New 300k wall was just put up because of this a few minutes ago

Nice just bought 100k

this is my next position, for sure.

also, STORJ

I sold my TRX at the top and went in Vechain, letsgo!


How high will this go? And when is the real mind blowing announcement supposed to be? I don't want the tiny teasers for the moon ultra epic hyper parabolic mission

I've got 16k of these bad boys but want more. Should I cut down on ICX, REQ, XLM, NEO, DBC, DRGN, or ENG? They're all gonna moon fuck what do I do pajeets?

random Vaporware with the casual Kucoin hype and drop after

Why should it growth?

News coming every week, solid team and solid project

Because its the only coin on the front page with actual fucking partnerships with multi billion dollar corporation. A platform for DAPPs is in the works which makes it an ethereum competitor, and they just announced that you'll be getting some serious returns for staking 10,000+ VEN/VET which means most of the circulating supply is going to be locked away staking generating the holders passive income.

My only wish is I had more.

To moon

why is someone trying to keep it down.
there is a whale setting up big sellwalls everytime it wants to go higher
what is he waiting for ??
big announcement?

He wants to collect cheap coins because the whale knows that this one is a top 5 coin in the making.

lol nothing is priced in on this fucking thing. the walls have been holding it down forever

Gotta be waiting for the PBoC news. Rumor is that PBoC will create a state backed digital currency on the VeChain Thor blockchain. That has to be it. It's what I'm telling myself.

Yeah this coin should be already at 5

so 10k is the magical number to have of those coins?

the pressure is building up like crazy
when this bomb explodes its gonna be massiv

stfu about pboc

Minimum for insane staking returns.

Crazy to think that I never need to work again.

aha ok ive 10k of these and i just wanted to drop it - tell me more

okay pajeet ignore at your own risk have fun being a poorfag

DBC is a loooong term hold, get rid of that shilled dragonchain.
>muh disney
fuck off pajeets

how many VEN do you need to live comfy with the staking returns?
i only have 20k

Anyone who owns this shit is gonna be rich.

Dude I think 10k is enough for 6 figs in like a year

Think about how many enterprises are going to be using this and you'll get a hard-on lasting for more than 8 hours.

Still not moving, bought a few of these as a poor fag but bots in the order book and manipulation seems to have stagnated this one entirely. Don't see any sell wall because of all the 0.1 ETH orders clogging up the order book. Fucking hate it.

This guy gets it

holy shit will this shit moon tomorrow then?

In January, a strength node is going to cost a house.

look at the depth chart

It is January right now.

I am. I can see that there's some kind of wall but because as said about the order book I can't see the actual order. There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in VEN though since it should be a lot higher considering the news before these news imo. But the fucked up order book is deterring people from wanting to buy I assume?

I'm getting a strength node :-)
Best crypto project i've seen in a long time.
One that actually WORKS
Fortune500 companies will soon be all over vechain this is so obvious

Sell walls are from the Vechain foundation, they set up sell walls to fund the project guys.. Did anyone actually watch the AMA today?

Yes this will be a top 20 coin soon but there are reasons behind everything.

Obviously they are. Nobody has this amount of coins and neither it is wash trading.

Kind of like a late ICO I guess

I don't mind I got this shit for a super low price

Is there any way for some of us broke holders out there to team up and put out VEN/VET together for a strength node?

Once a Poorfag always a poorfag specially with poorfag mentality. If you cant see past daily gains youre not going anywhere. Don't you know coins don't moon from one day to another (they look like they do, but they dont) for days the coins either stay around the same price range or even go down, then once the whales have aaccumulated they start the pump and then retards like you FOMO in only to leave because you got burned on the initial pump

This shit us going to explode the following months.

It's going to get listed on more exchanges soon. You'd be dumb to not buy in right now.

he talked about it in the ama. he encourages somebody to create a dapp so it will be a possibility at some point in time i’m sure

ETH about to make a run to 1k, i know the moment i buy VEN it will.

Only got 2400 ven. Ohwell, atleast it will give me 1 thor / day. Wish I could buy 10k. Happy for you other anons that will make it

I can see past the daily gains just fine. But I can also clearly see that this is worth more than the current trading price and it's just a bit frustrating. My portfolio is 67% VEN and I wish it was 100% at this point. I'm didn't trade VEN to flip it on 1-2 days. That's what the rest of my poorfolio is for.

>biz shills it
>it instantly starts dropping


Biz whales at work.

>All in VEN
>Only 1.3k VEN
life is hell

That's 10k next month.

I warned you guys earlier.


That's basically the whole market rn though

Ya BTC going on bull run

Whatever retards gonna be retards with the inability to see one day in the future

Whats there to get hyped about? I hold a lot of VEN but some shitty mattress company that sponsors manchester united isn't a big of a deal

watching the depth for this coin is mind boggling some times

whales live for cheap VEN

20 million vechain tags added to the blockchain per year is a big deal retard.