Why would a merchant take your shitty altcoin over the tried and true Bitcoin?

Why would a merchant take your shitty altcoin over the tried and true Bitcoin?
>inb4 fees

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Also, don’t think he wants to wait 6 hours

>not understanding bitcoin cache

fees you autist
>inb4 muh segshit

>fees are too high
>wait times are too long
you need to pick one, retard. high fee means the transaction is quick.

bcore is not the real bitcoin


>Ignore anti-Bitcoin shills
>Back Bitcoin with memes

>Buy/sell small part of my BTC stack on GDAX using limit order
>There was no fee

Literally wat.

>mfw this isnt bait

So then who pays the fees? GDAX? They must be cucks.


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>be me
>drive to McDonald's in my 1992 toyota camry
>walk inside, already sweating profusely due to the long walk since I didn't get my usual spot directly in front of the door (I have a handicap tag, some old 90 y/o bitch was in the spot)
>qt3.14 is 'mirin my leather trench coat and matching fedora
>finish my hit off my custom vape pen and exhale directly into her face so she can experience the delectable vanilla scented water vapor
>i take off my fedora and make a sweeping bow
>"Good day my lady, if you would be so kind as to put me in for an order of your Buttermilk Chicken Tenders, with McSuper sized fries, as well as a McSuper sized diet coke."
>she makes a weird face during what I can only assume is her lust for me taking over her body
>she manages to mumble out, "s-sure sir, will you be paying with card or cash?"
>I smile as smugly as I possibly can and pull out my cellphone, "actually, fair lady, I will be paying with Bitcoin!"
>audible groans of envy emit from behind me
>some wannabe Chad even says "are you fucking serious"
>I look at him and give him a gentlemanly nod as the screen on the card reader generates a QR code, which I promptly scan
>"Thanks to the new Lightning Network, this will only take a moment, I assure you!" I let out a hearty chortle as these normies are clearly overflowing in envy
>I stand there awkwardly for only a mere 20 minutes waiting for confirmations to process
>"T-this is the c-currency of the future you know!" I say with a smile, making plans in my head how I will rail this qt tonight while mommy sleeps
>unable to confirm transaction

Reasonable fee means the transaction takes 7 hours.

nope. I transact BTC between wallets a lot. usually get it between 30 minutes and 1 hour, tops.

you're probably a poorfag trying to send $5 of BTC and using a "reasonable fee" of 10 cents.

>high fee means the transaction is quick.
LOL a 'high' fee of $0.38 confirms eth in several seconds. That's fast.

Today I sent some btc with a high fee (400sat/byte) and because there were no blocks for 25 minutes the backlog has risen and my fee was too small to get included immediately. Waited about an hour
fuck btc seriously


>try again
>finally goes through after four hours
>my $6 order is now $39 after fees

Got a chuckle here but we all know this isn't how bitcoin works.

No, because a 10 cent fee would make it stuck in the mempool forever. I paid a 110 dollar transaction fee a few days ago and it still took 5 hours to get one confirmation.

Yes it is you fucking retard, try to buy something with it

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Unlike Bitcoin, XRP serves a real-world purpose, and Ripple speaks to an industry that is worth trillions of dollars.

In 2018/2019 you will be using it to pay for everything online (pic related), and institutions are starting to jump on board too, this was just announced:

>In a precedent-setting moment, Cuallix became the first worldwide institution to use xRapid — Ripple’s solution that utilizes XRP as a liquidity tool — to reduce the cost of sending cross-border payments from the U.S. to Mexico.

. .

2018 will be about utility and Bitcoin will be dethroned.

Go back to r*ddit, fucktard.

corecuck OP BTFO

Bitcoin BTFO

Ripple 101

-The supply is fixed. There's no inflation.

-The current transaction cost for a standard transaction is just 0.00001 XRP.

-The transaction cost is not paid to any party: the XRP is irrevocably destroyed.

-Ripple consistently handles 1,500 transactions per second, 24x7, and can scale to handle the same throughput as Visa.

-Ripple Labs share is locked in 55 batches, only one batch can be unlocked per month. It would take them 5 years to unlock them all. This makes their incentives 100% aligned with XRP holders. Ripple Labs is always working on creating new partnerships (e.g., Amex, Santander, ..) and expanding XRP's marketshare.

-Ripple doesn't use proof-of-work anywhere which requires inflation and/or outrageous fees (as in Bitcoin)

-Ripple is more decentralized than Bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you have no choice but to trust whoever purchased the most hashing power (currently it's a chinese company called Bitmain). With Ripple, you can run your own validator and setup your own trusted validators list. 10s of non related reputable public and private entities around the world are currently running validators (e.g., MIT, Microsoft, ..etc), many more keep joining.

-The software is open-source (Stellar was a fork of Ripple).

>not divisible
>centralised bank scam

>one large coffee that will be .00024274 bitcoin plus a .0015 bitcoin transaction fee. Also don’t forget to tip!
>thank you sir I’ll have that right out after your transaction confirms
>here you go, nice and cold just like you like it

You do. When you withdraw your btc. You utter brainlet. The exchange isn't actually making transactions on the blockchain for every trade, it's all accounted for internally

>The transaction cost is not paid to any party: the XRP is irrevocably destroyed.
Why even have a transaction cost, then?

"XRP as currently implemented has six digits of precision. The smallest unit is one millionth of an XRP ( 0.000001 ) and is called a "drop". That is: 1 XRP = 1,000,000 drops."

>centralised bank scam
it's actually more decentralized than Bitcoin

-One company has more than 50% of the hashpower (Bitmain)
-One oppressive country has more than 50% of hashpower (China)
-One company has a monopoly on creating efficient ASIC Bitcoin miners thanks to patents (Bitmain)

-10s of validators run by reputable non-related public and private entities in different countries (e.g., Microsoft, MIT, CGI, WorldLink, Telindus-Proximus Group, Bahnhof, ...)
-At least 80% of validators must agree for a ledger to be validated
-double spending not possible
-Anyone can run a validator and make his own list of trused validators
tldr; with bitcoin you have no choice but to trust whoever purchased the most hashing power, with Ripple, you explicitly choose who to trust.

There is a thing such as 0-conf which allows something like BCH even faster transactions than Ripple.

The only reason why Ripple is fast in the first place because it is all processed by a central point

to reduce/prevent spam

BTC is going down the shitter. No one's is going to invest in a dying coin. Stop being deluded.

Low quality bait

0-conf is not safe, not only that, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin will inflate forever. The 21 million cap will be removed.

Why? Because it uses proof-of-work and miners don't work for free. You have to pay them with fees or everyone pay them with miner rewards (inflation).

Miner rewards halve every certain number of blocks, when they don't become enough, you have two choices:

1- increase fees (bitcoin cash can't do that because low fees is the bitch)
2- remove the 21 million cap and increase miner rewards to keep them incentivized.
Do you think I'm making this up?
Blockstream and other influential people in the space think this is very likely:


and Jihan (owner of Bitmain and creator of Bitcoin Cash) said in several interviews he likes inflation.