GET IN. Never getting lower than this.
>Chinese on board
>Machine learning AI and blockchain
>On on KuCoin for now, soon listing on Huobi
Easiest 10X ever

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news.bitcoin.com/the-bitcoin-exchange-that-once-dominated-china-is-heading-to-japan/?utm_source=The Bitcoin Exchange That&utm_medium=telegram&utm_campaign=Telegram Channel

>Never getting lower than this.
You said the same @ 15 cents


I bought in 2 days ago. Still hasn't mooned. Was I shilled?

maybe, maybe not. iron hands until huobi then dump this shit.

>can't hold a coin for more than two days

Weak hands mate.

Id buy if kucoin would let me in

I bought at 128... shoudl have sold at 219.. sigh.. got pajeeted.

Faggots I need a fucking proof of your pajeet partnerships

When does the stupid fucking contest end?

You guys have such weak hands jesus christ

It ended hours ago. Im having serious doubts about this coin.

I would buy more but can't log in to Kucoin

should have bought dragon instead


Wants 10x in a few days, strong delusion anons...

HOLD long term and you will most likely see x10-x30 this year.

[insert story to shill referal code]

paid shillers gonna shill


Did you really think people would buy the coin more because the contest just ended
If anything would happen is that people would sell it. I predicted this yesterday but everyone here is so inpatient.
Just wait until huobi and the presentation

Obvious shill. I see no future for this coin.

Just give it to me anoni.

you think this will increase faster then REQ or LINK or Tron? god damn too many tokens to follow.

the presentation (media coverage) hasnt started yet and some trolls are FUDing here.

see you on 1st February, let's see who's gonna laugh

bro I held on to hst for like a month being down a fuckton of money cause I bought in too high. Grow a pair man, just hold. Same here with DBC, bought in 8k too high, now sitting about 30% down. It'll come around.

Someone shilled me at 4 dollar KCS, now it's only fucking 5,2 USD. Guess I'm going back in on DBC tonight.

Fuck this coin. Bought at 9ยข a week ago. Waste of fucking time could have just bought KuckCoin Shares and been up 500%

Might as well hodl at this point but when the FUXK are we going to Huobi?

real question is are they going to dump this on Huobi?

If Kucoin truly wants to be no. 1 exchange, I sure hope they're trying to improve their servers. Shit's impossible to log in during these hours.

Quit being an impatient fucking pussy. Everyone loves to look at past gains in hindsight, re-fucking-lax

I don't think they could, at least not immediately since the chinks didn't have access to the ICO sale. If anything, it'd be us dumping on them.

What could be the deal with the servers? I bought last week, so I haven't logged on in a while, but have a sell order at 400.. could it be the bots logging in and trying to crash the site, and won't let you guys buy?

Jesus fucking Christ, new huge sell wall

manipulation? they disappeared.. they dropped it to 140 for a sec.

I dunno why all the whining. This shits geared for maximum altitude

yes. DBC = Dead Brain Cells

2 days ago user
go do something and come back later
have some patient

Yep the whales are keeping this down, only makes me more confident in my investment desu

People expect 10x in 1 day . It's like this market is filled with a bunch of attention deficit retards.

people expect 2x gains in 2 days. the whale price manipulation is pretty frustrating though

huge ass dragon star doji on 8 hr chart... the next ride up is coming shortly guys.

All in on DBC nice to know I can retire in 6 months.

10x or nah? Is there an official huobi list date?

buy at 0.000150 or wait?

how many did you buy soon to be rich friend?

32k brainminnow reporting in

50k DBC here, not selling for minimum 3 months

5k brain fry reporting in

I had 107 k DBC, made 4K USD in 2 days, sold all for KCS, and looks like I'm only going to make 1K USD on todays trade. Going all in DBC again tonight I think, hoping I scored some extra DBCs.

bought up 1k. Cause im a poorfag but im here nonetheless

kucoin is unusable shit though...

Still waiting for
>listing on Huboi exchange
>partnership announcement
>possible listing on Binance

20k here
Holding at least until after binance listing before I sell and Binance is pretty much a sure thing. They aready participated in the voting which shows they want to get listed there.
Also this is a chink coin and all chink coins get listed on Binance.

You waiting to sell or buy?

Think it will shoot up when binance gets it?

Waiting for DBC to hit like $0,30 - 0,50~ because of the factors I mentioned and put half of the winnings to another moon mission.

Where is everyone getting this binance listing stuff from? That has in no way been proven. Even remotely.

