Large movement coming into OMG, should I buy?

Large movement coming into OMG, should I buy?

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No brainer. Will at least 10x this year.


More like 50x bro

I want to believe

I faith in Jun, Donny, Joseph, and Vitalik.

Fucking A team of crypto

Have you seen Thomas Greco talk?

that hybridchink is rediculously intelligent, and a great speaker imo.


Peter Thiel founded Vitalik, Vitalik founded Eth, Joseph founded lightning, Jun Founded Omise.

This is probably greatest Risk/Reward investment if you look at fundamentals.




Ya you should check out his other projects too. Super knowledgeable.

That stacy seems to be really well put together too. I remember when she rekt the golemfags lel.

It's happening. Sell wall after sell wall smashed

dont you have a pnd to chase right now pajeet

Jun is gonna kickflip his way to the moon!

What else is he In?

I know about ETH and DATA

i bought 60000 OMISEGO at around 22 dollars
hoping it'll go to 25 dollars so I can make 180k

This is a must see video for anyone that hasn't seen it yet.

wouldn't 4000 be enough?

Comfy holding OMG/Eth/Kyber. The golden triangle.

4000*3 = 12000

>only 1000 OMG

you should feel good, i only have 130

what kind of quantifiable progress has OMG made towards any of its goals?

i got out of this shit at 15 dollars and reinvested. in things with much bigger short term potential.

It was a good fucking move and i doubled my money.

but by all means "hodl"

ill be flipping shit coins and non shit coins and depositing fat chunks of ether all the way

OMG is literally the future and all the smart money is in it. Veeky Forums doesn't recognize it's value because they don't know how actual companies work

this might be a buy from me when its a product and not just promises. they have a very good marketing team no doubt.

but if i were to hold this instead of better ERC-20 tokens like REQ or ICX, my ETH gains would slowly diminish

easily 250-300$ eoy 2018

not backing up your statement with any valid arguments
>just 'nother shill

>this might be a buy from me when its a product and not just promises

every response to FUD from OMG shills are just this kind of thing every time. theres no real argument because there is no product to sell. TRX is OMG jr.

There's no need to persuade Veeky Forums to buy this coin. We literally had copypasta for months with the entire value sell of Omise and OmiseGo but no
>muh moon
>muh no lambos
>muh no working product
It's not worth it anymore. Not going to spoonfeed you faggots anymore. They are literally partnered with 2 of the biggest banks in Japan who are openly discussing creating coins on the OMG network. But nope, none of you faggots care.

lol it's ok we all know you're too lazy to do research

Sorry that the world isn't your mommy's basement where she spoonfeeds you and wipes your shit

You aren't even fudding you're just a retard. You want to wait until the product is finished and every other brainlet can finally see it's value?

I care, but I don't buy on empty shills. Besides, I'm a poorfag so I can't buy every coin shilled on this board, I can only diversify that much.

There is no marketing team

you think your smart but your not.

now thats a big red dildo. me no likey

we should really stop shilling ourcoin, people have been shitting on this coin for months now, and they'll be the one posting pink wojacks in the end, like it always goes. Feels good mang

I hope you didn't buy, OP