What's the deal with the "Lambo" meme?

What's the deal with the "Lambo" meme?
No self-respecting man would drive around in a green manchild toy car, and you won't attract women either.
Grow up.

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>green manchild toy car,
This, I'll get a black one

You underestimate roasties
They jump into old beamers and lexs like retarded

sell the news.


Getting a new miata to go with my old one when I make it

It's a status symbol you faggot. No one who owns a lambo is poor. I myself am into classic muscle cars. So I will go that route.

Lamborghini is such a money pit. As are most supercars. They are for the lowest demographic lottery winners and super rich fags who make up what they spent on the car in a week or less.

Plenty of fun can still be had from slower and older cars. Especially older cars.

I'll be getting this son of a bitch

dubs of truth

fuck your lambos, this is what I'll get

same reason u buy rolex / louis voutton / saint laurent etc


>and you won't attract women either
you underestimate the amount of golddigging whores around




I would never buy a car like this unless I had a net worth over like 50 million

grand tour nominated that as the ugliest back of a car of the year and I agree.
Only little kids and ricers like the look of that shit

>he doesn't respect the meme and get a lambo when he makes it

you don't deserve to make it


cute, a prius

>listening to faggots in grand tour
don't you have your own opinion?

I don't see the appeal with these super cars. personally I'd rather buy a classic vehicle and restore it.

I do and I just told you my opinion in the comment

You think this is what a good car looks like? Or does it look like one of those annoying ricer mobiles with annoying exhaust sound?

I'd rather just buy a $7500 shitbox, I hate cars and driving. Waste of money.


t. no coiner

Even if I make millions of dollars I'll probably still be driving hand-me-down cars.

looks great, better than a toy car like lamborghini

>Not putting a significant portiion of your gains in real estate and the cuck market


This, I don't really see the point in earning money just to spend it, unless you're absolutely set for life.

u wot


someone from Veeky Forums bought a lambo with his btc money during one of the first btc explosions like 4-5 years ago

If I decide to splurge, I'll be buying something similar to pic related

>Says you have money but you're not new money
>Luxurious but not too sporty
>Top down when your girl is sucking my dick at the beach

Always wanted one of these. My understanding is they litterally cant die.

They come in other colors you rape baby

Lambo meme as metric of trading success is much older than that. It dates back to the 80's.


You all are stupid faggot niggers with shit taste

>Any woman that it would attract is 100% gold digger.
>Most guys will just get jealous and key your paint.
>You are a target everywhere you go
>The few enthusiasts who might appreciate it all have cars that are more fun and costed a fraction of the price.
>gets stuck in the same traffic jams and are subject to the same speed limit as grandma's minivan.
>Costs to run and maintain are pretty obscene compared to vehicles you can get more use out of

Who would waste such money for that?

difference is, the honda looks like a poor person trying to make his car look like that lambo and ends up just looking ridiculous.


>One jealous cop can ruin your day
Let's not forget this either

True. I would be driving a Cadillac around

If you want speed and fun buy a motorcycle for a fraction of the price.

Not a fan. Some sports car brands need to remain 2 doors. Porsche is one of them

You fools still haven't realized that this is literally what lamboland is talking about, where you have so much money you can buy one as a frivolous purchase and never miss the money. The "buying a lambo" meme was never about using any noticeable percentage of your money one one.

Actually, police are far more likely to appreciate the car than most people.
If traffic is super thin you may even get one that will pull you over and invite you to take it up to 150mph and they stay close with siren on, just to let you run it for a few minutes and get a sense of the acceleration.

>tfw driving a 20 year old twingo

I just want to buy a nice new car. Like the new honda civic for those need for speed underground vibes or something in the 20k price range.

But I decided I am only buying a car when I reach like 100k. I am at 11k rn.

>mfw dream car is a Tesla S

Wait a couple of newfaggots thought we were serious?
>hurr you guys are so stupid, Lambo's are a horrible car!

They can't.










>"They're not agreeing with me"

w-wait..g-guys. It was j-just a prank

r u chink?

