Has anybody put paper or hardware wallets at a bank safe before?

Has anybody put paper or hardware wallets at a bank safe before?

Would you reccomend doing this?

Do you like in a cyberpunk ghetto that niggers barge into your house to steal fun internet money?

seems kinda dumb. probably would be safer in your own apartment unless you live in the fuckin ghetto

Idiot. Don't give the Jew bankers even the slightest chance to access your money.

I make hundreds of copies of mine and leave them everywhere, like under rocks and in random drawers at work. What's it worth without the private key?

I wouldn’t. They could steal your seed. I have my paper wallets backed up in my apartment and back home with my parents, but I’ve switched some of the words around in a way only I know just in case someone savvy wants to rip me off.
>tfw mental encryption

>be 12am on a saturday
>chinks crashing crypto
>need to sell my coins
oh damn

I use crypto so I don't have to use a bank

>tfw you fall on your head, getting a minor concussion and forgetting how the words are mixed up

you put seperate parts of it different banks?


the winklevosses do, but they also have a billion worth

Make a treasure map like pirates do at this point

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. Midlevel Druglords hide their spoils in cashboxes that they literally bury in the ground. Do that with your paper wallet.

I just let my wife keep my keywords.

Women are naturally less forgetful and capricious than men.

>t. cuck that's going to get his money stolen by the overly emotional and vindictive sex

Men didn't used to tell their wives ANYTHING about the household's finances, do what your great grandpa would've done.

>tfw no Ocean's 11 movie where heist kidnaps Winklevoss twins and breaks into all 6 vaults with pieces of their paper wallet

No, extremely bad idea. Lockboxes are for holohoax memorabilia, not things with real value.

The staff or police have been known to go through lockboxes in Australia, on numerous occasions.


>tfw no good heist movie in fucking ages

stop reminding me

gr8 b8 m88

this is a good idea thanks user

it's just a small string of characters...you can literally hide it ANYWHERE, digital or physical. why in the fuck would you need a bank vault?

>hide it in the data of an image file
>open up a kitchen appliance and engrave it in the plastic on the inside
>put it in a metal tube, encase it in the cement floor of your basement
>bury it in your garden
>split it up and hide it in multiple places

Bank lockboxes are not insured against loss, theft, or damages. Third party insurance that will allow policies on lockboxes also don't cover "mysterious losses." Banks can and do have the other key and go through their shit looking for contraband. One employee knowing what's going on in your box could, theoretically, snag them and you'd have zero recourse.

You're better off with your own safes.

screenshotted. utter kek.

cheers to you, my first world friend.

you never store your seed anywhere in one place. you break it up into multiple pieces, like a 3/5 multisig, or you just use a multisig to begin with.

and on top of that you can encrypt it with something you remember, or something you store in a different set of deposit boxes.

theres some fucking chink heist movie about bitcoin, didnt watch it though for abvious reasons

lol what the fuck are they really gonna do?

>trusting a bank
>my crypto gains
"yes hello uh our safeboxes burned down sorry for your loss goyim"

There's that one comedy with Morgan Freeman about old people pulling a bank job. Also Baby Driver.