What moon mission on Binance to jump on now

I just want to make quick 1.5x

too late for TRX, at least for now. You will have to wait a bit for that ICX rise, but it should be huge. I would suggest REQ if you want to have a certified 1.5 in a week.

U food that's how u lose money. The name of the game is hold coins with merit that will moon and be patient.

Yea TRX left the station in a hurry. Smarter to wait for a different ride.

I am talking about tonight as alot of coins seems to be on their way up to 50%

CND is about to explode.


just jumped out of TRX, where is the money guys?
Buy the REQT dip.?

unironically BCH

Go Dragonchain idiot, it's normie friendly

quantstamp or ethos. nice room for growth on both. get in here!

not binance but itc

>tissue paper handed losers
If you're looking for quick flips, stay out of TRX. That isn't the shitcoin for you. If you want to come back to millions in 5 years, gobble it up, but I know you're too impatient for that

Did 10x in a few months, just need a last x2 and I can stop looking for a job.
Now I'm scared to leave usdt because btc look shaky as fuck and can dump anytime. I sold ICX 7 days ago and took a break after this massive growth.
I did good because btc lost 25% already but I missed so many huge gains this week.

Should I be patient ? Can btc really die or will it pump again like crazy ? In both scenario alts will suffer, but I don't know if I should buy btc now that it's still fairly low.

Also why is BNB staying at the same range ? How is that possible ? It looks like the next easy 50% + but if binance is really dumping all the coins they collect everytime it goes up there's no point.

If you have more than 2 brain cells to rub together, you'll get in ICX and hold for 1 month. You'll easily make 3x.

REQ, perfect buy now.

addicting isn't it?

i was too late to the party too.
fucking sucks to see every shitcoin gain at least 2x.


CMT my dude

OMG is starting its moon now user
check for yourself

If you had bought the enigma dip you would be up 10% by now.

Enigma is not a pajeet pump and dump user. Hold and come back a year and this will be a top 20 coin


Buy something that is bleeding not green dildos
TNB would be ok

iota is longterm, the rest is for fun.


You think ENG will keep going up a little more today?

I don't even know why. I just looked at the chart on coinmarketcap and bought on instinct.

salt will go up 2x, but don't ask me when, could take weeks or just a few days.

Hard to say when its having a run right now
But in the long run, it will definitely pay off

Conservative estimates place it at 20$+ per token. This thing only has a 150 million supply. Owning 500+ ENG you will be set for life come 2019.

Enigma pumping right now, you didn't miss the dip did you user?

Btc will lose the throne as king if alts keep outperforming it this way for too long. Too early to tell.
Long term it's fine.

I did

Buy the dip on DBC, shit's going to be available to the Chinese on Huobi any day now and shit will skyrocket

The best part? They couldn't participate in the ICO so they can't just immediately dump on us.

XVG no shit, been smacked down hard, new shit released, 0.15 cents... Due a taste correction... Chucked 5k on it haha... Shoot me


I'd say REQ for tomorrow, its also at a nice dip price right now. Im thinking ADA after REQ's pump, apparently the team itself is sure of reaching 1$+ on friday.

You sure it might 2x? How? What will happen tomorrow?