I've driven some grancabrios, I think maserati are insane aesthetically , and oh lord that chamoix leather they use for the interior, BUT - have you ever seen the board computer? it's some 1992 looking shit on a 2017 car not even joking. I guess they try to appeal to old people with that shit idk but it looks and feels very out of place imho . P.S. I also think they don't much deserve their price tags

mfw 99% of you faggots drive round in battered old camrys, accords, and so on.

>No one who owns a lambo is poor.
I wouldn't be so sure of that.

The median price paid by millionaires for their most recent acquisition was only $31,367. The typical price paid by decamillionaires was $41,997. . . . many millionaires drive so-called common, nonprestige makes of cars; . . . .

Flashy manchild sports cars are mostly for the nouveau rich.

>having good taste in cars
>liking Panameras

Choose one, you gigantic faggot.

I can agree with that. Maserati and Tesla need to merge or some shit
This. This is why when you drive through the hood, you see $10k worth of rims on a $1k car in front of a dilapidated trailer.


Don’t buy a Maserati

wtf i hate maserati now

what does sell the news mean exactly? sell when the news is announced? like right when it's announced? or sell when you hear a rumor of there being news?

Buy the rumor: Buy the rumor of news

Sell the news: Sell when the news that was rumored comes to fruition

Smart man. Same here if I ever make enough to have money flying around for a toy car ($5M+).

I have this exact car, and it's fucking amazing. Best car I've ever owned.

>not buying a 4x4

I'd never buy a 4x4. But I'm dutch so everything's flat and paved with tarmac. 10/10 infrastructure.

>no self respecting man would drive a green manchild car

Hold on guys, need to hop into my used Pinto so I can go to my job at the local Cluck 'n' House so I can feed my children cheap, crappy food and ship them off to a shitty nearby college that is beyond your budget even with student loans that you will be paying back your entire life

My dream car here

Who else /made it/

bought a lexus earlier this year to reward myself for iron fucking hands, not selling in over 7 years... well... god dammit i regret it man. the 2btc I paid for it are now worth more than the lexus was brand new and the fucker ALREADY need another god damn hybrid battery. fuck my life. im never selling again. dead iron hands.

Hell yeah manchild gang

I’d rather spend the money on a house anyways once I make it, I’m gonna cash out 10% for a used Evo/STi as a daily driver (childhood dream car since they came out in 2003) once I hit 80-100k probably in a year

Elanor. I'd love to have her

>whats the deal with a meme


You cant kill the mighty Toyota Hilux

I have a toyota tacoma. I like it. It's comfy, small, and works forever. Even when I make it to lamboland I will just buy a newer model.

My dream is to just live alone in the rural lands with a waifu where I can dig dirt all day for fun.

Mazda 3 master race reporting in lmao

now that's a car

Mazda3 bro reporting in.

Look at each of those houses. Image how much money per year the owners are forced to pay so the state can give free healthcare and schooling to illegal immigrants and their anchor babies, while doing nothing to disuade the army of street shitting bums that continues to pour in from the whole rest of the continent. No thanks.

Just a picture from the internet. lol.

I live in Alabama, and I'm moving to florida later this year, so I'll be there. Taxes there are about half of what cali is but still not cheap. Worth it in the end though if you can afford it

danke my friend

sexy as fuck

This is the first thread on Veeky Forums to make me feel good cause I've fucked women that look like and I'm a poor waiter, yet you guys have big money growing and still can't get laid.

Miats make great daily drivers. Fun when you want it but doesn't attract the wrong kind of attention and no more trouble on maintenance than the usual shitbox. I'll probably be dailying a miat no matter what else I have in the garage.

Lambo memes are juvenile

There's a reason we started posting 'vos in the stellar threads

matte black master race

FUCK that is juicy

ikr? Literally batmobile tier


businessinsider.com/a-Veeky Forums-user-bought-a-200000-lamborghini-using-bitcoin-2013-12

Happened a few years ago.

My lambo will be a 2000hp twin turbo UGR space shuttle.

Just kidding, I'm going to reinvest my crypto gains into real estate because I'm not a dumb nigger

I would absolutely hate my lambo if I was that guy by now. That's why you don't cash out boys.

lmao weakling. i'll pick your daughter up with a lambo, nut in her and dump her at a mcdonalds. get lambo'd you mofo.

The rear is of that porshe

Agreed OP... real Chads drive Volvo Station Wagons