. Rest is HODL. Solid picks bois

help a student get rich

Did you use your student loan for this like I did?

Missing xlm. put like 200 and it will x4 by end of January. they have good news early Q1 with FairX. I would put some into DBC and ICX since both have late January news

Nah, but I've put 50% of my earnings / spare money in this, started in december.
Thanks user, will take a look at those

Dont worry user. I too am a poor student and put my savings into this lol. I started 3 days ago with 200 and already up to 340 :). Going to put more money when I go back to school with my job. We will make it

>140 in two days
what the fuck did you invest in to make those gains with so little?
are you day trading?

What did u start with ?

From my research, day trading with < 2k = raped by fees. I got in early with DBC and 2.5x by day 2. I put some into BNTY but that shit hasn't moved. I bought int PayFair (PFR) at 3 cents (it is now 8-9 cents steady. PFR is a Russian based project and has a

Help a brosef out, desperate to make it into 5 figures. Should I just hodl?

725, no day trading

Solid picks, HODLing should be good for now

i have a small amount of venchain too. Only 5 atm. Would like 50 of them. Thinking of selling snov if it rises some more. I bought at ATH without doing much research. I have learnt from that mistake though. After reading bout their business iam not so sure..

Looking to set and forget this month. What you think, Veeky Forumsbros?

Also got 2 ETH on the way from Coinjewbase.

And I can put in an extra $750 today

I recommend checking out LINK and RaiBlock, my dude. Looks very promising to me.

Did I get pajeeted all along?

Alright bros I don't know what I'm going to put money into next. I have $400 that I want to put into ICX, XLM & DBC.

I'm stuck between 200 in ICX, 150 in XLM and 50 in DBC or ignore ICX and put 300 in XLM and 100 in DBC

>the fuck do i know
The only honest person on biz

Thanks, anything else to look in to?

Started with 400usd december 13th, am I going to make it? Should I put in another 100usd into FUN or buy another 130 or so req?

maybe 3, at most 4 coins you whole-heartedly trust and have read a lot into.
I'd advise Ripple, XLM, REQ, TRX, NEO, ETH whichever of these.

Dumb all those shitcoins and buy the next world reserve currency.


He has like 75% in XLM.

My blockfolio is lagging hard, what do?

stop refreshing? go to sleep? take a shower?

>$100 in XLM
>$925.33 Portfolio Value

I did a transaction but I can't update it

Nice try Satan

I tried this today, and got abolutely justed. what do? just wait it out? I bought zcl at the dip, and it just kept on sinking like a stone... ahhhhh!

Wow I'm drunk.

ment I'm fucking retarded...

if it's a good coin, hold til it bounces back

if it's a shit dead coin cut your losses

nah u solid my dude, just put more money into those 3, at the most DBC is the wildcard, XLM and REQ are top picks for 2018