Yes I am so keen where do I-

fucking kucoin, nope.jpg

sold some neos for dbc yesterday. dbc dropped. neo rose. th-thanks Veeky Forums

Speculation, Binance has stated that their exchange can handle NEP-5 tokens as of now, meaning that they have interest on NEO-based coins. Also, DBC is on the current voting list on Binance aswell. I think it's just a matter of time when it gets listed there.

Yeah I think so. Just look what happened after ICX got listed on Binance.

Do you think that it will go above 1 dollar by the end of the year?

Is kucoin dead? Anyone know what the price is in ETH?

Why do you ask me.. I'm just a random dude in biz. It's a realistic estimate, though.

end of the year? it's going to be $1 by mid february at this rate this coin is fucking supersonic

news.bitcoin.com/the-bitcoin-exchange-that-once-dominated-china-is-heading-to-japan/?utm_source=The Bitcoin Exchange That&utm_medium=telegram&utm_campaign=Telegram Channel

Good news for DBC

I am buying 3500 DBC coins think thats enough?

Thanks for the good news friend may your day be full of happiness! :D

user if there is a time to make moves in the market it's right now with DBC. I'm up 2.5x since putting in my money less than a week ago. GO BIG THIS IS GURANTEED GAINS

I just cum bucket when I saw that news.

Japan + AI blockchain coin ? ok Im all-in now

But it hasn't moved since... Although I agree, doubled down on it just now that I could log in again.

>At first, things just seemed like some harsher regulatory action would take place, but the central bank shut down all of the Chinese exchanges who enabled digital asset trades with the renminbi.

wtf thats really bad

So when should I buy cause I am waiting because someone said a dip is coming.

So, buy now at its current price or wait for a dip?

Spending 500 bucks



More potentially great news for DBC.

This is a dip m8.

I know there's a lot of shills saying THIS IS THE LOWEST THE PRICE WILL BE. but i really can't see it dropping majorly


I just spent 500 bucks after spending 1500 at eight cent. It could dip it might not. Kucoin crashing repeatedly made me paranoid I wouldn't be able buy more for a while. Maybe put in a percentage now and a percentage later.

I just all inned that shit

Use this code to be part of KuCoins biggest referral pool: 1b8we

I'm also all in DBC but I'm a poorfag and only have 10k. Wlill I make it?

No user. this is guranteed 2-3x go all in

well atleast you have 10K
which is the minimum ticket out of poorfag land I guess

god damn today being destroyed...

Also one of the investors is a formal member of Alibaba

gogo dupa bwane!

what fucking presentation?


Greetings friends
I recommend dumping this shit at the next high.
AI will not be used for many years to come.
I was invested in this coin since first day, and hopped off at a peak. Lost potential gains but played it safe.

I repeat jump off next peak before Massive Chink whales demolish your whole ship.


>tfw only 5k DBC
Gonna buy more when my ETH purchase clears next week if it doesn't moon before then.

wait do u live under a rock ?

>I BUGHT 2 dayz ago why i dont have lambo duh

Are you retarded?

so did he buy it or he's just talkin shit? video is too long.

Why dump it, think it will drop below 10 cents?

So what should we sell at? 50 cents? 25 cents?



Download the pdf and ctrl + f "deep"

Why do you faggots have to be spoonfed? Jesus Christ

Bought after sellwall went down at 15cent, Sold after it fell down to 13cent and now its at 10ct..

Building Toilets in India is a better Investment then this shit

>spend 300k
>become millionaire
>implying only 3x gains
Thanks just sold 100k

find a new hobby, crypto isn't for your retarded ass buying high as fuck and then selling at the first drop of a 4 day coin hmm genius

He's a retard. AI might be in its infancy but it's one of the fastest growing fields in the tech industry.

Hold this for 7 months and you get a guaranteed 5x. Possibly much higher.

I don't even care if he didn't buy in, it's the only decent analysis of the coin and team I've seen so far. All this BUY NOW U HATE MONEY FAGGOT talk is old sauce that needs to die, most of you fucks aren't doing anything but chant like methheads. You'd rather listen to gay repetitive shills than listen to a gook go into detail about why this coin will make money, who is obviously smarter than any of us here.

The pump is in "2 hours". Get in user. The best part is the coin will be announced to all at the same time.

No time advantage to higher ranks unlike other groups.

discord dot gg/rWvbMpg

NEO Devcon in San Francisco is being closed out by Deepbrain chain on the 30th.

This. I can't believe no one knows shit about the projects they invest in.