*moons and crashes the market*

*moons and crashes the market*

Alot of us lost so much because of this heaping pile of shit.

>FOMO during the floppening
>FOMO when Cuckbase added it
>Lost nearly 3k in total

nothin personnel kid

made 45k from BCC on that one day

nophin persnel kids

Good on you, but it's still a heaping pile of shit take your gains and never touch this shit again.

stop fomoing, smart money bought bch at $300-$600 and at sub .10 btc ratio

hint: if it passes 0.2btc on high volume get in and make your money back.

smart money is buying now, in anticipation of coinbase re-enabling buys and sells of BCC-BTC, then we go to $4k

sounds more like you lost money because you're retarded

Cuz you are a retard who sold already before BCH gets major upgrades early 2018 which will boost up the price again

>Bought because it is going up.

>Sold because it is going down

Buy high, sell low

it will fall because normies who bought it will sell when possible.


+20% is not a fucking moon

are you ok user? maybe you should just hodl, bch is probably the safest coin to hodl seeing how it will replace btc and be at least 20,000 by the end of the year

Is this the most expensive pump and dump shitcoin?

you know you will, so just do it now when its 2.6k, rather than 4k

you wanna see some real gains?
buy chainlink.

Have you heard of Xthin and Graphene Blocks and Colored Coins? Because BCH will add those things and then moon

I honestly feel like this impacted Bitcoin negatively because Normies confuse the two, and when they realize they’re two different coins they throw up their hands and say “fuck this fake internet money bullshit” and sell/FUD.

Sounds retarded but I could EASILY see some dumb baby boomer getting confused and upset when he realizes he bought a bunch of Bitcoin Cash, thinking he was hopping in on the latest trend. Nice one, Shitcoin Cash.

bitcoin will lose and normies connect BCH to bitcoin so most porbably it will not raise.
there is a slight chance that some idiots switch from bitcoin to BCH but i doubt it will have a moon impact.

You're historically absolutely right. But that's why Bcash is trying so hard to win the title of the "real" bitcoin.

Nice fud.

but it never will, thats the point. it's will forever be an alt out of hundreds, and not even the first to rip-off the bitcoin name to try and deceive people.

the harder they try and redefine words the more like a joke/scam/deception it looks. it's a battle they can never win.

It's not about the name really, it's about the tech which is going pretty well on BCH and the merchant adoption.

Interesting, if it plays out the way you seem to think it will, they’ll end up just bringing Bitcoin down with them (at least to a certain extent). I wonder if it’s worth it to invest in either of these coins anymore. Side point, this really makes me question Coinbase’s decisions and direction because it seems like they caused this Bitcoin cash ripple effect.

BCH pairings soon, they you all gonna heart attack.

I just want to break even with this shitcoin after what happend at the bitcoin crash and normiebase insider trading cash.

Core should've just applied for a patent and trademark/copyright. Furthermore, Satoshi deliberately made BTC's code open source with no strings attached. This is all fair game.

The only people who think "scam" are the people who lost money. It doesn't matter what coin they've invested in. Think of the people who bought BTC ATH at $20k. They must be mad right now.

*blocks your path*

Nothing Personnel

>Insider Trading Is a Non-Crime
>Market crashes.

this moon better not be over yet



This garbage will crash and disappear forever.