you have maybe 24h left max
10 million dollars hardcap, almost 6 million filled since yesterday

easiest 100x in a month

research for yourself or ama

easiest ico ever too, you instantly get the tokens on your eth address

assuming anyone actually wants, needs, or cares about a random new blockchain
as if the market isnt flooded with new blockchain clones already

Trips of truth.

this one is better than the others

ICO is exploding at the moment, don't miss the train anons !

i'd like to thank the user from yesterday who introduced this to us.

no, it isn't

>assuming the market isn't retarded

>assuming $600b market cap is rational

>assuming that delivering a working product actually matters

WHY DO YOU HATE MONEY, user? Lamden solves the interoperability problem.

nice bought 100k :)

Could your PnD group reduce the amount of threads at any given time to 1?

You all make me sick.

you think lamden is the only one in this?
They just launched an ICO, and ICX is about to realse their mainnet
ICX is just ONE of the MANY blockchain interoptability solutions, and if you think lamden will compete with ICX on a global scale you're delusional

Downloaded MetaMask to buy this coin. How do I move my Ethereum from to MetaMask?

Am retarded as its my first interaction with an Etherwallet. Also, I'm assuming that until Lamden gets listed on any exchanges, the only place I can hold their tokens is MetaMask right?

Hello pajeet

it is literally aimed at normie developers, do you hate money?

don't buy it user, pajeet wants you JUST'd

>normie developers

I want to go back to Veeky Forums 5 months ago

Doesn't matter if it doesn't become the new 'best'.

It will moon, hard, after it hits the market. Just look at all the other blockchains.
At a 10mil MC, the only room, is room to grow.

It's bound to 2x, if not 5x. And hopefully 100x

An ICO is getting shilled with suspiciously similar talking points. Hmm. Good ICOs usually fly under the radar. Will probably through a bit in for luls, but why is this ICO getting shilled instead of the 10s or 100s of others out there?

Try to find one solid reason that lamden will compete with the ICX, AION, WAN alliance.
Get back to me friend

any ethereum address that can hold tokens (erc20) you can use, that includes mew, nano ledger s, trezor, metamask etc...

just send your eth with a gas limit of 250000 (250000 wont actually be used) to the contract address and you get your tokens delivered instantly

i checked mine on etherscan and i was surprised that it actually worked right away

now proud owner of TAU

Some guy came here yesterday and told everyone that the ICO is underway.

People, including myself, bought in.

hello rankeesh
because it was under the radar but some people picked it up and started bringing it here

Their goal is to compete with Ethereum using an ERC20 token???

Apparently the dev team has a solid rep. Also they're based in Switzerland, which will attract brainlets that are impressed with that sort of thing.

have yet to receive my tokens.

not too worried tho.

this one flew under the radar until yesterday when a kind user showed us the light

I registered but I don't understand what to do. I send my ether from my wallet to theirs and they give my their tokens in return? And what does it mean by use 250k gas?

>based in switzerland
>not doing an ICO via bitcoinsuisse

looks legit

>"swiss" coders

Had to manually update MEW with the token.

All good.

its its your wallet, you have toload the token

0xc27a2f05fa577a83ba0fdb4c38443c0718356501 Decimals, 18 And token symbol, TAU

gas is the price you pay to the miners to write the code of transfer.

its the fee.

yes you get the tokens on your eth address.. dont send from an exchange though because you dont have the private key of that and wont be able to load/see the tokens
just use mew, metamask or a hardware wallet and send eth from there

you will then get the tokens instantly in return and can check your balance on

Okay. So I have the ledger nano s already. So when I send my ethereum from my ledger to that address, I will then be able to see tokens show up on my ledger in my ether wallet? Cause I thought only ethereum can be held in my ethereum wallet on my ledger

>Also they're based in Switzerland
this is literally the red flag for me.
I say this as a mountain nigger jew myself

their IP is based in switzerland, they are located in the US.

why would it be a red flag ?

would you rather trust pooinloos or chinks ?

you are not helping your case here

how much are these fucking coins?
I've never ICO'd before.

If i put $20 into this how many coins do i get?

I just read the whitepaper. It sounds exactly like ENG except made by basic swiss cucks instead of sperglord MIT graduates.

Pros of ENG: they have a financial data marketplace up and running
Pros of lamdunk: ground floor baby

fuck knows, I guess I'm in

i trust chinks more than jews

5 more devs are getting onboarded. Why does everyone forget this?

I'll buy once this get dumped as soon as it's released. Like every last fucking ICO ever.

Exactly what I'm thinking. Name an ICO that didn't tank as soon as it hit the open market.

>Thinking this will get dumped.

One token is about 9 cents with current eth price.

Name one that hasn't.


Look at almost any ico on any exchange. They tank almost immediately.


No one knew these coins ever existed before it hit an exchange

I agree. I was just naming one for you.

Please take note of how much this shitcoin has been shilled today. Be weary anons.